Looking for Dragon; have all cards besides him

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I have collected every card besides the Great Red Dragon. If someone with the card can contact me for a trade, I'll send all the ones I have.


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    I've just gotten the dragon, and I need all but Ted, Phoney, and Thorn.

    insamniac at gmail
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    I have been one of the lucky "few" to get the Dragon, but I only have this card and phone bone. I am absolutely interested in exchanging, but I don't know how this works...
    - and it seemd like you already got the dragon from someone else...
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    You just need to post your email address! Then I can send you all the other cards ( apart from ted which I don't have) and then you could send me the red dragon - go to http://www.telltalegames.com/bonecards?action=cardshare
    and email coreanti at hotmail . com ! :)
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