Achieve Total World Domination! (Aka, The Strong Badia the Free "Did you try?" list!)

WARNING: Spoilers below... (In case you have not played the episode yet.)

*Tripumpant Entrance Fannare*

Here is the (not really) long awated Play it again/Did you try? list for Strong Badia the Free!

There seems to be some dispute on what to call these lists, on one side you have the confused "Did you try?" faction... On the other, we have the mighty "Play it again!" warriors. I refuse to take sides on the issue, I simply call them "Awesome", (And fun to make :D)

* This list is full o' spoilers so only read on if you have already 100% completed the episode.
* This is NOT an official Telltale created list, It is a fan created list.
* Before you read the list, I am going to assume Three things...
- First, that you have completed the game (Including extended play mode)
- Second, that you have know how to achieve the highest awesomeness rank (most of the awesomeness points can be considered "easter eggs" as well)
*(You can find the official Telltale awesomeness walk through HERE)*
- Third, that you have already clicked on everything multiple times (including dialogue tree options)
*Not listed are simple things I can assume you have tried already, things like....

...Using each inventory item on a random object to hear its "Can't be used here" line.

.... Turning the hint level up to High (then randomly clicking around in various pointless places to hear all the hint lines)

...Talking to The characters In their homeland again after conquering them.
(The Cheat, Pom Pom, Strong sad, Homsar)

Anyways, with that out of the way, Onto Strong Ba... Erm, I mean onto the list.

(I am also going to try a different format with this list, listing items by location, and by when they appear in the game... Let's see how it goes.)

In SBCG4AP: Strong badia the Free, Did you...

During Act 1 - Get out of the house...

- While in the house...
Look at the effigy again after putting something on it?
look at the KOT diagram again after putting something on the effigy?
Try to leave the house through the front door? (Twice?)
look at the cereal box after emptying it?

During Act 2 - Building an empire...

- At any point while having these items...
Use the lighter, Fake sword, Katana, Glow stick, Tuning fork, and Pretendix on Strong Bad himself?

- While at The Field...
Try to leave the field before picking up the map?
Try to buy the Strong Bad toy without cash? (Twice?)
Try to burn the maps and minions box before emptying it?
Try to buy a second Strong Bad toy from Bubs?
Try to burn the Tire?
Try to burn the Cheat?
Go right from Pompomerania to The concession stand and ask Bubs how he got back so fast?
Visit Bubs after seeing County, to ask if he has any Strong Mad souvenirs?
Try to sell something through the front of Bubs Stand?
Try to sell the fake sword on the black market?
Try to sell the real sword on the black market as well?
Visit the black market after selling the pretendix to Bubs?

- In Bleak house...
Did you look out the window?, at the KOT diagram?, and at the washer/drier again after completing act 1?
Look at the mailbox again after emptying it?
Try to burn Charlomeme?
Try to light the bed on fire again?
Look at the smoke detector after lighting it on fire?
Try to contact "your Man on the outside" again?

- In Pompomerania...
Ask Bubs for a drink, then immediately exit the Bubble without picking a drink? (Twice?)
Make the Uberdrink before getting the Cheat to DJ?
Hold up the lighter to the Cheats dance music?
Give a glowstick to bartending Bubs?
Try to impress Pom Pom with a glowstick?
Give a glowstick to Dj Teh Cheat?
Use a glowstick on the two other drink types?
Try to make the Katana on the wall glow?
Show the fake sword to pompom Before conquering his country?
Try to burn Pom Pom?
Try to attack Pom Pom with the Katana?
Knight Pom Pom with the fake sword after conquering his country?

- In the Homsar Reservation...
Use the glowstick on the cave girl squad painting?
Use the glowstick on the mysterious pylon?
Try to give the strong bad toy to Homsar?
Try to give the pretendix to Homsar?
Try to give the pretendix back to Strong Sad?
Try to throw the pretendix into the pylon?
Use the katana on Strong Sad?
Show all 4 artifacts to Strong Sad? (Including the pottery shard?, Twice?)
Show all 4 artifacts to Homsar before using them?
Run through the Homsar conversation again with only 1-3 of the artifacts in the pylon?
Look at the bush again after getting the flag from it? (but before you light it on fire)
Try to light the burning bush on fire for a second time?

- In Country...
Look at the pile of skulls before and after lighting them on fire?
Try to talk to Strong Mad yourself before he "transforms" into the Tarantula?
Talk to the Cheat again after "The Tarantula" showed up?
Use the Fake sword on the standee?
Use the Katana on the standee? (itself, not on the heads)
Use the lighter on the standee? (itself, not on the heads)
Try to use the lighter on either of the Tarantula heads?
Try to light the pile of skulls on fire again?

- In Marzistar/Homezipan...
Use Tony Stony to Land the draft board on the other 7 "people"? (besides Coach Z)
Try to light the model UN on fire before the end of the game?
Talk to Coach Z three times after drafting him? (can only be done before all the locations are conquered)
Use the Katana on strong sad? (you can also hear the line if done in his room)
Listen to all of strong bads rally cries to his troups? (before storming the castle)

During Act 3 - the balance of power...

- While in the Castle...
Talk to all the castle guards again during the seige? (after you send the email)
Try to light Homestar on fire?
Try to light Strong Sad on fire?
Try to light Strong Mad on fire?
Use the Katana on Strong Mad?
Give the Katana to Homestar?
Click on all the computer drop down list options? (some of his reactions to them are priceless)

- While playing Maps and Minions...
Have each rebel (including the KOT) face each homestarmy member? (Twice?)
Have each rebel land in the "fog of war"?

During Act 4 - Extended play mode...

- In Marzistar...
Talk to homestar before and after burning the draft wheel?
Use the Katana on Homestar?
Knight Homestar with the fake sword?
Knight Strong Mad with the fake sword?
Knight Coach Z with the fake sword?

- In Pompomerania...
Get bubs to leave the bar, then ask Pom Pom where he went?

Well did you? (tell us!) Oh, and tell me what you think of the new format. Does it make it easier to keep track of what you have done? (I was going to add check boxes, so the list could be printed out. But I thought that would be a bit much.)

P.S. You may want to check this list again in a few days, I frequently forget to add things.. and there may be one or two new items with a * next to them.


  • Awesome list! =D
  • edited September 2008
    How'd you get Bubs to leave the bar???
  • edited September 2008
    Ill answer your question, but let me say this first...

    These lists are meant for those who have 100% finished the game, (I.E. seen everything there is to see, completed story mode, and maximized their awesomeness) and Bub's leaving the bar is one of the easter eggs unlocked during the quest to get the highest awesomeness ranking.

    (Anyways, you don't have to do everything. Just do the following)
    After you get the Pompomerania flag from Bubs, (order 2x bull honkys) come back during extended play... He will be gone, you will then get another conversation option in the Pom Pom conversation (a drink glass) where SB will ask what happened to Bub's.
  • edited October 2008
    just a quickie, how do get the pompomerania flag if bubs is not there?
  • edited October 2008
    You don't, that's it. Have to do it during gameplay.
  • edited October 2008
    No, I'm pretty sure that Bubs leaves the bar only in extended play, after you get the Pompomerania flag.
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