Next Episode of Bone?

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When can we expect the next episode? Will there be another? I am curious just how many copies of Bone were purchased. When I was in the software store the other day, I noticed that Bioware has made it's Neverwinter Night's "premium episodes" available in-store. Perhaps Bioware didn't sell enough through online distrubution? I hope Bone sold a lot of copies.


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    There will be more Bone games. The second episode is in development and is apparently scheduled for a Spring 2006 release. I don't think anyone knows what the sales figures for Bone are.
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    Wow Spring 2006 for one episode? Why would additional episodes need such a long time? Especially since the episdoes are so short.
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    Spring? :((
    I hope that means there will be something else coming out in between then. Either that or telltale needs to hire more people to get their stuff done faster.

    I'd join up but I'm lacking the key in all of the job postings:

    Has shipped at least 1 title as a professional Game Writer/Designer

    plus well I'm headed to Japan next year by the looks of it. It will be great to play all the games that people in north america miss out on. As well as go to the tokyo game show but enough about me I'll save it for my blog not the tell tale forum.
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    Spring is only several months away. :-/
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    Well... According to the latest newsletter, there will be something that might interest most of us 7th November. Maybe a peek at the next episode? Or Sam & Max 2?;) Either way; Cant wait.

    I think there will be 5-6 episodes all together in the end.
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    Spring 2006? OMFG. That's horrible. Down right horrible. I DO NOT want to be waiting 10 months for another episode :-(((

    What's that? Oh you mean the Northern hemisphere Spring 2006? Oh okay... Well that's not so bad.

    Incidently, the general consensus is the second episode won't be so short since TellTale has taken the hint...

    I would hope TellTale knows what the figures for Bone are. Doesn't mean they're going to tell anyone tho of course.
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    Incidently, since one of the posts talker about the announcement coming around 7th November which I guess was the CSI announcement on the 8th, now that they've got CSI, I think things are going to be good for them. It's a big license and should hopefully give TellTale the exposure and capital they need to succeed. If succeesful, CSI should also be a good franchise for at least a few more games as well. While I expect it has had a negative effect on the development of Bone episode 2 and S&M, the extra capital, experience and staff should hopefully bode well for the futuredevelopment speed of Bone and S&M. I haven't really read up on the details, so I'm not sure if Ubisoft is providing the engine and I guess the answer is yes but even if it's a different engine should be good experience.

    It will also give them the oppurtunity to work with a game publisher (UbiSoft) and who knows, maybe they'll decide to go for a more traditional format for Sam and Max 2?

    I'm not completely against episodic games but I do feel we'll get a larger amount of content in a smaller time frame if they do a normal game and also expect it will sell better, especially if they get a good publishing deal. It will obviously take longer but that might be better.
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    While I expect it has had a negative effect on the development of Bone episode 2 and S&M

    Why? They've said they pretty much have separate teams for the games, plus work on CSI was being done before the Sam & Max license was acquired.

    My understanding is that the CSI game will be using the Telltale engine instead of being from Ubisoft.

    Why do so many people keep holding out hope that Sam & Max will be anything but episodic? It's pretty obvious by now that it's what's going to happen and how they want to do it. They know what they're doing, and episodic is the best way for the reasons that have been stated time and time again. I agree that waiting a year for a short game doesn't seem so great, but it's after they get rolling with a license that the interval between games will start getting really short.
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    That is why is a bad idea to release them as episodes and at $19.99 (£11.26 I Think for me) is asking too much for a short game. Hopefully this will be addressed and hopefully get cheaper like $4.99.

    Talltales should speak to publishers like THQ or Atri, as Im sure people are willing to buy the game in a boxset with all the episodes on them.

    It is a good Idea to buy games online and downlaod them, but It should be considered what type of game it is and how long it is.

    Not everyone is willing to pay that much money for a game that roughly lasts 2 and half hours.

    since there are full games games like Broken Sword 4 and Runaway 2 which are due out in the spring that are Adventure based.
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