YouTube Plays SBCG4AP

xtrmntrxtrmntr Telltale Alumni
As forum regulars are probably aware, many of us here at TTG try to keep our fingers on the pulse of the internet's temperature (so to speak) by checking out blog, twitter, facebook, cross-stitch, Halloween costume and cake-related mentions of our games and characters around the web. In the wake of the launch of Homestar Ruiner, I did a quick search on YouTube to see if anyone had posted videos related to the game. As it turns out there are quite a few people posting walkthroughs, excerpts and reviews!

I've started a playlist on the TTG YouTube Channel to keep track of some of the more in-depth clips that have been posted (i.e. those that aren't just direct captures of in-game footage)

Playlist: People Playing Homestar Ruiner

If you find any other ones that we should include (or you post your own!) just let us know in this thread and we can add them to the list!
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