The Walking Dead Interactive Fanfic! Season 1 Episode 1: All Is Gone 2/5 Released!

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Hello! Welcome to my TWD fanfics inspired by TinyCarlos! You can make characters of your own and have them in the story! Make a character here:

This is interactive so YOU get to choose what he does every here and there.

Characters shown: Lucas Andalia, Martin, Sonya, Duncan, Mark.

Characters not shown:


The Walking Dead: Season 1 Episode 1: All Is Gone: 1/5

"Daddy," said my seven year old daughter Lucy, "When am I gonna get a phone?"

"Not yet little lady." I answered.

"But I'm a big girl now! I'm responsible enough!" she said

"Not for-" I said as I was interrupted by a car crashing into my house, I ran to Lucy and got to cover with her.

"Hello, neighbor," said my neighbor Martin as he got off of the car. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!" I said in rage, Lucy touched my arm as she always does when I swear. "I'm sorry baby." I told her.

"Listen Andalia, the world is ending and I'm picking up the neighbors." he said.

"That's Lucas for you," I said, "And what do you mean the world is ending?"

"See those ugly moaning things over there?" he asked as he pointed at this weird creature, "That's a zombie. 'Walkers' is what I like to call 'em. I already picked up the girl who who lives next door, Sonya. Her parents aren't home and she needed protection."

"Hey Mr. Andalia." said Sonya, I waved at her.

"Only four people feet in the car, you'll carry your daughter so we can pick someone else up. I was thinking of Duncan, the boy who lives a few houses from here." said Martin.

Me and Lucy got on the car and Martin gave me a gun.

"Just for safety, ya never know when you have to blow a head." said Martin as he drove to Duncan's house, I put the gun on my pocket.

When we got to Duncan's house, we knocked on the door and told Duncan about what's going on and how the world's ending. He said he was in and that we should first go to the mall, not only his parents where there but we could get good supplies. Duncan grabbed his bag, got into the truck and we were off to the mall.

"Here it is," said Martin as he parked the car, "Not expecting much people to be here, the world was ending since yesterday, the whole place is probably looted by now. Let's go to the second floor, food and materials there."

We got to the second floor and the place was full of walkers, none of them had seen us yet.

"Get back." Martin said silently as we all got down the stairs, "Okay this is the plan: I'll go in with Lucas and bomb 'em all," he said as he got a grenade out of his pocket, "This should clear out most of 'em, then I think we can take the rest. Duncan, stay here and guard the girls."

"Wait, daddy," said Lucy, "I wanna go with you."

"It's too dangerous, you need to stay here with Duncan and Sonya. I'll call you when it's safe." I said as I got up the stairs with Martin.

Martin took the grip off of the grenade and threw it. Seeing all those zombie guts, God that's gross. We took them out one by one with our guns, Martin with an AK-47 and I with a 9mm. When they were all out, we called the rest of the guys up and they all came up.

"This is the plan, we're gonna go to the hardware store and get some weapons, then we're out." said Martin.

"My parents always go to the food store, I need to go there." said Duncan.

"No time, we need the weapons." said Martin.

"But my parents are there, I need to see if they're okay." said Duncan.

"Whaddya think Lucas, do we let him go? If he goes you're gonna have to go with him." asked Martin.

[Let Duncan go and go with him] [Don't let him go and go to the hardware store with Martin.]


  • [Let Duncan go and go with him]

    if we find his parents thats more strength in numbers, as well as there will probably be some food at the food store as well as some sort of weapon

  • [Let Duncan go and go with him]

  • [Let Duncan go and go with him]

  • kk gonna get writing

  • The Walking Dead Interactive Fanfic! Season 1 Episode 1: All Is Gone 2/5 [Let Duncan go and go with him]

    "I'll go with Duncan." I said.

    "Whatever, here Duncan, have this." said Martin as he gave Duncan a gun.

    When we got to the food store, I went straight for the food and such, but Duncan ran across the whole store looking for his parents. I heard a scream at the other side of the store and when running there, just to find Duncan crying and hugging two dead bodies.

    "Duncan. I- I don't know what to say." I said, Ducan starred at the body for a long time.

    "Oh God, why. GOD WHY!" he screamed, I didn't have any words for this. The rest of the group came here and starred at Duncan carefully. Duncan grabbed his gun a looked at it for bit and aimed it at his head.

    "Duncan- Duncan don-" I said, but was interrupted by the shot of Duncan's gun.

    "Jesus fucking Christ." said Martin, Lucy looked at him, "What? Don't like it when I swear?"

    "Martin." I said in deep tone.

    "Hey who the fuck are you people?" said a stranger who just came up the stairs.

    "Hey buddy calm down there," I said, "We're just a group of people trying to survive, like you are. Wanna join?"

    "Fuck yeah, I'm not surviving this shit alone. I'm Mark." said Mark, he then looked at Duncan's body, "The fuck happened here?"

    "I'm Lucas, this is my seven year old daughter, Lucy, that's Martina nd the girl is Sonya," I then pointed at the dead body, "He was Duncan, a member of our group, just saw his two dead parents, couldn't take it anymore. Very tragic." I said.

    "Sounds fuckin' hilarious to me." said Mark, “Let’s get the fuck out of here, I can’t take the dam smell anymore.” He finished, we all just followed Martin. When we got to where the car was parked, we didn't find the car.

    "Now what the fuck happened here?" asked Martin.

    "Looks like your car hes been stolen bud." said Mark.

    "NOW, GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!" he screamed as he kicked a car activating it's alarm, soon, every car's alarm was activated.

    "Good job, dumass." I said, "We need to get the fuck out of here before they know we're here."

    We ran outside the parking lot, just to find a horde of walkers to our left. I carried Lucy and calmed her down. We found a house with an open door that looked safe enough.

    "Let's go there, to the house!" said Martin.

    "Are you fucking kidding me? They'll get in instantly we need to lose 'em in the forrest!" said Mark.

    "Lucas, whaddya you say?"

    [Go to the house] Go to the forrest]

  • [Go to the Forrest]

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    The Walking Dead Interactive Fanfic! Season 1 Episode 1: All Is Gone 2/5 [Let Duncan go and go with him] "I'll go with Duncan." I said.

  • [go to the forest]

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    The Walking Dead Interactive Fanfic! Season 1 Episode 1: All Is Gone 2/5 [Let Duncan go and go with him] "I'll go with Duncan." I said.

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