PC vs Wii Pricing

I really want it for the Wii, I mean, it's just cool to play games on my Wii, but it's 10$ per episode vs 9$ on the PC, worse, I'm going to want to play all the episodes, so 50$ to play on Wii vs 35$ on PC. Will there ever be a season package price for Wii Ware? I mean, the way it looks from that pricing scheme, I'm really getting screwed if I get the Wii version... as a conscientious consumer, I am strongly opposed to getting screwed by my purchases...


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    If it's worth $15 for you to play it on the Wii, then that's what you're going to have to deal with.

    It seems like making a bundle isn't POSSIBLE on the Wii. Wiiware, PSN, and Xbox Live simply weren't made with episodic releases in mind. Not like Telltale's, anyway.

    This doesn't bar a $35 disc version from being released on shelves after the season is over, but again, we simply can't predict that. Everything from Telltale has shown that they can't do a bundle.

    I think it's ridiculous that Telltale has decided to charge 1,000 points per episode. But then, it makes sense, since almost all the forum posters ASKED for that price.
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    800 would have been much more reasonable, and close to the PC asking price. I am a multiplatform gamer, and now that I've read some other threads saying that "console gamers are used to being charged extra for the same experience, with a few inferior features and the inability to follow up with a comprehensive season collection" doesn't really apply to me, as a comparison shopper. I just wanted a reason to use my Wii. I like the Wiimote, it's fun, it's genius. Consumer PCs have had TV out for... like.. I dunno.. a decade now... I don't know anyone who can't plug their PC into their TV if I want the experience of playing on my TV, so, eh... was really hyped to buy this game till I did the math. Now I think I'll wait till later. I'm not such a rabid consumer whore that I'm willing to commit to buying a game multiple times prior to my first purchase to ensure recieving the best value, though I see plenty of people here are willing to pay the total 85$ together to own both.

    Playing it on my Wii is a mild preference, but being penalized for my preference makes me hesitate at buying at all for a bit.
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