A Rather Serious Crash Problem? (Maybe spoilers?)

I came to post on the forum to see if anyone else is having the same problem. I'm running the Wii version of Homestar Ruiner, and recently completed the game. In extended play mode, I go to the Track and try to talk to Coach Z (And his name appears to the right of him for some reason) But every time Strong Bad stands next to him to talk, the game freezes. My only option is to quit. I've already downloaded the game twice and I ran into the same problem. I may have played the game for more than two hours, but I left the system off long enough for it to cool off, so i dont think my system is overheating.

I also noticed at Marzipan's house, the torches at the back of the house 'flicker' where it shows one flame texture, and the others are missing. Once again, it only happens after the game is completed.

I still enjoyed the game, and I plan to enjoy it some more...if only these problems could be fixed.


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    Sorry to hear about your problems. Those sound like bugs we had very early in development that have since been fixed and I am not sure why they are happening. We are looking into it though. Also threads like these normally go in the support forum, which is also where you would look to see if other people are experiencing problems like these.
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