Not Mac?

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So I've got a Mac and bought the 3-season pack, which clearly says "for PC/Mac" in the cart. Then, lo and behold, the entirety of season 1 isn't Mac compatible! Any ways/plans to get this working on a Mac? And don't suggest a virtual PC, they're a pain and I'm not gonna buy Windows to do that.


  • The first season is indeed not Mac compatible, even tough Telltale was expected to port it to Mac by the end of 2010, as well as Strong Bad (which got ported) and Wallace & Gromit (which never did).

    I played it on my Mac using CrossOver Games (now, CrossOver), which is of course not ideal (though it worked really well), but at least doesn't require a Windows installation.

    Some people have mentioned in the past having played it using wine, but that's outside my area of expertise.

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