Admiration abounds (as in rabbits). Was this info too early?

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Just worried that this press release could have waited until after Bone had quietened down a little.

I totally understood why you didn't announce it before this, but was wondering, why now? Christmas is around the corned and this sort of announcement could overshadow say, the next bone installment, or the current one.
owe yo
Or perhaps the idea is to generate more interest in the company, website, and therefore in the other products.

Whatever. I'm just happy :-) Tears of joy doth flow, and I ain't kidding. It's like a tightness just unwound from my shoulders. I love you guys. If any of you lot are coming to Australia anytime in the future, I'm buying y'all a beer or two. or whatever. (next year tho, this year I'm a poor student :-) )


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    I think they did mention it some place. I subscribed to the Bone news letter because of Sam and Max, and Ive been getting their mail for a while now...
    Also, word of mouth is good...
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