Sam and Max: The Game the brought me and my Dad closer

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I will always remember Sam and Max for two soul reason
1. It is something I will always remember having fond memories about me and my dad playing together
2. It got me into gaming

I think I should talk about point one
In 2006 my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Because my dad had to quit his job and stay at home he would have nothing to do, so he bought a subscription to a company that would monthly send their subscribers a cd rom with about 50 games and demos.
In 2007 the demo for Sam and Max: Ep 101: Culture Shock was released, in that months cd rom the demo for culture shock was included. After playing the demo with my dad we both agreed we should buy the game.
After we played the entire game we searched online about Sam and Max, having both enjoyed the game we were excited that there would be 5 other episodes to follow.
Every month when the disc would be deliverered, I would arrive home from school, my dad would inform me and we would spend the rest of the night bonding over finding out what hanus hypnotic plan Hugh Bliss had this time.
By the time Season 2 came out my dad became more ill but we still played on, defeating Santa, Easter Island, Jorgan the raving campire (as we liked to call him) and The Soda Pop kids (and thankfully burning them with lava) my dad and I had gotten closer every episode. We would always talk about what we thought could happen in the next series.
Sadly my dad got to find out what would happen in season 3 for he died in 2009
After playing through the entire series and seeing what happens at the end (to jog your memory max sacrifices himself) It made me smile to think that Max and my dad were up there having fun together
And if I ever meet Steve Purcell, I would shake him by the hand and thank him because his characters had brought me and my dad closer than we ever were. And for that soul reason, Sam and Max will forever be in my heart


  • Thanks for sharing your special story. I'm sure the developers who worked on the Sam & Max games appreciate it, too. The wild and crazy fun that Sam & Max have seem perfect for that situation.

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    Like WarpSpeed already said, thanks for sharing that story. It's pretty cool to see that game left such an impact on you guys.

  • Wow, legit tears :(

  • Wow... that's really awesome. I'm glad you and your dad were able to bond over Sam and Max... I hope to one day introduce their antics to my kids, too.

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