The Walking Dead: At Fate's Mercy Part 2

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Preston's cellar has a few small windows to let in some daylight. Inside are crates that contain empty beer bottles, some of which are on the floor.

Clementine runs to Christa to give her a hug. She notices that Christa's foot is chained to the wall.

  • Christa: Oh thank God you're okay!!
  • Clementine: I...I thought they might have killed you.
  • Christa: No, they just...Wait, where's everyone else? Where Junior?!
  • Clementine: Some people found us and took us in. Don't worry. They're okay...
  • Jen: Clementine?

Clementine looks to her left and sees Jen with her face all sweaty and bruised. Again, like Christa her foot is chained to the wall.

  • Jen: Where....Where's Jacob?

Clementine looks down, closes her eyes and shakes her.

  • Clementine: The man who chased us. He shot him.

Jen looks away from Clementine and Christa and lays down on her side and starts crying.

  • Christa: They killed the men. Norman, Cameron and his friends. They brought us all here and the old man, Preston I think, he told his son to take them outside and kill them. I think he was saving us for last. How did he get ahold of you?
  • Clementine: I went back to the cabin to find you. That's where his son found us.

Christa holds her stomach and leans forward, looking like she's going to vomit. She sighs.

  • Christa: I've been sitting in this goddamn cellar...scared about what they're going to do to us. Now that you're here--

The cellar door opens letting in the bright sunlight. Clementine walks towards it and sees Chester holding a bloodied and bruised Marcus by the neck.

  • Chester: Y'all got a new roomy.

Chester throws Marcus into the cellar. Clementine out of the way at the last second to avoid Marcus falling on top of her. Marcus coughs spitting out blood.

  • Chester: Don't worry. There'll be more comin' your way.

As Chester closes the door, Clementine runs to Marcus and leans next to him.

  • Clementine: What did he do to you?
  • Marcus: Clementine....(coughs)...I'm so sorry.....He made me tell him....
  • Christa: Tell him? Tell him what?!
  • Clementine: What happened?
  • Marcus: He told me he'd kill you....If I didn't tell him.....where my cottage was.....
  • Clementine: (widens her eyes) What...?

The basement door opens and Preston walks in with a rubber mallet and some chains. Clementine notices he's barefoot. He sees Marcus.

  • Preston: (smirks) Hmm. My boy really gave it to ya good, didn't he? Well, he's on his way to that home'a yours. Once he finds the rest'a your family, he'll bring 'em then we can finally get busy. The more, merrier, right? This cellar won't have as many niggers, but that'll be just fine. What d'ya say to that, son?
  • Marcus: Go....fuck white...trash...piece of shit!

Enraged, Preston walks up to Marcus, but Clementine stands up to him.

  • Clementine: No! Don't!
  • Christa: Clementine, get away from him!

Preston prepares to swing his mallet at Clementine, but stops when he notices her black eye.

  • Preston: (scoffs) Don't know who did that to ya, but fuckin' kudos to him for puttin' you in your place. Maybe I'll do the other one.
  • Marcus: You've got some nerve....threatening a little girl.

Preston interrupts Marcus by walking by Clementine towards him and whips his face with the chain. With Marus incapacitated, he chains him to the wall. He pulls him up by the shirt so he can get up close and personal with him.

  • Preston: There's just us and the rotten ones. You keep treatin' kids like kids, and they will fuckin' live like kids before they die like kids! Every sorry fuck in this room, you, the nigger lady, the nigger girl and that bitch crying in the corner? I will personally see that you all suffer for what happened to Cletus!!
  • Marcus: (coughs) You just have your son...look for bring here so you can kill them...for revenge. I...had do with what happened to your son. But, if he was that piece of garbage you call your boy...then I guess he got what was coming to him.

Preston retaliates by delivering a single punch to Marcus' face, slamming him to the ground.

  • Preston: For your sake, I hope Cletus doesn't find any kids at that home'a yours. Especially if any of 'em are girls. Chester can get a bit...rough. Oh, and by the way, (takes Marcus' revolver out his belt) thanks for the gift.

    He turns his attention to Clementine.

  • Preston: I can't prove it, but I know it was you. That hat.

He slowly walks towards her. She backs away.

  • Presto: That fucking hat. I think I saw you at the cabin with the rest of 'em. I'm not sure, but I think it was you who Cletus went after. Was it? Tell me. Tell me it was you.
  • Christa: Leave her alone!!
  • Clementine: ...
  • Preston: (grabs Clementine by the shirt) SAY YOU WERE THE ONE THAT GOT MY SON KILLED, YOU FUCKING LITTLE CUNT!!

Clementine retains her eye contact, but she feels very scared. Preston violently lets her go. He draws a kitchen knife and holds it to her face.

  • Preston: Before I kill you, I WILL here you say it.

He lunge the knife very close to Clementine's proximity into the wall. He leaves the cellar. Clementine walks back to Christa.

  • Christa: Clementine, is Junior going to be okay?
  • Clementine: Maybe...maybe he won't...
  • Marcus: Miss...I'm so sorry...I didn't want to tell him.
  • Christa: ...It's not your fault.
  • Marcus: Looks like...we might be here a while...


Clementine is awoken by Preston kicking her to wake up.

  • Preston: Y'all got company.

Clementine sits up and notices the cellar door being open. Preston walks towards it.

  • Preston: 'Bout damn time.

  • Chester: It was far ride.

  • Preston: Whatcha got there?
  • Chester: A boy and two girls. One of 'em's cute. Can I have her?
  • Preston: ...Soon. Bring 'em on down.

Clementine stands near Christa as they watch Eliza climb down the ladder. She turns around and sees them.

  • Eliza: Clem! Christa!

As she runs to reunite with them, Preston attack her with a punch to her gut. Eliza lies on the floor and starts crying.

  • Christa: NO!! You bastard!!
  • Preston: (snickers) Like I said, all of y'all will suffer. (to Chester) Bring down the rest!!

Drew and Rachel climb down. Seeing their father hurt and unconscious, Rachel and Drew immediately run to him.

  • Christa: The baby. Where's my baby?!

Chester climbs down into the cellar while holding his hunting rifle. He looks at Christa.

  • Chester: If I were to guess, I'd say probably gettin' eaten right
  • Christa: WHAT?
  • Rachel: (to Christa in tears) I'm so sorry, miss. He forced me to leave him at the cottage.
  • Preston: Not our problem. Chester, go grab the chains for the new people.
  • Chester: Got it, Pop.

Chester leaves the cellar. Christa glares at Preston, eyes wide open and flushed with tears. Preston walks to her with a sadistic smile on his face.

  • Preston: Come on, now. Look on the bright side: (looks to Clementine) One less nigger kid you have to look out for. (back to Christa) Right?

Christa stands up and charges at Preston. She's held back by her chain, but she succeeded in making him flinch. He looks at her and smirks.

  • Preston: You a feisty one. I like that.

Christa spits in Preston's face, showing some blood. After wiping it off, Preston gives her a right-hand slap across her face. She falls to ground, sobbing over what's happened. Chester comes back with chains and locks when he sees Christa.

  • Chester: 'The fuck's wrong with her?
  • Preston: Nothin'. Gimme the gun, you go ahead and chain 'em.
  • Chester: I've only got enough for two people.
  • Preston: Ah Christ. Alright, use 'em on the older ones. The kids won't do nothin'.

Preston takes Chester's rifle and aims it at Drew and Rachel to move away from Marcus. Chester walks over to Drew holding the shackles.

  • Chester: Gimme' your leg.

Drew reluctantly follows his orders and allows Chester to chain his leg to the wall.

  • Drew: Please...Don't hurt her.

Chester just delivers Drew a smug look before moving over to Rachel, who's backed up against the wall terrified. As Chester get's close to her, she closes her eyes and turns away from. Clementine can't bear to see what's happening. She hears chains and the lock getting in place.

  • Chester: You smell nice...
  • Preston: That's enough! Come on. Outside. We got some rotters out in the field.
  • Chester: Fine. (to Rachel) I'll be back.

Chester gets up and leaves through the cellar door. Clementine can hear him lock it. Drew comforts his terrified sister. Preston stands in the middle of the room with his hands on his hips slowly walking around.

  • Preston: Those godforsaken monsters. I thank Christ that my son can hold his own against 'em. Too bad his brother couldn't. I don't know how that bite does it, but it's a scary thought. Think of this place as my salvation from them. Unfortunately, my son's dead because of one of you (glares at Clementine). After me and my boy have our food, we're gonna be coming back down. Then the real fun can begin.

Preston leaves the group through the door and back into the house. Clementine quickly runs to scared Eliza.

  • Clementine: Are you okay?
  • Eliza: Clementine, what are they going to do to us?
  • Clementine: I...I don't know. We need to get out here.
  • Rachel: How? There's no way out. They locked the outside door, and they'll kill you if they see you inside the house.

Clementine looks over at Christa, who's still heartbroken about Junior. She looks over at Jen, who's still lying down on her side with her back turned to the others. Marcus moves around while grunting.

  • Rachel: DAD!
  • Drew: Thank God you still alive.
  • Marcus: ...I'm so sorry, you two. I...failed trying to keep you both safe. Broke your mother's heart.
  • Drew: Dad, no! We WILL get out of here.
  • Clementine: There has to be a way.
  • Marcus: (coughs) What was that he said...about the bite? How it turns you?
  • Clementine: Yeah. I heard that, too. He doesn't know yet, does he?
  • Marcus: (chuckles) Fucking morons. They have me looking and feeling like shit, but they're too stupid...That's...that's kinda funny.
  • Rachel: Dad...?

Marcus turns his body to face Clementine.

  • Marcus: Try to find something sharp...something I could use to slit my throat.
  • Clementine: What...!
  • Rachel: NO!!
  • Drew: Dad, don't be stupid! There has to be--
  • Marcus: No, there isn't. Listen, it's my fault that he found you two in the first place. The least that I could do for you both is help you get out.
  • Rachel: (tear while shaking her head) ...Dad...
  • Clementine: Even if I do find something sharp, we still won't know WHEN you're gonna turn...
  • Marcus: ...fuck....

As everyone sits in silence, they are interupted by Jen.

  • Jen: You have your family with you. I have nothing. I couldn't keep my children from harm.
  • Marcus: What?
  • Jen: I know a way that can make this plan work.

Jen grabs a glass bottle from a crate near her and throws it against the basement door, loudly shattering into pieces. This doesn't startle Christa in the least.

  • Preston: WHAT THE FUCK?!

Heavy footsteps are heard as they get closer.

  • Jen: (to Clementine) Just get ready to stall him.
  • Clementine: But how?
  • Jen: Thank you for looking after my son for me, Clementine. It's time for me to go see him.

Preston tackles the door open and shouts while stepping barefoot into the broken glass.

  • Preston: AH!! GODDAMMIT!! WHO DID THIS?!
  • Jen: (Calmly) Me.

Preston speed walks to her, put's his hand around her neck, slams her against the wall and start choking her.

  • Eliza: NO!!

Clementine holds Eliza's hand as they watch Preston squeeze every bit of life out of Jen. After letting out her last breath, eyes still open, Preston snaps her neck and lets her fall to the ground. He looks at his bloody feet, then at the bloody footsteps he left behind.

  • Preston: Fuckin' bitch. Feet are all fucked up.

Preston prepares to drag Jen's body out of the cellar. Clementine lets go of Eliza's hand and stands up. Preston looks at her.

  • Preston: Fuckin' sit back down unless you want some too.
  • Clementine: I watched him die.

Eliza looks up at Clementine in horror. Preston just looks at her.

  • Preston: ...What?
  • Clementine: We got away on a canoe. He shot one of my friends, but the walkers caught up to him.

Clementine slowly walks to a petrified Preston.

  • Clementine: I watched them tear him apart, ripped his skin off, pulled out his guts. I watched him scream in pain as they were eating him alive...

Clementine gets within a 3 foot distance between her and Preston.

  • Clementine: ...And he deserved it.

Preston grabs Clementine by the neck, pins her to the wall near the area where he killed Jen and starts squeezing her. Clementine tries desperately to claw her way out of his clutches.

  • Eliza: CLEMENTINE!!
  • Rachel: YOU MONSTER!!

Clementine's gasping for air, but Preston still retains his grip on her.

  • Preston: Now, I'm gonna watch you die!! You fucking little shit!! I'll kill you!! I'll fuckin' kill you, you little ni-- AAAAUUUUGGHHHH!!!

Preston drops Clementine. She coughs and rubs her neck trying to catch her breath. She looks up and sees a reanimated Jen biting his foot. Jen manages to bite out a huge chunk of his achilles tendon, rendering Preston unable to walk. As Clementine backs away, Preston quickly grabs Marcus' gun from his holster and kills Jen. Afterwards, he drops the gun, lying on his side away from Clementine, and holds his foot screaming.

  • Preston: CHESTER!! HELP!!

Clementine quickly goes to grab his gun. Seeing the keys dangling from his belt, she nabs those too. She backs away and examines the keys and the gun.

  • Preston: How...wha...what the fuck?! How did she...?!
  • Marcus: Clem, throw me the keys!

Clementine does so. Marcus unlocks his shackles before throwing them to Drew and Rachel. Drew throws them back to Clementine. She walks over to Christa and hands her the keys.

  • Clementine: Christa, we have to go!

Christa frees herself from her shackles. She stands up and quickly loses her balance, but Clementine catches her. Christa brushes her off.

  • Christa: I'm fine. Just give me the gun.

Clementine, hands her the firearm. Christa turns her attention to Preston. Clementine notices how weak she's looking. Christa slowly raises the gun to shoot him. Marcus walks to her.

  • Marcus: Don't. Just let bastard suffer.

Christa makes no eye contact with Marcus as show hands him the gun. Marcus tosses it to Drew.

  • Marcus: You and your sister get the truck ready. Take Eliza with you.

Eliza runs to Drew and Rachel. Clementine watches them as they climb out of the cellar door.

  • Christa: We already have walkers. We don't need any racist pieces of shit like you too. When I leave and I find my baby dead, I'll come back and kill you again.

As Christa and Marcus walk towards the the ladder, Preston starts bursting out laughing. Christa looks back, angered.

  • Preston: Oh-ho God!! You seriously think that just because I hate your people, that I'm on the same level as...(looks to Jen's corpse) them? You stupid bitch. Let me tell you something. Me and my son...We've been around long learn how to hold our own...against them rotters. We're strong. You decide to bring a baby into this simply because you couldn't keep your fuckin' legs closed.

Preston let's out a wheezy chuckle.

  • Preston: Face it, lady. That baby'a yours won't make it. You're just letting him suffer. You ever wanna experience happiness again? Do yourself and the little runt a favour, and kill it. Put it out of it's fucking misery. If it's father couldn't take it any more, what makes you think you can?

Christa walks to Preston, but Marcus holds her back. She slaps his hand away from him.

  • Christa: Don't touch me!!
  • Marcus: We don't have time for this! We need to go save you kid!!
  • Preston: Aw, come on! Let her! (chuckles) Looks like she needs it.

Christa glares at Preston. She turns to Clementine, shakes her head and calms down. She heeds Marcus' words and walks to ladder out of the cellar. Marcus follows her.

  • Preston: (starts sobbing while holding his leg) COWARDS!! AT LEAST FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!!
  • Christa: Clementine, let's go.

Clementine gives Preston a judgemental stare before heading to the ladder. Suddenly they here Rachel and Eliza screaming.

  • Eliza: NO!! STOP!!
  • Rachel: THAT'S ENOUGH!!

The three quickly climb out of the cellar. They run to Marcus' truck, where they see Rachel and Eliza watching helplessly as Drew kneels on top on Chester beating him senseless. The skin on Drew's bloody knuckles is peeling off. Chester's face is covered in sweat, blood, and bruises. All Clementine can think about is when she saw Lee do the same thing to Andrew St. John. Marcus goes in to stop Drew.

  • Marcus: Drew, stop!!

Startled by Marcus' touching his shoulder, Drew, in his rage, turns and inadvertently punches him in the face. Rachel gasps holding Eliza back. The punch didn't do much to Marcus, since Drew kept beating Chester up to the point of exhaustion. Drew looks at Rachel, who's tearing and terrified of her brother. He snaps out of his rage and looks at his hands. He looks back at Marcus.

  • Drew: ...Dad...? Rachel....he tried to...!

Marcus goes in to hug him. Drew hugs him back.

  • Marcus: It's okay, son. Move aside.

Drew moves away from a tortured Chester and towards Rachel's direction. Marcus picks his gun next to's body Chester and shoots him in the head. He looks back at Christa.

  • Marcus: Let's go.


Marcus drives the truck back to his cottage. They see a group of walkers roaming around near the front door, which was left open. Drew and Marcus get out of the truck and shoot down the walkers. Rachel, Christa, Clementine, and Eliza come out and run into the cabin with Rachel leading them.

  • Rachel: This way!!

The get inside the cottage. Rachel runs to her bedroom. She looks in and stops in horror. Christa moves past her and holds her hand to her mouth in horror.

  • Christa: NOOO!!! OH GOD!!! WHERE IS HE?!

Clementine and Eliza go into Rachel's room and see several walker corpses on the floor, but Junior is nowhere to be seen.


The story continues in Out For Blood.


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    AWWWW NO NO NO NO ! Why do you have to write such good stories! im lost for words right now. GOSH that was friken amazing! You had me screaming bad words at my screen!

    Alt text

  • Wow I haven't wanted a character to die this much since Carver and Troy. This is really good

  • I have to say I am impressed, just reading this incites all these emotions inside me, it also made me realise something. It is because of ignorant people like Preston that sometimes it feels like all humanity is gone and dead, that coupled with all these constant conflicts among survivors it makes me wonder:
    Does anyone even know why we're fighting anymore?

  • Wow. That's actually the message I was trying to convey, and you got it. Well done, man! Have a cookie.

    You know what, fuck it. TAKE 'EM ALL.

    Alt text

    Honzian posted: »

    I have to say I am impressed, just reading this incites all these emotions inside me, it also made me realise something. It is because of ig

  • hey dude great story when is the next one new member of the community

  • Best fanfic on this forum! You really are a talented writer.

  • Fuck you, Preston!

  • Racist asshole

    Viva-La-Lee posted: »

    Fuck you, Preston!

  • hey dude you made an error marcus's gun was taken by chester at the cabin not by preston in the cellar just read it again and saw that felt you'd want to know

  • Did it ever occur to you that Chester gave Marcus' gun to his father?

    clemchess posted: »

    hey dude you made an error marcus's gun was taken by chester at the cabin not by preston in the cellar just read it again and saw that felt you'd want to know

  • sorry dude read it wrong thought it said he took marcus's gun from his belt

    Did it ever occur to you that Chester gave Marcus' gun to his father?

  • AWWWW NO NO NO NO ! Why do you have to write such good stories! im lost for words right now. GOSH that was friken amazing! You had me screaming bad words at my screen!

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