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When the Telltale and Videlectrix logos show up upon starting the game, I was totally expecting (for the Videlectrix logo, at least), for an increadably pixelated guy to run in from the right side of the screen, trip, fall flat on his face, and then give a thumbs up sign. When the logo just faded out again, I was disapointed.

That is all.


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    It's in SB5 happy now?
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    I was just happy to see the Videlectrix logo at the start screen. Seeing that made me a bit giddy. And it was a fairly streamlined start-up, I can see why they'd make the choice to not include the Mascot.

    ...not that I wouldn't be even happier to see the Mascot in there in the future! ;)
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    I am a little surprised that every time you start up, you get the TTG and Videlectrix logos and then go into the Main Menu start screen. I was kinda hoping for a S&M type splash screen once you've started the game... or even going directly to the Main Menu.

    A minor quibble so far, though.
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    The Videlectrix Guy shows up in the minigames, though :) That title screen at the start was designed to show up and be entertaining but get out of your way ASAP.
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    it's a lot better then seeing Gametap logo in Sam & Max
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