What?! SecuROM? Did someone from the management go crazy go nuts? Because thank you very much, I DO NOT want to restart my server that DARES RUN Process Explorer just to play SBCG4AP demo. [And no, I don't plan on stopping using it.]

Thanks a lot. Now I need to wait for a "miracle" just to run the damn demo. Needless to say, unless thing change, I don't plan on spending money on software that punishes me for buying it. And trust me, I wanted to.


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    Umm, are you playing from work?
  • WillWill Telltale Alumni
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    Just so you know, they have updated process explorer so that you no longer have to reboot your entire system. In the new version, you simply close the program and SecuRom is happy as a clam.

    <-- long time Process Explorer user.
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    Yay! You made me so happy. I'm gonna try it out right now. I still hate SecuROM (seriously, a waste of money/dev time), but my $35 is now seriously considering leaving my credit card. (Because, like, it's going to totally make you rich.)

    Thanks again.
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