Please Fix This Game!

I am usually stay level about things but this game is starting to steam me up a bit.

I am not sure who to talk to about this massive game flaw so I will start here.

At first I thought maybe my eyes an mind were playing tricks on me. Oh.. I guess I didn't have the higher hand, oops.

Quickly I noticed that the computer was simply not recognizing my cards properly.

For example, right before I started writing this I drew a hand of Three 10's and the flop had two 5's, boom, Full House right, nope I only get two pairs off of another card on table. Claptrap wins with Three of a Kind 5's. Even my Three of a Kind 10's I started the hand with would have beaten his 5's.

It happens ALL the time. Mostly with Flush it seems and sometimes with Full House. Flush is not recognized a lot of times to the point of I had a Straight Flush be only counted as a Straight. Full house will either be only Three of a Kind or in the case above Two of a Kind in some manor, whichever allows me to lose.

I was really really liking this game and all the great things about it but this HUGE problem is getting too bothersome too fast.

Have I been playing the game wrong or something, Please help, thanks, DrKnowMaD


  • Sorry, I think I was playing wrong. I had switched to Omaha and it has a different hand counting rule. This is most likely the problem and I will keep notice.

    Again sorry, lates, DrknowMaD

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