Another thread about a Wii DVD

Hehe... wii dvd...

Anyway, I'm just curious if anybody has looked into the possibility of linking our nintendo account/wii friend number or whatever to our own telltale accounts so you're able to keep track of what we've purchased from you, and possibly offer a bonus dvd so we don't need to keep them installed on the wii's teeny tiny hard drive. I'm already pretty certain it wouldn't be possible, but I'm just throwing that out there because I'd hate to see all the people who bought it for PC get a cool dvd with bonuses when the season is done.

I understand the whole WiiWare process is new to everybody but I figured there was no harm in asking.


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    lol thanks Chris, I know this has been brought up time and time again but I haven't seen any suggestions about linking the accounts together.

    Or maybe you're suggesting that's where my post belonged... and you're probably right.

    Edit: And after actually reading that whole page I can see it has been mentioned, and I look dumb once again. :D
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