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Well, it's official: Telltale has abandoned the Sam & Max franchise, and will not be producing any more Sam & Max adventures. This makes my son and I very sad.


  • And where did you see this official statement?

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    Are you just speaking out of frustration, or was this related to something specific?

    I mean, I don't think Telltale would out-and-out say "Yeah, they're dead. Forever.", but really, even any indication of the franchise's state, even a bad one, would be a small mercy at this point.

    Maybe we've been spoiled: it used to be that you couldn't log onto this site for more than a handful of months without seeing those two gracing the front page. Even on the off-time, there was always merchandise or information to keep you steady. Now, even with a small game appearance in 2013, things are bizarrely silent. It's been more than a year since Purcell has even updated that blog. Hell, I don't even know if Surfin' the Highway is still in print these days.

    Is this how the Homestar Runner fanbase feels?

    (e: and please say it is still in print. It'd be awful if those comics became too rare for new people to discover.)

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    If you make a claim that TTG has given up the license, then it's common courtesy to post the source, like official statement, interview etc.

  • It would be pretty unusual for a company to issue a statement that it would never market (whatever) again. Even LucasArts hasn't said it will never produce another Sam & Max game. It's just that nobody believes they will, as they no longer have a license to do so, and no adventure game producing employees left even if they did.

    The only thing that would likely be official would be if Steve Purcell issued a statement that he would no longer license Sam & Max to Telltale for future games. There's no reason for him to do that unless he's planning to license the characters to a different company to make a new game. That would be news worth sharing. I'd need a link to the source before believing it, though.

  • It depends. Telltale officially confirmed that they have given up King's Quest -license, but then again they had officially announced that they were planning King's Quest game earlier. However I don't think that their Sam & Max -license has expired, but maybe the original poster has some information which we don't have.

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    It would be pretty unusual for a company to issue a statement that it would never market (whatever) again. Even LucasArts hasn't said it will

  • I'll close this thread. The original poster isn't likely ever to return to back up his completely unfounded claim anyway.

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