Interesting Poker Night 3 Idea

So for PN3, instead of computers, you should face real life people, and you will be able to customize your own character so people can identify you, kind of like in GTA 4, where you can change your characters head, shirt, hat, pants, glasses, and maybe shoes.
I think it would be a great idea if there is enough variety in the clothes, and you can unlock
more clothes by completing goals, like "Get A Full House"
It would also be kind of cool if you could paste a picture of yourself onto your face if you wanted to, or of a character you really like, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
And of course, we should be able to chat in text or in voice.
Oh! Another great idea: If you complete like, a TON of goals to where you're in legendary status,
you could unlock the 8 original characters you played against in PN1 and PN2,
like Heavy, Strong Bad, Tycho, Sam & Max, Brock Sampson, Claptrap, and Ash Williams,
and if you wanted to, you could maybe like talk to someone with the character's normal dialogue
if you didn't have a mic.
I just really wanted to share this because it sounds like a super cool idea to me :)


  • Multiplayer Poker Night eh? That would be cool, but customised characters isn't really Telltale's thing. They either make brand new characters or work off established personalities. It would also require a hell of a lot of effort to make, and Poker Night has always been made as a 'filler' game between two big releases.
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