Any news on Euro WiiWare?

Tried a search, and the best I could find was 'probably friday' but I notice it's not up this morning, whereas Homestar Ruiner was, even this early in the day.

Any point in checking for it this evening, or are we looking at another week?


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    I don't know much about WiiWare, but give it some time. It didn't update here untill Thursday, sometime in the afternoon. I'd say check again at, say, 6:00 PM(at whatever time zone you may be in). If not, I don't know.
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    I looked when I got home at about 3:30pm. They've put up a VC game (Sonic the Hedgehog). We'll just have to wait till next Friday. *says very rude things about Nintendo's Wiiware/VC department under breath*
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    Had kind of been wandering about this myself, I'm hoping that the weekly WiiWare update is separate from the VC one, not sure though.
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    I think WiiWare only updates every other week in Europe, and this was not a WiiWare week.
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