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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

I remember my heart leaping. I was surfing the internet and suddenly saw that Bone: Out From Boneville was released for Mac!

I leapt to the URL, credit card in hand. Finally, Telltale Games are releasing there titles on OS X! I couldn't be happier.

Downloading the disc image, installing the game and typing in my new serial number, thrilled that my days of booting into Windows was over I started playing the game.

Now, don't get me wrong, I had a good time. But I did have a couple of niggles - mainly that the sound would distort awfully from time to time, on my G4, G5 and even my shiny new Intel. 'Oh well' I thought, 'it's the first version, and hey, the Directors Cut update is coming soon - plenty of time for this to be fixed'.

Sadly this never came to pass, and as time went on the Vanbrio web-site vanished, along with my hopes for other Telltale titles to appear on the Mac, but hey - at least I have the Wii version of Sam & Max to look forward to (but hoping it won't be as glitchy as CSI). But I digress, I have also found that like several others I've noticed on the forum that I am unable to register my copy of the game post hard drive failure. I guess once again I shall have to boot back into Windows to play my favourite games

Also today I noticed that CSI is being ported to OS X. Now I realise that this is a Ubisoft thing, but is there any possibility of other Telltale titles making The Leap?

For those of you that got bored and skipped to the end my questions are:

Is there a way to register Bone on the Mac?

Is gameplay smoother in Sam & Max Wii than in CSI?


Will any titles other than Bone* and CSI see light of day on OS X in the foreseeable future?

Oh, and I might as well throw in - so, Telltale's games on iPod/Phone, any possibility ;)

*if this game still counts


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    Cider is the way, Telltale!
    Let's just hope your Macs are Intel.
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    Intel is certainly better than nothing!
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    I feel your pain. I am also a mac user but I also have a terribly bad windows based laptop which can only run Sam & Max smoothly on it's lowest settings.
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    I can't believe the Vanbrio web-site has gone. I was just playing the first part and was about to register. How do I get a code now? Oh, and why don't you to Mac versions Telltale?
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    Does anyone have the Mac version?
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