i gots season pass! i poobably shouldent have made a topic. but i am happy.:D


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    Hm. This is actually quite the conundrum; on the one hand, getting all of SBCG4AP without having to worry about it anymore is a perfectly valid reason to be happy... and yet making a thread about it just screams 'bad netiquette.' I can't believe I just non-ironically used the word 'netiquette.'
    On the one hand, it seems just wrong, and on the other it's really pretty harmless and there honestly isn't any good reason to react negatively to it.
    So, uh... good for you. Yeah, that's good- possibly sarcastic, but you can't tell because this is the internet.
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    Well, since this thread's already doomed, time to do something stupid!
    If the moth man had mated with bigfoot, we would get a flying hairy paris hilton.It would be the god of a new religion, were the holy were blessed with a birth mark resembling GIR. The devil would be made of beef, and would look like something from Dayalets. AND I AM MADE OF BEEF.
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    i probably shouldn't be replying to this thread.

    i probably shouldn't post a facepalm.

    ...okay, i won't. promise.
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    Congrats on the purchase, but there doesn't seem to be much to discuss here.
    Well, since this thread's already doomed...

    There's really no point trying to sneak in non sequitur posts before a perceived lock, guys; it's getting old.
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