I know there's a Fone Bone in here somewhere!

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I've got a Smiley and a Phoney... let's be friends! Let's make a HUGE Trading Circle MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Add my email (kep@kepink.com) to your Trading Center and I'll add you back!


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    Still need that Fone Bone? I have it, just send me one or both of your cards and Fone is yours.

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    I still need smiley, any chance one of you guys can send it to me, my e-mail is samoan@gmail.com
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    Thanks Andre
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    Sent you phony Joshbone
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    I still need fone smiley!! I will send phony if you send me anything!!



    PS keep trading when you get some rare ones!!!
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    BTW email is vivaanarcho420@dr.[(*NOSPAM*)].com
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    Thanks Josh!
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