Strong bad or Sam and Max Season 2 at retail?

Is there a remote chance that SBCG4AP or Sam and Max season 2 will release as a retail disc? (like season one was?) I can't order all the episodes off of the site because sadly, I don't have internet. (i'm on a public computer as I write this.) Besides, I think we'd all like to see a bonus disc for SBCG4AP that contains wallpapers, videos (strong bad emails?) music, and other random junk that nobody needs but everybody badly.

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  • WillWill Telltale Alumni
    edited October 2008
    Well for Sam & Max, you can just buy the Season 2 DVD straight from our store. It will go right to your house without needing internet (beyond the initial buying). Beyond that we have made no announcements, but we follow a general policy of trying to get our games in to as many places as possible.
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