Brilliant Idea, TTG!

This is exactly like I posted it in "General Ramblings Section", but.......... nobody seemed to read that one cept zoo.
InfamousDS wrote:
Do You at Telltale have a Wii in the office? Cuz I just thought of a way you make tons of friends on it.......

Okay, since we the Wii don't get a disc I have been brainstorming ideas for us to prove that we bought all five games. And I have that way now. Wii Message Board (or e-mail). Just like the Wii Itself, any message sent from the board or from in-games is 100% unique to that console. All we have to do is use the secret costumes pieces we have found in each episode (since they don't go over), take a pic, and send it. And since they are the secret ones, it will be harder to just build 5 generic outfits and we will have to actually work to prove we bought the game. The e-mail address will be our specific number, or it will go into the office Wii. All that you need is someone to check the message board or a special e-mail on a like hourly basis to add the Wiis to contact lists so we can e-mail you.

Free Disc Now Please!

And for the curious, someguyfromazoo thinks it would be easier to just make a WiiDisc instead of my Idea.


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    Do you realise how much pointless effort that would require on Telltale's part?
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    do you also realize how piracy makes this idea even less tangible?
  • You know what would be easier?

    Each game comes with a code... somewhere... you put the code in your My Telltale account... TAH DAH.

    Easy as that.
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    Until somebody takes a screenshot of the code and posts it on the internoobs.

    Or, you'll get the "Aardwolf Syndrome". (Named for Wolfenstein 3D. In one level, there was a secret message that gave a phone number and the message "Call Apogee and say Aardwolf." People still call it to this day, many years after the contest ended.)
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    Maybe make the code only work once? (It wound make a diffrent code for each person)
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