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Ok I was one of the many who pre ordered Jurassic Park three years ago and had to wait much longer. I got it refunded and was able to buy a season for free, so I did that and got Sam and Max The Devil's Playhouse. I had a PS3 at the time so later on I just bought the game there. Now though I discover that my account shows I own JP. Is that from somehow tying my PS3 account to this or did they decide to award all the pre order people with it?


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    I don't know how entirely as I am just a community mod and not Telltale Staff, but I think I have an idea. I recall that when Telltale changed their site back a few months ago, they ended up simplifying how purchased games worked on the new site. Previously, alongside selling a whole Season subscription, Telltale also sold individual episodes as purchases for their earlier games up until 2009/2010 or so before they eventually switched to selling Seasons only through their old store.

    However, as the new website launched, I recall several users talking about how they previously owned only a few episodes or a single episode of a series, but were upgraded to a full season. My guess is that Telltale decided to apply their "Season only" purchases towards their older games as well, and as a result, people were upgraded to full Seasons since they did not seem to add any features to the site to account for people only owning a few episodes of a Season.

    Even though you got a refund for the Jurassic Park pre-order and spent it elsewhere, I think what happened was that the new site saw your pre-order and automatically gave you the game anyways.

  • Here is the official announcement from when the game was cancelled.

    As a pre-orderer, you would have indeed received a refund (the money of which you later used to buy the PS3 version of Jurassic Park) and a store credit (that you used to buy The Devil's Playhouse).

    Since there is no way to link your PS3 and Telltale Games accounts, the most likely reason for the game to appear in your Telltale account would be (as Blind Sniper suggests) a mix-up when the new site was launched. Just enjoy!

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