there a Season upgrade?

Hey there! Its been a while since I visited Telltale games, since I picked up the Sam & Max Season 1 a looong time ago...and my question is this:

If one only purchases the first ep...and then decides they want the whole season, is there a way to upgrade to a season pass without paying the entire season pass price PLUS the cost of the single episode? I remember Telltale did that with the original Sam & Max season, but I can't find any mention of that on the website for this one...

Its too bad, because I'm nearly 100% sure I want to buy the whole schmeer...but I can only afford one ep right now till my next payday. :/



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    It has been posted that there will be an upgrade option available (but I only saw this as post from a user saying that tell tale posted somewhere saying that there would be).
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    It was confirmed on the blog post announcing the release of Homestar Ruiner. Scroll down a bit; it's in the comments.
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