A suggestion for Telltale

These games are my first introduction to Homestar Runner, and I'm loving the games and going through some of the stuff on the Homestar Runner website as a result. In particular, I've watched all the stuff on this Telltale blog post recommendation:

Going through those (and thanks for the awesome references) after playing the games, I see that there are things in the games that I found funny anyway but would have found funnier if I knew the backstory they were referencing. One example would be the whole Homestarmy bit and Benedetto in episode 2. It's funny on it's own, but a lot funnier after knowing the original back story from the cartoons. So here's my suggestion -- how about providing a bunch of links to cartoons on the web site based on references made in the game? It would probably be best as part of the "did you try" recaps to avoid spoilers and make second playthroughs more fun for people not completely up to speed on the original material.


  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
    edited October 2008
    It's definitely something we've talked about doing, and is worth thinking about. Thanks for the suggestion!
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