SBCG4AP 103 Relese Date

It Out On October 13:D


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    tabacco wrote:
    We haven't announced a release date for episode 103 yet. I appreciate your enthusiasm, and you're welcome to guess at the date, but it's just a guess. Sorry.

    Not only didn't your OTHER topic get closed,you just HAD to make another one with pretty much the same info,right?
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    Dash383535 wrote: »
    It Out On October 13:D

  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    Hey Dash, we all enjoyed your YouTube videos, and you seem like a nice guy, so don't go doing dumb things like deliberately creating a new thread after a Telltale employee closed your old thread.

    When we know the real release date of the game, we'll let you know! Right now Telltale doesn't know the release date, the Brothers Chaps don't know the release date, and Nintendo doesn't know the release date, so there is no way that you know the date. Please stop making posts about it! You're only making yourself look bad. Really!

    Thanks, man!
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