Hia, I'm new here
But, with that said i'm completely in depth in gaming
I test games for VV (vicarious Visions, a branch in Activision)
And have cooked up a big question, When all 5 episodes are released
(In a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time) will you release a Pack of all
5 episodes? I know this is more of a question towards the PC version
But Wii-Ware Is Included.
It would be possible on a console look at sonic contemplation

Hoping to see SBCG4AP Collection!~Sonicring:cool:


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    This question, like many others, has been asked and answered many times. Telltale's official stand (according to several posts in other threads) is "We will tell you when we know or it becomes important".
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    What...Release all 5 episodes like a season...
    That would be cool!!!Didn't telltale do that for Sam and Max?
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