Possible explanation on why SBCG4AP rocks hard

I have been thinking lately, about Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People, and there were a few things I noticed. A few things on why this game rocks. It's not just because it's made by Telltale or because it's Strong Bad or anything. On the contrary.

You see, we're going to talk Maths here. Sort of at least. You see, if a = x and b = x, then a + b = 2x. It's a simple calculation, but let's make it more clear.

If HomestarRunner.com = awesome, and Telltale = awesome, then HomestarRunner.com + Telltale = 2 * awesome.

This means that by Maths this sort of has been proven. But not exactly. You see, for it to work, the two must be alike. I mean, it could be that x = ct + et + ft. If a = x, but a = 1t + 2t + 3t, and b = x but b = 0t +2t + 3t, then a + b cannot equal x, because the x is incompatible. You'd actually have to write it down.

So, what am I trying to say? Well, there are a lot of similarities to HomestarRunner.com and Telltale Games. Here are these similarities:
  • Both HomestarRunner animations and Telltale games feel like an adventure. You get sucked in a new world, one that keeps you busy for a couple of hours.
  • On HomestarRunner.com you get a lot of back references, in Telltale games you also get a lot of back references.
  • On HomestarRunner.com you point and click to interact with different parts of the site, in Telltale games you point and click to interact.
  • Both the characters from HomestarRunner.com and Telltale Games like to burst out in songs for no apparent reason.
  • The humor is mostly fit for children, but still filled with real-world references and hidden meanings to keep the adults amused as well.
  • Sam and Max are a duo of mischief. Strong Bad and the Cheat are a duo of mischief.
  • Sam apparently loves to talk in himself. Strong Bad does that all the time.
  • Sam, Max and Strong Bad fail at getting "the girl".
  • Most of what Telltale is covering has a lot of fan following. HomestarRunner has a lot of fan following.

So there you have it. Another fine five minutes wasted of your lives. You can just thank me in the comments.


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    GaryCXJk wrote: »
    [*]Sam, Max and Strong Bad fail at getting "the girl".

    Sam & Max never really want the girls :p.
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    Who said I was talking about an actual "girl"?
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    Telltale rock because they choose things that already have a crazy fan following, make berrrrilliant games and have a sense of humour which is apparent throughout the entire site (including the forums here).

    Homestarrunner.com, well I say it just rocks but I mean IT ROCKS!!

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