Question to those who have played...

my brother and i both want to play the game. what would be the best way for us to do this? is there a way to have more than one saved game on the wii ware? if not, can you reset the game after you've finished it and have someone go through the episode again? if all else fails we could just take turns playing/watching the other one play through the episode, but i'd like us both to have the full hands on experience if possible. can anyone offer any advice?


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    There are three save slots in both versions, plus an autosave that I would definitely not count on if two people are playing.

    If you have more than one PC, then that might be an option. Because you can download the game onto two different computers after you buy the PC version once. The amount of times you can download it is plenty higher than two, but I'm just mentioning a solution for you and your brother.
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    AutoSave doesn't save enough, I've had bad memories with Sam and Max...
  • and yes, you CAN reset the game by pressing "New game" afterwards!
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    thanks everyone, that really helped me out alot :)
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