Create a H*R character!

Okay here you can create your own H*R character. Here is the character form.

Attitude: (description, one word, or a smily)
Features: (just explain your character)
Home: (where does he live)
Hang-out spot: (where your character likes to hang out the most)
cool facts: (some cool facts about you character) OPTIONAL
Based on: (who is your character based on or just write none if he/she's isn't based on anybody)
Gender: (male/female)


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    here I'll create an example:

    Name: Strong Awesome
    attitude: cool
    Features: Strong Awesome has, huge abs, awesome shoes, a cool gun, A WIERD BRIEFCASE with guns in it, and a job as an assasian.
    Home: Strong Awesomea
    Hang-out spot: The rock: a rock stuck in the middle of Strong Awesoma
    Based on: Strong bad
    Gender: male

    Get it now xCHIRIS5x?
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    This kind of thing is, quite frankly, more standard for, say, 4Kids then Telltale. We're funny here in that we usually, you know, discuss things on the discussion forums. I know, crazy, right?
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    Gotta agree. Strong Awesome, thanks for your enthusiasm :D, but on this forum let's stick with discussions that have something to do with the game.
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