Sam and Max animated series subtitles?

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I'm hard of hearing and my friends are non-native English speakers, and we all want to enjoy the Sam & Max animated series.

Unfortunately for us, the official DVD release does not include them! No subtitles, no closed-captions, no transcript of any kind.

I have been looking and looking to no avail. Joe from the Sam & Max fan site pointed me to this discussion from a few years ago (I never would have thought to look here, although this does seem to be one of the liveliest Sam & Max communities). Rather than disturb that ancient thread, resting peacefully for so many years, I thought I would open a new thread to ask:

  1. Do subtitles/captions/transcripts yet exist for the short-lived animated series?
  2. If not, would anyone be interested in helping to create such subtitles/captions/transcripts?


  • I think I've seen different language dubbed videos of the show on youtube.
    I think one was in Latin, but I have no idea if it was fan-dubbed or officially-dubbed.

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