On the Spot

On the current edition of Gamespot's On the Spot, it was announced there will be a special guest for next weeks show... Telltale! They'll be showing off SBCG4AP, of course, and hopefully it'll be some stuff we haven't seen before.

Also, make sure you watch the last couple of minutes of this weeks show for Trogdor drawing! :D


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    Awesome!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!! :)
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    ...so, I'd say it went alright. I think the female host could have done better (I prefer the old Gamespot staff), but I do like Brian Ekberg. The camera caught Emily off-guard a couple of times, causing us to get a shot of her looking quite evil! :p
    In terms of the game though, it looked really nice and much better than I thought it would do. I can't wait to be attractive...
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    I wasn't supposed to be on camera, and didn't realize I was until the end of the segment when I looked up and saw myself. Awkward...
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    no worries, on the spot has some pretty pathetic interviewers anyways.
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