One question and I'll be on my way

I'm about to purchase a season pass for Strong Bad on my Macbook, but just had a thought; can I use my purchases on any computer? I'm hoping to play the games on my proper PC, you see.

Is there an issue with which computer I'm going to use to purchase this game?

Thanks everyone!


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    As far as I know, it really doesn't matter which computer you use, when you order the game. But you need an internet connection on the Computer you want to play at, because the game has to be unlocked online. There might be a way, to do that offline, but i don't know that for sure.
  • KevinKevin Telltale Alumni
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    There's no problem buying on a MacBook. When you get to a PC you want to play the game on, just log-in to the Telltale site, then download the game from your "My Telltale" page.
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