So, how good is this?

I know it isn't Walking Dead quality or Wolf Among Us quality first off.

Is this game good for people who are casual fans of the series? I watch it all the time on weekends, so I do know what the show's about and such.

Does this have an original storyline? I hope TTG has some sorta holiday sale so it'd go down a bit, but hell 7 eps for 20 isn't bad.


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    I liked it. The voice acting is a bit hit and miss though. All of the voices sound good, but if you're a fan of the shows, you'll notice that the voice actors can sound off from the original actors they're trying to imitate. The storylines are all really good though (and match with the older Telltale style of having all of the episodes independent of each other, but having an interconnecting theme that is tied into all of the other episodes and wrapped up in the last episode). It feels like a Law and Order episode, with you investigating the scene as the police for the first part, and then trying the case in the last. As for the gameplay, you click on objects at the crime scene, interrogate witnesses through dialog trees, and then try those people in court with dialog trees as well (you are given a certain amount of stars per case based on whether you choose the right dialog for each scene, and there are "red herrings" (things that seem like they lead to something but don't really mean anything) to be found during interrogations that often lead to humorous scenes where your partner is wondering where you are going with your questioning. If you don't mind casual gameplay and like Law and Order, you'll most likely like it.

  • It's nothing like the other games but it's very interesting and quite exciting :)

  • Don't waste your money. It is more of a story telling with bits of hidden object games and asking the right questions. There is no real game here. I bought the ios version for ipad There is no real inter reaction, no real puzzles. You could finish these games blindfolded it is that dull.

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