Who still needs Thorn???

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I'm feeling generous, send me any card and I'll send you Thorn out of the goodness of my heart. B-)

-Josh Bone


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    Ehi I have always thought there were 3 Bone Cousins and not 4!
    Hi Josh and welcome to this forum! If we need Thorn card we will let you know :) !

    And now a special greeting to all TTG team that is working also in this month! The card game idea is simply fantastic.

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    I have the three cousins. Looking for any others, including Thorn. Thanks.
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    Josh, I don't have Thorn yet, but I do have all three Bone cousins. Post your e-mail address and I'd be happy to trade you any of my cards for Thorn.
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    Just go into my profile, it should be there, if I haven't gotten back to you that is.
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