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i am a disabled gamer and am not coordinated enough to pass the locusts scene. will you all please consider gamers like me in the future? (slowdown keys etc?) in the meantime what should i do?



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    If you have the full version I can post a savegame for you to download, copy and paste into your C:\Program Files\Out from Boneville directory made right after the locust chase...

    ...but there will be a problem after the next chase before the end of the game which is much harder and for which there is no place to save once the chase is completed.
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    well that's the thing, i'm reluctant to buy the full version because i can't finish the demo *sigh*
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    Well, there's that action sequence at the demo, then the rest of the game (which is way prettier than the demo would suggest), and right at the end is another similar sequence. Nothing else requires that sort of accuracy / speed.

    So in between, the other 95% of the game, you should be fine.

    If you decide you'd like to purchase the rest, let me know & I'll put the file up if you want it.

    Another possibility is that you could maybe have a friend help with the action sequences?
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    My GF had heaps of trouble with this one! People not used to platformers etc not to mentioned people with medical conditions!!

    Would being able to use the keyboard help?

    Otherwise I would suggest also getting someone to help you - I had to do all the chase bits for my GF!!
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    Wish they'd make those things skip-able after a few unsuccessful attemts like they said earlier this year. Still having problems with the _end chase_.
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    I've played on my laptop with a touchpad which is even less precise than a mouse (unless you have microfingers of course [:">].
    For the last chase, while cursing, I realised that there's a samll corridor to the left where Bone doesn't need to move at all, he just needs to jump every now and then. After a minute or so he's done. The tricky bit is finding that spot
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    Another kiwi. Nice. How did you find out about BONE, if I may ask?
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    Hi JP!!
    I don't want to start an OT, but I've sent you already a PM.
    Great to find adventurers in Aotearoa!
    I'm from Italy though and have played nearly all Lucas Films adventures since I was... 9?
    I remember I couldn't pass the protection in Zak cause I was playing on a LCD monitor with weird resolution of 640x200!
    don't know if my favourite is DOTT or GRIM. By the way tonight I'll be watching Casablanca and will be thinking about the Land of the Dead:-)
    Hey, I've also hired the extended Return of the King... an adventure with Frodo et al would be great... shall we suggest the TT guys?! I'm sure we can drop a nice word to PJ (he he) down Miramar

    By the way, hurray for Rosita! [:">]
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    I have always wondered this myself. Why don't they make games more accessible to everyone? This is one idea I had a long time ago. I thought, if I were to ever start a software company up, I would make sure anyone could use the stuff. We have the technology now to do this, but no one ever does anything. Even all Windows O/S, has very limited support. It's amazing, 2005, yet all software written for normal people. There is only one software company I know of that specializes in games for the blind and hearing impaired.

    I also think all games should be written with a variable speed control. Then people could slow down the software, so they can manage it. When I am 60 or 70, I may still want to play some games. But I'm afraid I won't have the reflexes anymore for most.
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