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This is the story of Matthew. Matthew is 28 years old, he teaches History in a High school, He lives a boring life in a peaceful neighbourhood, and he is a very unsatisfied person. He wants his life to change drastically, he wants excitement and new adventures. One morning he wakes up and starts an adventure unlike he never expected.

The story is tailored by your choices.

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Characters introduced: Anna, John, Troy, Eddard, Rosemarie, Alessandro, Lars, Jacob

Characters waiting introduction: Martin , Cortney Lacy Hunt, James, Carver



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    Episode 1 : Evertyhing we know [part 1]

    "Honey, could you please come see this ? " I heard a squeaky sound coming from the living room.

    "I can't right now, I'm assembling tests ! " I replied loudly, since I was in my bedroom.

    I'm a History teacher at high school. I really hate my job. so i take out my frustrations on my students by making the hardest tests possible.They hate me for it, but I just don't care. I mean, why should I ? They're not going to fire me, I'm the only person qualified to teach Histroy in this God forsaken town, and it really helps me. I live in a small town in the state of Colorado. It's a very peaceful place. I hate it ! I want excitement, adventures, fun, i want change. Something a place like this can't offer. I'm in my best years, I'm 28, not that bad looking, and very popular amongst my friends. And that's not really telling something because this place is full of grandmas and grandads.

    "Jesus Christ ! " I heard a scream coming from the living room.

    I immediately jumped from my chair and ran for the door. I can't explain the way something snapped in my heart when I heard my girlfriend scream. Some would think I'm a caring person, but I'm really not. As soon as I opened the door, I saw my girlfriend. In normal circumstances she looks really nice, with her long blond hair, blue eyes, her little nose, and overall beauty of her face. But this was no normal circumstance. Something was going on on the TV, something that frightened her unlike I've ever seen before. She's a very fragile person, easy to get scared, but this seemed like something that would scare me too. Her eyes made a blank look toward TV. It was like she were paralised or something. I made it in time to see the footage she saw. And my eyes turned blank too. Something terrible was happening. It was being shoot from a helicopter but you could still see what was going on. There were people walking all slow, their faces were somewhat grey, and they were heading for other people. Normal people. One of the creatures just collapsed on a woman out of nowhere and started.... Eating her !

    " Is this some kind of a joke ?! " Finally my girlfriend spoke in a frightened, shivering tone.

    " I don't think they would joke around with something like this" I replied, very calmly.

    " What is it then, what's going on !? " She started screaming.

    " Calm down Anna , it's probably nothing, it's probably just a few cases, it will calm down. " I said reassuring her.

    I knew this wasn't true. I had a feeling something like this would happen. I'm kind of a religious person, so i know about the end of the world stuff, but i didn't think that was it. All I knew was that thing couldn't go the way they were going. I really hate people, well at least those who only care about themselves. So i hate all of humanity. I guess we deserve whatever is coming for us. We advanced in technology and science, but we took so many steps back in ethics and morality. If we had taken a few more, we would have fallen in the abyss. I guess this is just a way to prevent us from doing that. By killing us all. It's not such a bad idea, maybe another species will develop and rebuild this planet.

    " Is it happening here ? In our neighbourhood ?! " My girlfriend asked, still shivering.

    " I don't know, I mean, it's quiet as usual, but maybe too quiet... " It sounded as if I was asking her.

    " Should we.... you know... go, and have a look ? "

    " We could look through the window, maybe we'll see something."

    We looked through the window. Everything was so quiet, and so dead, This whole stupid neighbourhood is dead. And it's about to be literally dead from what I can see. Because those things are here. There's four of them walking around. We just looked at them. They were so funny to me, I don't know why. I started too laugh a little. One of them turned around and looked at me. Anna screamed. Then the rest took an interest. They started heading for our building. We lived on the second floor of a pretty small building, so if they somehow got inside the building, they would get inside our apartment too. But those four weren't alone. More and more of them started coming out of nowhere. Just then I saw a taxi coming for our building. It parked right in front of it. A white, tall, smiling guy came out of the taxi. He was wearing a T- shirt so i noticed a scar on his right arm. As i said we lived on a second floor of a small building. I guess he was smiling because he wasn't aware of the situation, I came to that conclusion because he started saying Hello to the creatures. They were slowly approaching him. But they also approached us. Those four got into the building and started bashing on the door.

    " We need to jump down, and maybe go help that guy ! " I told my girlfriend

    " No, I don't want to, I'm scared, what if I break my leg or something, we should stay in here and you should fight those things ! " She replied.

    [Stay inside and fight the creatures ] [Grab your girlfriend and jump down]

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    Can I submit 2 characters, a man and his daughter?

  • YOLO indeed :D . Sure I'll change it

    [Grab your girlfriend and jump down], YOLO! I submitted my characters before I read the chapter and I found out that tha nem of my character is Anna too. Can you change it to Rosemarie?

  • [Grab your girlfriend and jump down], YOLO! I submitted my characters before I read the chapter and I found out that tha nem of my character is Anna too. Can you change it to Rosemarie?

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    Episode 1 : Evertyhing we know [part 1] "Honey, could you please come see this ? " I heard a squeaky sound coming from the living room.

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    Yeah, I'll change it, oh and in you wrote eddard and ned in some places. is ned a nickname or what ?

    [Grab your girlfriend and jump down], YOLO! I submitted my characters before I read the chapter and I found out that tha nem of my character is Anna too. Can you change it to Rosemarie?

  • It's the short version of the name.

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    Yeah, I'll change it, oh and in you wrote eddard and ned in some places. is ned a nickname or what ?

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    [Grab your girlfriend and jump down]

    Seems promising. I submitted a character, his name is Sandro.

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    Episode 1 : Evertyhing we know [part 1] "Honey, could you please come see this ? " I heard a squeaky sound coming from the living room.

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 2]

    You chose to grab your girlfriend and jump down

    "Okay, here's how what we'll do. You go take a backpack and fill it with long-term food, and I'll go and find some sort of a weapon! "

    "Go into the bedroom and get my gun from the bottom drawer on the closet !"

    "What the... You have a gun?! "

    "There's no time to argue, just go ! "

    That was very awkward. I guess i don't know her as well as i thought. I mean if she has a gun I think she would have mentioned it at some point, or maybe not... ? I don't know, I'm not really familiar with what's normal and what's not. Mostly because i don't care. I don't like that society determines what's normal and not. I just don't accept it. But still, this is a weapon we're talking about. Something that could murder someone. But i guess it's good she has one. I just don't know.

    I went into our bedroom. It was a nice little room. We had a medium sized bed in it which took a lot of space, there was a table which my computer was on, and finally a closet. I opened the bottom drawer and found what I was looking for. Surprisingly i wasn't relieved, quite the opposite, it made me nervous. The fact that such a thing was hidden in my bedroom. That my girlfriend owned it. I quickly calmed down telling myself she had it for protection from burglers and stuff, but i was suscpicious. We tell each other everything. Well at least i thought we do, but obviously not. There's something behind this. The problem is, I'm the kind of guy that just really doesn't care. I decided to let it go. I took the gun, I don't know a lot about guns so I don't know which one it is. All i know is that it looks deadly. I took it in my hands, and ran for the balcony.

    "Did you take the food?" I asked my girlfriend

    "I got what i could, but i feel like they're coming in, there isn't much time." She said

    "Sooooo... what about this ?" I asked her about the gun, without noticing I was pointing it at her

    "Well give it to me dumbass, you obviously can't use it" She yelled at me

    "Oh, yeah, I can't, not that i thought i would ever get a chance to hold one while not in the presence of a professional, if you know what i mean." I said to her

    "Do not even think about starting a fight between us right now, and it just so happens you are in the presence of a professional, ME !" She yelled again

    We were at the balcony at that moment, and Anna ran to the living room. I grabbed her hand and she turned around.

    "What are you doing ?! "She was surprised

    "This flat is too small, and there is four, or maybe more of them out there, if you don't manage to shoot them all in time, we won't have anywhere to run." I said those words very calmly, like a wise man

    "I'll manage to shoot them in time, don't worry!" She was pretty certain

    "What if you don't ? Look, there's no time to argue, either take my hand and let's get out of here together, or I'm leaving without you." I said that in a really cold and cruel way

    I felt like those words hurt her. I mean I'm not really socially smart, but I knew words like that would hurt anyone. I was wrong.

    "You're right, let's go, but if I break a limb, I'll break two of yours ! " That threat sounded really... real.

    We ran for the balcony. The creatures got inside the flat. It was time to jump. I felt Annas hand shaking and sweating. She was really afraid, it's like she has a fear of heights, but this wasn't time to bring that up. I moved her hand from mine and jumped down. I got ready to catch her, but one of the thing bashed on the balcony door, and broke the glass. Anna started screaming. I told her to calm down and just simply jump. I told her I'll catch her. The creature got really close to her, and when it got one foot behind her she jumped. It didn't bite her. I felt so relieved. She jumped down and i caught her, but I fell down with her. Either that girl got fatter, or I got weaker I got up instantly and helped her get up too.

    "Did it get you, the creature ?" I asked nervously

    "No, it didn't bite me or anything, I'm fine, don't worry." She asked in a calm voice

    "Sir, what are you doing, please get away from me!" I heard that guy we saw yell at one of the creatures.

    He looked so dumb to me yelling at it. It almost made me laugh, but I didn't, knowing what happened the last time I laughed. One of the creatures was approaching him, and he was backing away, but then I saw a creature lurk behind him. He was going for it's direction.

    "Anna, there's one behind the guy, shoot it!" I told my girlfriend

    She shot the creature in the knee, but it kept moving.

    "What the fuck, I just shot it in the knee, no human being can walk after something like that!" She told me, not believing what just happened,

    "Need I remind you that these are no human beings, try shooting it in one of the vital organs" I recomended her

    The creature was approaching the guy. Well more like he was approaching it. Those things are so damn slow. The guy was still yelling at the creature, begging it to back away. Anna shot the creature in the brain. It fell right down. But the guy tripped on it's corpse, fell down and bumped his head of the concrete. Other few creatures started approaching him. Anna started shooting, but she couldn't shoot as fast as they started coming. For some reason they started walking faster, probably because they were attracted by the scream that guy released when he bumped of the concrete.

    "Open the backpack and take the knife that's in it !" Anna told me while she was shooting the things

    I opened the backpack. It was quite a problem to find the knife because it was full of stuff. But when i cut myself on something it became pretty obvious where it was. I took the knife, and it was pretty huge.

    "Sooo, what am I supposed to do ?" I asked my girlfriend, since she was the one with more battle experience, although techincally i had more xp in World of Warcraft.

    "Well, go help the guy, just make sure you look around yourself for a split second to make sure one of them doesn't lurk on you." She told me

    "I'll watch your and his back, don't worry, you'll be fine " She comforted me, and then kissed me. It felt more like a see ya kiss, rather than goodbye forever kiss. Mostly because I don't know what goodbye forever kiss feels like.

    I started running toward that guy. The two creeps that were behind him just fell down. I stopped right in front of him, and was ready for battle. I was so ready the pain from the cut was gone. I guess I was full of adrenaline. I was so pumped up for this, I couldn't wait to strike at one of them. I finally did. I stabbed the knife so deep in it's head, all I could see of it was the handle. The problem was, I couldn't get it out.

    "Drop the corpse on the floor, and just pull the knife" My girlfriend yelled at me

    I did what she told me. I dropped the corpse on the ground, put my foot on it's chest and started pulling the knife. Two of them approached me but they fell down on the same spot. I managed to pull the knife out. I guess doing those push ups paid off.

    "See if he's awake, if he's not then just drag him, I'll cover you." Anna told me

    "No need for that, I'm quite alright " The guy said

    "Okay, just run with me and don't look around you, we'll explain everything after we get somewhere safe." I told him

    We ran toward Anna. The guy actually listened to me and didn't look around.

    "Soo, where do we go now ?" Anna asked

    The two of us looked toward the apartment, but we saw something move in it. It was definitely one of them, so the flat wasn't an option.

    "Well, this whole place is fucked up, even more than it is usually, we need to drive away from here, at least from the neighbourhood." I said

    "We could use that taxi, I saw the driver run away from it, I guess those crazy guys scared him." He said

    He was right. The taxi was there, and it looked undamaged, well considering a few creatures were roaming around it and bumping into it.

    "So, I say we should get rid of the crazy guys, get in and drive somewhere safe."

    " I don't know, there's more than a few of them, I mean we barely managed to handle those few things that attacked you. and this is more than a few, I think we should just stay in the park until they lose interest in the vehicle"

    " So, Matthew, what will it be?" Anna said

    "Oh, you're Matthew, Hi I'm John." He said smiling

    "Yeah.... Hi John" I said nerviously

    [Fight the things and get in the taxi] [Wait until the things lose interest]

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    [Wait until the things lose interest]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 2] You chose to grab your girlfriend and jump down "Okay, here's how what we'll do. You go take a

  • [Wait until the things lose interest]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 2] You chose to grab your girlfriend and jump down "Okay, here's how what we'll do. You go take a

  • [Wait until the things lose interest]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 2] You chose to grab your girlfriend and jump down "Okay, here's how what we'll do. You go take a

  • [Wait until the things lose interest]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 2] You chose to grab your girlfriend and jump down "Okay, here's how what we'll do. You go take a

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    Episode 1: Everything we know f [part 3]

    You chose to wait until the things lose interest

    "Anna is right, she lost a lot of her ammo, you don't have a weapon, and I can't do shit with this knife, let's just find a place to hide until they go away." I had to agree with Anna, she did have a better argument

    "Oh, well, okay, I know when I'm beaten." Said John smiling

    I like this guy. He's seems happy all the time. I know people who would beat the shit out of someone if they disagree with them. Such is the case of my girlfriend, the only reason she didn't put a bullet in my head back in the apartment is because I'm her boyfriend, and I guess she likes me. I don't really feel safe around her, she's not really the kind of person you want to disagree on something.

    There was only one problem left. Finding a place we could hide in while waiting. This isn't really a big town, so people know everything about everyone, which leads to nobody trusting anyone and you're stuck in a town full of dumb-asses who always lock the doors. We needed to find a place quickly because the atmosphere on the street wasn't really nice. The creatures started coming our way and appearing out of nowhere. We finally found an open garage and we all ran for it together. I guess we were thinking the same thing. We got into the garage and shut the door. All that was left to do now is wait for them to go away from the vehicle. The garage wasn't far away from my building so we could see the taxi from the window.

    "Do you think we're safe here, I feel kind of safe." Said John

    "Yeah, we should be, they don't look smart enough to know how to open a garage door" I said confidently

    "Sooo, who exactly are they?" John askaid with focus on the word they

    "Well we don't really know ourselves, all we know is that they're dumb, they like to eat human flesh, they're slow, and you can kill them by shooting in the brain" Anna replied

    "Or in another vital organ" I said

    "No, not really. I tried shooting one where the heart is, it still kept moving, only the brain, nothing but the brain" Anna said

    How is that even possible, I thought to myself. The fact that they can only be killed by a headshot makes them even scarier. Which is surprising because those things look horrid. Their skin is gray, all they do is walk really slow and moan, they're cannibals and there is a lot of them. And now we find out that they have only one weak spot, and it's headshot. I can't do a headshot in video games, how am I going to do one with a gun.

    "Did they go away from the car ?" John asked

    I peeked through the window. Not a lot changed, except there were less things out there now. There was still a lot of things around the taxi, They seem to really like that taxi. What's so interesting about it, I wonder ? Why are they still there ?

    "Nah, they're still dragging themselves around the vehicle" I said

    It was really peaceful in the garage. We were all pretty relaxed all things considering. I felt a need to talk to Anna. About all that happened, the gun, her fear of heights, I felt a need to settle some things with her. She was surprisingly calm and cool, considering she screams and runs around the flat when she sees a mouse. I've never seen her like this, it's like she's not afraid of these things, like a true survivr. I don't like it. I mean, in conditions like this, people should definitely change, but not as drastically as she did. Or maybe she hasn't changed at all... maybe she's been like this forever. Maybe I just don't know her as well as i thought, maybe I don't know her at all. I'm scared of this change, more than I'm scared of those things outside. I should talk to her, yeah, I definitely should. I don't want to lose her, our relationship, everything we have. I finally aproached her.

    "Hey, honey, how you doing?" I asked her, sounding like a real boyfriend for a long time

    "I'm fine, you know, all considering." She said

    "Yeah it seems like you're more fine than you should be." I said those words hoping they would get her to talk about everything

    "Oh, yeah, what am I supposed to do, scream and cry like a little girl, I'm going to take care of myself and those I love, that's what I plan on doing, and you can't stop me!" She said in an angry tone.

    "Yeah, that's the problem, I'm not an apocalypse expert, but I think you are, and I think I should take care of you, not the other way around !" I opened my heart and discovered my heart is a real chauvinist

    "Well, in that case, FUCK YOU MATT, you're such a dick!" She yelled at me

    "Whoah, whoah, Anna, there's no need for insults, the best way to express your anger is to talk about it, not yell at him, that way you let it win!" John said sounding real smart

    "Oh, shut the hell up John, nobody asked you anything!" She started yelling at him too.

    She was on fire and looked real angry. Well she also sounded angry. Now I feel sorry for starting this fight. She's such a knucklehead sometimes, but this was different, she was pissed off unlike I've ever seen before. And now she let it out on poor John, I feel really sorry for him. He's such a nice guy, and than he receives such insults, it makes me feel responsible. Although he doesn't really seem shaken by it. I guess he had it coming, you don't need to know Anna too long to know she has a short fuse. I wonder why he even got involved, I would never do such a thing. I'll go ask him, maybe I find something out.

    I approached John. He wasn't really depressed or sad, he just had that smile on him, but I get the feeling he's always thinking about something. Like, he just sits there smiling and looking at one spot, it's really creepy. I sat next to him

    "I'm really sorry about that John, although I don't think Anna is, just don't blame her too much, that's just the kind of person she is." I said to him

    "No, not really, there is no such thing as an angry person, which you are implying on, everyone can be happy, they just need to get rid of their anger the best way they can, and make room for happy thoughts." John said

    "Are you a hippy, because you sound like one?" He really did sound like one, at least to me, talking about happines like that

    "Hehe, nah, I was supposed to be a psychologist, I just needed to take a break from everything so I came here from Argentina." He told me

    "Oh, well that explains the accent, I thought you were a Mexican, I met a lot of Mexicans in my life... but anyway, thanks for sharing that with me, it's nice to get to meet you." I sounded real friendly there

    "I believe it's important to share what's bugging you with other people, and to give them a chance to meet you, so I try to stay open to everyone." John sounded really naive

    "But, doing that can get you killed." I told him

    "Doing what, what are you talking about?" He didn't understand what I was talking about

    "Trusting people, you can't really trust people, trust me, they're not worth it." I told him

    "Well, that's a paradox, but anyway, you're wrong, everyone is worth giving a chance, but I don't mean chance as in being friendly to them, but being open and honest with them." John said

    "I just really don't like people, that's all." I shared my "secret" with him

    "You must be really disappointed in someone, huh ?" John asked

    "Well, yeah, I'm disappointed in my girlfriend right now, but that's now, and I hate people since.... well, forever." I said that very uncertainly, because I don't know myself when I started hating people

    "See, what you're saying is nonsense, you can't have hated people since you were born, there had to be some point when someone did something that disappointed you so bad you concluded all manking is like them, and that sir is unfair toward the people you will meet in the future." John said

    And he was right, there was something that happened, I just don't want to think about it. When he said that it's like everything I know just broke in front of me, evertyhing i believe in, that mankind is evil, that nobody deserves a chance, it all seemed wrong, and I decided to from now give everyone a chance, the chance he told me to give them, to be honest and open to people.

    "So, you want to tell me about it, about who let you down, who made you hate people so much, it must be an interesting story." John said

    "I trust you John, you need to know that, and I will listen to you and give people a chance, but I just can't tell you what happened, it hurts me to think about it." I told John

    " I do understand, you can't start trusting people right away, don't worry about it, there will be other times to talk." He said

    "Thank you, for being such a... friend to me.. I haven't had one of those in a long time." I told him like I meant it, and I did

    "Okay, it's time to go now, there's only two things around the vehicle, we should be able to get rid of them or if a few more come out of nowhere as they tend to." Anna said

    I took the knife in my hand and held it real tight. John found and axe in the garage, it was a small ask with a wooden handle and it looked really light. Anna took her gun out and counted the bullets. She said she's got seven. More than enough to take those two out... or maybe not. I mean you need to shoot it in the head, that's not really easy. Thinking about that made me nervous again, the fact that they got only one week spot. But, there was no time to think about that now, because we moved out. It was 19 p.m. and it was very visible, I mean it is July. We decided the smartest thing to do is get to the taxi real fast, kill those two, and just get in, It seemed like a good plan. Well it wasn't. I ran a lot faster than Anna and John who were running at the sam speed. One of the things was lying on the floor, and I didn't see it. It grabbed my leg and i fell down. It only had the upper body, but it was pulling itself toward me, waiting to take a bite out of me. The knife was out of my reach, it slid away when i fell down. I thought I was dead, when the two of them approached. Anna aimed for it's had, but she didn't shoot. Why isn't she shooting?!! What's going on?!! Oh my God, it's getting closer, It's gonna bite me. She still didn't shoot. I was so scared, and when it was about to bite me, it's brains splattered all over my face. Oh, thank God Anna shot it. Than I saw an axe coming out of it's skull, and saw Johns face, he was the one that killed it. Anna just stood there looking at me with despise. Than she just lowered her head and started coming toward us. John helped me get up. We got to the taxi and took care of those two really easy. We got into the taxi, John decided to drive, and I was sitting next to Anna. Say something, or don't ? What to say? I saw guilt on Annas face, but she did her best to hide it. How can she do that, I'm not that mad because she almost let me die as much as I'm mad she won't apologize. But, when i think about it it was my fault, I started the entire fight. But this is my life she was playing with! What do I do??? I love that girl, and she does love me, I know it, but what she did.... Can it be forgiven

    [Apologize for starting the fight between you] [Yell at her for what she did] [...]

  • [Apologize for starting the fight between you]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know f [part 3] You chose to wait until the things lose interest "Anna is right, she lost a lot of her ammo,

  • Deym'!


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    Episode 1: Everything we know f [part 3] You chose to wait until the things lose interest "Anna is right, she lost a lot of her ammo,

  • [Apologize for starting the fight between you]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know f [part 3] You chose to wait until the things lose interest "Anna is right, she lost a lot of her ammo,

  • [Yell at her for what she did]

    Anger issues or not, there should be consequences. At least let her know that was not cool.

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    Episode 1: Everything we know f [part 3] You chose to wait until the things lose interest "Anna is right, she lost a lot of her ammo,

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    Episode 1:Everything we know [part 4]

    You chose to; Apologize for starting the fight

    The silence was too much for me. It was too much for everyone. I was just sitting there, sweating like a pig, thinking about what to say, Anna was still trying to hide the guilt she felt, and even John got a little serious. I had to say something to her, but what should I say? I normally don't have problems with talking to people, I know a lot of things about lots of topics, but this is death we're talking about. My death. I don't feel comfortable talking about something like that. I don't think anyone should. I had to say something. Silence was not an option. But if I blame her for what she did, I'll only make things harder for her, which means I'll only make them harder for me. I should apologize for starting that fight in the first place. And if i do that, she might start talking about everything that happened, I might just find out what's going on. Yeah, that's a real good plan.

    "I'm sorry for starting the fight between us, it's all my fault, i shouldn't have blamed you for having that gun because it's your business, and I have nothing to do with it, but you have to know I did those things with only good intentions on my mind." I finally spoke

    That was a real good apology. It's like I'm putting all the blame on myself, but I'm still saying I only tried to do what's best. A real smart move.

    "You know what? That's your problem, you think that everything you do is right, or at least that you do what's best. Well, you don't. You only see the bad things about people and the world, you don't care about anything, and you don't let anyone care about you, you hate everything around you, that's you problem!" She started yelling at me

    "I know you want things to change, but it's not the people or the world that's the problem, it's you. You're only harming yourself if you hate everything. It's your view of the world that's slowing you down, and that's making your life miserable. You need to change yourself before anything else changes. You need to start trusting people, you need to connect with them, you need to let them care about you." Anna continued

    "I don't like this new you, I don't know what happened to you, but you weren't like this when we met.Because if you were, I never would have dated you in the first place. There was something about you back then that made me fall in love with you right away. You were nice, you had so many friend, you were popular and loved by everyone, and there was a reason for that. And then you changed, something happened to you that made you drive all those people away, that made you not trust them, not care about them, and I don't know what happened, but you need to change back, I need you to be the old Matt, the guy I fell in love with, for your sake and for mine." She said

    "I don't understand what's happening to you, but it needs to stop. I spent so many nights hating you and hating myself for still being with you, but I still stayed with you hoping you would change. And now I know why you're like this, why you don't trust people and don't care about them. Whatever happened to you, it made you feel things you haven't felt before, has it? It made you feel betrayed and sad, and you don't want to feel like that anymore. Well, I'm sorry, but you can't go on like this, you can't run away from your feelings and you can't stop feeling things. Only those who are weak of will and mind can run away from their emotions. You think I don't know what it's like to be betrayed, sad, or angry? I do, you made me feel all those things. Just like my whole family made me feel them before. My dad, he was just like you, he didn't care about anything, not even me. He never had time to talk, to help, or play with me, he didn't want to. And now, you're turning into him, and I'm turning into my mother... I don't want to be like my mom, my mom is in a mental institution, and my dad is a pathetic old man without friends or family. I don't want you to have no friend or family, I don't want you to be a sad man who has nothing. I need you to change, please change for me."

    The words she said, it was like my soul looked in the mirror. She was right about everything. I was loved by everyone and had a lot of friends, and then it happened, I cought Anna cheating on me with my best friend. I never told her that I know, and she doesn't know that she made me like this. That she made me hate people and not care about them. I didn't tell her because I loved her, and I felt like she still loves me, so I decided to forgive her. But, she's right, I can't live like this anymore. I decided to change myself, change the way I feel about people and the world, I decided to trust people more, to care about them, and to let them care about me. And I decided to start with Anna, the love of my life. I decided to let her back in my life, to finally forgive her for what she did to me, and to start a new chapter in my life. I came closer to her and hugged her. She kissed me, and everything was finally okay. At least at the moment.

    The atmosphere in the car got a lot better. Things between me and her were finally settled. John was smiling again, I guess he was glad me and Anna worked things out. I was glad too, and so was her. This never would have happened if things weren't the way they are. If this incident with the creatures didn't happen, I don't think our little conversation would have happened. Things would have just continued the way they are. And I would have eventually become a pathetic old man, without friends, or family. She really does understand me. I didn't think anyone would ever understand or care about me. But that's all my fault, I tried to deal with my problems by pretending they don't exist, and by doing that I hurt everyone around me, and I hurt myself, and I decided not to repeat that mistake ever again.

    We were driving for ten minutes now, but we were still in our little, boring town. Surprisingly we didn't hit any of the creatures while driving.The whole town looked empty and dead, like it usually does. The only problem we have now is that we dont't know where we're going. But that one will have to wait, because we've got another problem. There's an older fellow out in the street fighting some creatures. He's got a shotgun, but it seems like he's out of ammo because he's hitting the creatures with it. There's also a little girl behind him. We have to help them, I thought to myself. I guess John was thinking the same thing, because he stopped the car the moment he saw those people.

    "We have to help that guy, he's got a little girl with him." Said John
    "Of course we'll help him John, we're not that cruel." I said with a chuckle

    I took my knife, and gave John his axe. Anna counted the bullets. She only had three of them, so this time me and John will have to do most of the work. I told her to cover us if any of the things sneak up on anyone. We got out of the car and ran toward the guy. I noticed his backpack and his green jacket first. One of the things got behind him and almost grabbed him, but it felt right on the ground when Anna shot it. He just looked behind, and then continued fighting. When he did I noticed his beard and his green eyes. Two of the creatures blocked our way, so I put my knife in ones head, not too deep, but just enough to kill it. John simply decaptitated the other one. We conitunued running and shortly we joined the guy in battle. There were five things near us, this should be easy i thought, there's three of us and if any of them sneak behind anyone, Anna has got us covered. We had an easy time killing them, I got two, John got one, and the guy got two too. I was amazed with his strength, I mean he was able to bash an ex human beings skull with a shotgun, but the guy is really tall and muscular. In the mean time, Anna got the little girl to enter the taxi, to make sure she's safe.

    "Come with us to the car, your little girl is in it!" I explained to the guy

    "Who told you to take my daughter, get her back here right now." He said calmly

    "Whoah, dude, chill out, we're not going to hurt anyone, we just helped you for fucks sake!" I answered loudly

    "So what if you just helped me, am I supposed to believe you guys are good and just come with you like a naive idiot." He said

    "You know what, fine, take your daughter and go away for what I care, I'm trying to be nice and caring here, and this is how you repay me?! Well, screw you in that case!" I yelled at him

    "Please, sir, do what's best for your daughter and come with us, there is strength in numbers you know, we're nice people, we saved each others lives, it's best for you daughter to come with us." John said

    "Oh, I'll do what's best for my daughter and go on my own way, I don't trust you people at all and I have no reason to, you're just strangers to me, and we're leaving." The guy said

    "Come out little girl, your daddy wants you to go to him." Anna said to the girl

    "Daddy, these people just saved our lives, be reasonable and lets come with them, I don't think they'll harm us, they seem nice." The little girl said to her dad

    "Honey, I told you, you can't trust people just like that, especially strangers, trusting the wrong people can get you killed." He gave his daughter a lesson

    "You're wrong about that, sometimes you need to trust people, but if you want to leave, than do it, but I'm telling you, you're safer of with us." I assured him
    The two of them left. His daughter looked kind of sad, but she didn't say anything. We got into our car, and when John started the engine, I saw someone struggling with the creatures. It had to be that guy and his little girl. I heard a scream, it was a high pitched scream, must be the little girl. We all got out of the car and ran toward them. We were half way there, when one of the creatures collapsed on the guy and knocked him on the ground. He was doing his best not to get bitten. The creature was waving it's hands and trying to bite him. Anna pulled the trigger, but the creature didn't fall. She must have missed it's head. It looked real bad for the poor guy and his daughter. The little girl was approached by the creaturues, but she stayed with her daddy. Either she's really scared, or she is really brave. She gave her dad a rock and he started bashing on the creatures skull. It didn't kill it, but at least it slowed the creatures movements. We finally approached them, and John put his axe in the creatures skull. I helped him get up and we ran toward the car.

    The engine was already running, so as soon as we got in, John started to drive. Now that this problem is taken care of, we need to take care of the other one. Where do we go now? But first time for introduction.

    "Welcome to our little group guys, I am Matthew, this is my girl Anna, and the guy driving is our friend John, so, what are your names ?" I asked

    "I'm Eddard, this is my daughter Rosemarie, thank you people for saving us." He said

    "I hope you learned that you can trust people, and that there are consequences to distancing away from them." I tried to sound wise

    "Ah, yeah, whatever." Eddard said

    "Okay, so where do we go now you guys?" I asked in case anyone has and idea

    "I think we should just keep going until we run out of gas, then we keep walking, and when we get to a town we take what we can from it." Anna said
    "No, we need to find some place safe, Rose can't walk for a long time, lets just find a building we can stay at and that has food and drink." Said Eddard

    "But, daddy, I think Anna is right, we can't stay at one place forever, we'll get trapped in it eventually, and I can walk for a long time, I went into the woods with you a thousand times, I'm not a weak little girl." Rose said to her dad

    "You daughter is really smart sir, she is very mature for her age." John said
    "Well I guess it's settled then, we drive until we run out of gas, and then we keep going, sounds like a plan to me." I said

    "What is your deal people, I knew something is wrong with you, what kind of a plan is that?" Eddard asked nervously

    "A plan everyone, except for you, agrees with, and you are outnumbered so deal with it, friend." I said

    We drove for twenty more minutes, everyone was relaxed, except for Eddard, who was pretty pissed off that nobody agreed with his plan. But none of us cared, not even his little girl. The car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, there was just the road and woods around it.

    "So, do we go down the road, or do we get into the woods?" I asked everyone

    "I hate the woods, I don't like it tin there, let's go down the road." Said John

    "Well, I say we go into the woods because I know how to survive in there, I love nature and so does my daughter, we have a better chance of finding food in there too." Said Eddard

    "I don't really want to take part in this argument." Anna refused to vote

    It was up to me to decide.

    [Go down the road] [Go into the woods]

  • [Go into the woods]

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    Episode 1:Everything we know [part 4] You chose to; Apologize for starting the fight The silence was too much for me. It was too much

  • Abouw'.

    [Go into the woods]

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    Episode 1:Everything we know [part 4] You chose to; Apologize for starting the fight The silence was too much for me. It was too much

  • [Go into the woods]

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    Episode 1:Everything we know [part 4] You chose to; Apologize for starting the fight The silence was too much for me. It was too much

  • Hell yeah, my characters! Ned is right, let's [go into the woods].

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    Episode 1:Everything we know [part 4] You chose to; Apologize for starting the fight The silence was too much for me. It was too much

  • [Go into the woods]

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    Episode 1:Everything we know [part 4] You chose to; Apologize for starting the fight The silence was too much for me. It was too much

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 5]

    You chose to: Go into the woods

    The forest looked really thick, but the road looked really long, it looked like it leads to nowhere. I don't want to be a dick to John, because we're friends now, but if what Eddard says is true, that he knows how to survive in nature, I think we'll have a better time in the forest. Also, i doubt the things would be in there, normal humans don't live in wilderness, as far as I know. The forest just sounds like the smart thing to do, and nothing bad will happen to anyone, I hope.

    "Okay, lets go into the forest, but you're gonna have to share your survival skills with us, because I'm not the kind of guy that goes camping really often." I turned to Eddard

    "Ah, don't worry, I'm a natural leader, and you also saved my daughter, and me, so I owe you big time, and I like to pay my debts on time." Eddard said

    "I don't like this at all, I'm telling you, something bad is going to happen in that forest, and you'll be sorry for not listening to me." John said nervously

    "Don't worry John, what could go wrong when we have Bear Grylls here with us, he'll lead us to safety." I said in a sarcastic tone

    Well, Eddard didn't like those words. He seems like a very serious guy. Like those stiff company people who don't care about anyone but themselves and their property. But still, he takes good care of his daughter, and he's about to pay his debt and that is something I respect, I just wish he would trust us more.

    I was right, the forest was really thick. It was hard walking with all those trees, and branches on the ground, I fell on the ground more than when I went skating for the first time. Eddard and Rosemarie didn't seem to have those problems. They were walking around like they were born in the forest. Things weren't going really well for John, he was really scared, I don't know why because he had no reason to be. It was really peaceful in there, not a sound to be heard, except our feet breaking the branches on the ground. He was sneezing a lot and his eyes were bloody, must be the alergies. He was constantly looking around, making sure nothing was out there, and every time someone stepped on a branch he shaked. Anna didn't seem to have a hard time managing herself, she told me before how her brother and she sometimes went in the woods to pick mushrooms. She also told me how she got scared of a deer and ran away from it. She's a silly person.

    "So, where are we going?" I asked Eddard

    "First, we'll find a nice spot to make a camp, and then we'll spend the rest of the day mushroom picking and placing traps, and I'll go see if i can hunt something down." Said Eddard in a confident tone

    "Wait, what ?! We're spending the night here!" John freaked out

    "Hey, if we don't encounter any problems we'll spend more than one night in the forest, this place is full of food and possible shelter, you just need to know how to find it." Eddard said

    "What if we get attacked by some wild animals, or maybe some creatures enter the forest while we're sleeping, what kind of a shelter can you find in here that they will not find and destroy!" John snapped

    "You're being paranoid, man, I know you don't like it in here, but it's better than sleeping on the road, we have no choice, and the animals won't touch us if we don't provoke them, just don't worry about it." I tried to calm him down

    "Okay, but if something in here kills me, I'll haunt you in your dreams, I promise you." John said

    It was getting kind of dark in the forest. We needed to find a nice camping spot as soon as possible. I guess we won't have time to go picking mushrooms or hunting today. We were walking for a whole hour now, we thought we found some nice spots, but Eddard always had a complaint to lodge. Nothing was good enough for that guy. He told us to shut up, and that we don't know anything about the forest, and that when he finds a spot good enough, he'll let us know. He seems to be really into this surviving in the woods stuff. I just hope he knows this isn't premanent, I mean, we can't live in there forever. I was really tired from walking and falling down. We had to go downward at one point of our little trip, and I fell down and rolled like a ball. It wasn't a nice experience for me, but it was for everyone else. They almost died laughing. Even John was relaxed for a moment there. I don't think I can keep walking. I tried to tell Eddard that we're tired and we should take a break, but he wouldn't listen, he just kept going. He said something along the lines of: " Either you're gonna keep up with me and live, or take a break and die." That was a real nice thing to say of him. I had a feeling he and his daughter are trying to keep their distance from us. Well, I'm not sure if Rose really wants to stay away from us, but I guess she has no choice, her dad wants things to be this way.Now that I was so tired, I was falling even more. My legs just wouldn't carry me.

    "Alright ladies, I guess we can make a camp over here, it's not what I had in mind, but I see you little girls can't walk any longer, even Rose is tougher than you." Eddard said mockingly

    "Give me your axe John, it's not really good, but I guess I'll be able to chop these big branches with it." Said Eddard

    John gave him his axe. He started chopping off some huge branches of a tree. I guess he was planning to make a tent with those. He told us to get a lot of branches and start a camp fire. We did what he said, after all, he is our saviour right now. He also told us to make sure not to go far away because we'll get lost since we know nothing. What a nice guy that Eddard is. Anna was surprisingly quiet, I guess something was on her mind. I approached her pretending to be picking branches.

    "Well, hello there, my lady." I tried to start the conversation, but I didn't get a response

    "Come on, what's bugging you, are you scared of the forest too?" I asked

    "No, it's just that, all of this, this entire incident with those monsters, it's all happening too fast, I mean, not even a whole day has passed and we're already miles away from our home, from the people we know, we're here with a group of strangers, building a camp fire in a forest, I mean, just , what the fuck... you know?" Anna said

    "I know what you mean, it's not really easy for me either, and you're right, it is happening too fast, but imagine what would have happened if we stayed in our apartment. You saw how terrible it was in our neighbourhood, there has to be a place where it's not that bad, and we'll find it, I promise." I said, but I didn't sound really confident because i doubted that myself

    "Oh, just stop lying. I know you better than you know yourself. You always find a way to keep going, no matter how hard it is. You're a tough man, you're gonna survive this, you're adaptable and intelligent, and this world is gonna be about survival of the fittest the way it's going right now. People like you or Eddard, you're fit to survive in this mess, you're tough, and people like me or John, well, let's just say in all the apocalypse movies I watched, those people don't really survive for a long time." Anna said in a sad tone

    "Well, even if that is true, you'll survive because I'll always be there to take care of you and make sure nothing bad happens to you, you can count on me and you can trust me." I assured her

    "You promise?" She asked

    "I promise." I confirmed

    "Damn it, you people are so incapable, I'm almost done building a tent that we can all fit into, and you didn't even start a simple camp fire, all you'll do is slow me down, man, why wasn't I saved by someone capable of doing things and stuff." Eddard sounded real mad

    "Rose, honey, take those branches they collected and start the fire, these guys can't do anything right." Eddard said to his daughter

    We gave all tha branches we collected and gave them to Rose. She built a little pyramid shaped structure and then walked to her fathers backpack and took matches from it. This guy has some really useful stuff in that backpack. I wonder what else is in it? Rose lit the match and put it inside the wooden pyramid. And fire there was. Eddard told Rose to maintain the fire and make sure it doesn't damp down.I looked at the structure he was building. The logs were leaned onto each other so it looked like a tent, but there were gaps between them. He took care of that problem by filling the gaps with tall branches that had lots of leaves on them. The gaps were now filled. I looked inside the structure and it seemed like it could hold a few people in it. And also I'm not that tall and neither is Anna, and Rose is a kid so she doesn't take a lot of space. This was our new home.

    It was pretty dark in the forest, so I thought it would be pointless to do any of the activities Eddard mentioned. But he did not agree with me. He said he was gonna go mushroom picking, and he entrusted us to take care of Rose. She of course wanted to go with him, but he said it was too dangerous and he doesn't want her to get lost. We all sat down by the camp fire and it was really nice, we all felt relaxed, except for John who was frightened because Eddard said it was too dangerous. I don't think he'll sleep well tonight.

    "So, Rose, is your dad always like this?" I tried to start a conversation

    "Like what?" She asked

    "Well , you know, so untrusting and not really nice to strangers." I explained

    "Yeah, he is." She gave me a short answer

    I was really confused, I mean, she seems so mysterious and secretive now, but when she talks to her father she just sound nice and talkative. I guess she's just like him, they only trust each other. It was pretty awkward just sitting there in silence. I never thought silence would bother me. But, it didn't bother me for long, I heard someone scream not that far away. We all got up immediately and ran toward the sound. We found someone lying on the floor with an arrow in his knee. When he looked at me I realised it was Eddard.

    "Dad, what happened to you?" Rose asked, surprisingly calmly

    "Don't worry honey, I'll be fine, I was just shot with an arrow, I don't think the damage is all that big." He said calmly, I guess not to upset his daughter

    "I'm sorry man, I just saw the bush shaking and I thought you were lunch." A figure from the dark said, it was a tall, skinny man with a deep voice

    "Oh, yeah, there's definitely an animal of my size you psycho, you shot me on purpose, everyone get your weapons out, I don't trust this guy." Eddard started his not trusting people bullshit

    "Listen, I'm really sorry, I didn't shoot you on purpose, look, I can take you to my group, I'm a hunter, I know how to treat wounds, and we have some medicine with us that will really help you, but if you dont't want help, whatever, not my problem." Said the man

    "I know how to treat wounds as well, and I don't want or need your medicine, get away from me and my daughter, I don't trust you and I don't want your help." Eddard said

    "Daddy, please, be reasonable, these people have medicine that will ease your pain and they can help you, just come with him." His daughter gave him advice

    "Hey, Matt, I trust your judgement, do you trust this guy, or should we go on our way." He asked me

    "Wh-what... I don't know, how bad is the wound, do you really need medicine, or can we just use the stuff you've got?" I asked nervously

    "I don't freaking know, I'm not a doctor, come on, just say what you think..." Eddard said

    Well, fuck. This is a real gamble. If we come with them they could fix him in no time with those meds, but they can also be murderers, If there's something I know, it's that hunters aren't really normal, but what if the wound is serious and he needs medicine that we don't have... He could die! Should I trust this guy and risk all our lives, or should I not trust him and risk Eddards life

    [Take Eddard to the guys group] [Take Eddard back to your camp]

  • [Take Eddard to the guys group] 

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 5] You chose to: Go into the woods The forest looked really thick, but the road looked really long

  • [Take Eddard to the guys group]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 5] You chose to: Go into the woods The forest looked really thick, but the road looked really long

  • [Take Eddard to the guys group]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 5] You chose to: Go into the woods The forest looked really thick, but the road looked really long

  • [Take Eddard to the guys group]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 5] You chose to: Go into the woods The forest looked really thick, but the road looked really long

  • Godamnit, I have no idea. Silence is a valid option! [...]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 5] You chose to: Go into the woods The forest looked really thick, but the road looked really long

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 6]

    You chose to : Take Eddard to the guys group

    I can't risk his life just because he thinks those guys might kill us. Well, I think that too, but that's just insane. I promised I would trust people more, and that's what I'll do. I'll trust this guy. And if his people try to do anything, we have our weapons with us. We'll just get the help Eddard needs and return back to our camp.

    "Okay, lets go to your camp and get those medicine, you just help us, and we'll be on our way." I said to the guy

    "Whatever suits you, I just offered help because it's my fault." The guy said

    "Yeah, no problem I guess, but if Eddard is right and you try to do anything.... stupid, we we'll defend ourselves, I just hope that's clear." I threatened him

    "You have no reason to worry, my name is Troy by the way." He said

    "It's nice to meet you Troy, at least I hope, the wounded is Eddard, and I'm Matthew, the little girl is Rosemarie, the big girl is Anna, and the tall guy is John." I introduced our group to him

    We spent the next twenty minutes of our trip in silence. I was thinking about what to do if these guys really have bad intentions. Then I started to imagine the possible scenarios and their outcomes, and in each and every one of them, we died. I was really scared and was starting to regret brinigin all these people over there. Especially bringing Rose. But, I had no choice, I can't let her be alone in the camp, and we need all the people we have right now, so there's none left to stay there with her. I would feel so bad if something happened to that little girl, but I need to be optimistic. These people probably aren't a bunch of psychopaths looking for naive victims. Oh, God, what a terrible thought got into my mind. What if Troy shot Eddard on purpose so that we would have to come to his camp, and then they take all our stuff. That stoped worrying me the moment I realised we don't have any stuff with us. The only thing we have are our weapons, and they're not really something you'd kill people for. Thinking about the fact we don't have any stuff led me to the fact we don't have any food either. Unless Eddard has some in his backpack, but he left it in the camp.

    "Soo, do you guys have any food, because we're all pretty hungry." I told him

    "Yeah, sure, there's quite a lot left from dinner so you can eat that if you want to, if I shot him an hour ago you would have come right on time for dinner." He said smiling

    That was probably the most frightening thing I heard. And the smile he had on his face while saying that, that smile was creepy. It led me back to thinking about how stupid it was bringing all these people to their camp. And that whole train of thought drove through my head again. But, there was no time to think about all those things right now. We made it to their camp. And what a camp that was. These guys had actual tents, four of them from what I could see, and they looked like they could hold at least two people in them, they had a minivan, they had boxes with food and supplies, and they had lots of guns. Yeah, lots of guns, made me start thinking about how they got those. The group members started to approach us. There were four of them, including Troy. He pointed at each of them and told us their names. There was a tall guy, his skin was olive and his eyes were green, he had short black hair, he has a goatee, and he's wearing really nice, I guess really expensive clothes. I assumed it was expensive because the guy has a golden watch, and a golden brooch, middle class people don't have stuff like that. Troy said his name is Alessandro, but they call him Sandro, so we should too. Why would we do that, I thought to myself, it's not like we're gonna stay here long enough to befriend them. Then there was this kind of fat old dude, he looked like he was fifty or sixty, I don't know, he's wearing an undershirt and jeans, and he has short, gray hair, his name is Lars. Then there's this normal looking guy called Jacob, he looks really young, he has brown hair and eyes and he's wearing glasses. They all seemed like nice people, except for that Alessandro guy, there's something off about him.

    "Okay, get Eddard inside that tent and I'll see what I can do for him." Troy said

    "Before you go do that, I'd like a word with you Troy." Said Alessandro

    They moved away from us and started to talk. They didn't look like they were fighting, but I'm pretty sure they were. Alessandro didn't seem like someone who'd like new people in his group.

    "Maybe we should go snoop around, see what we can find out, these guys don't seem all that.... normal." Anna whispered in my ear

    "Look, if they wanted to do something to us, they would have done it by now, lets just be nice to them the way Troy was nice to us, maybe they'll let us join their group, they obviously have more food and better shelter than we do." I told her

    "Oh, please don't be saying what I think you're saying, are you suggesting we actually stay with these people, Anna is right, they dont seem all that normal to me either." Said Eddard

    "What do you think John?" I asked him

    "I'll let my stomach speak for me this time and say we should just stay here for the night and see how it works out, and if it's nice, then we stay here for more nights." John agreed with me

    "Whatever, we'll just see how things work out then." Said Eddard sarcastically

    Troy and Alessandro came back to us. They didn't look like they just had a fight, maybe they didn't, how should I know.

    "Apologize me for doing this, I had no intention to prevent Troy from helping your friend, I just wanted to see if it's smart to bring new people to our group, I honestly hope you won't get mad because of that." Alessandro said

    When he said that he sounded so honest and sincere, and his facial expressions were honest and sincere too, but something inside me told me he's not. I gave him that sarcastic look, the one that tells him I think he's bullshiting, just to make sure he knows who he's playing with. He just gave me a smile. I must say he is a nice looking fellow. I'm not gay, but that's just something you can't miss about this guy. I don't think I did the right thing when I looked at him that way, I get the feeling he really was honest. But, I still won't let him know i think that, he seems so... sly. I'm gonna do my best to be careful around this guy, I promised I would trust people more, but he's not the kind of guy that radiates with trust.

    "No, no, we're not mad, questioning things is the smart thing to do, especially when people are involved." I shared my wisdom with him

    "What you said is very wise, you seem like and intelligent person, like me." Alessandro said with a smile

    "Why don't you guys go sit down on those blankets and eat the food while you're waiting for your friend." Jacob said

    "Thank you very much, but I think we'll pass on that, it's very kind of you though." I did my best to sound honest, I didn't want these guys to know we're starving to death, they might take advantage of that, but John and Rose couldn't believe what I just said. I just winked at them, to tell them I know what I'm doing

    "Oh, please, but we insist, you are our guests after all, it would be so very rude not make sure you get something to eat." Alessandro said

    I waited for a few seconds to give him my answer. You can never be to careful with this kind of people. One wrong move, and they will take advantage of it. I definitely didn't want to sound desperate for food, because that would be a fatal mistake.

    "Well, if you do insist, it would be rude of us to refuse your offer." I told him

    The three of us sat down. I was worried about Anna, but I thought she was with Troy and Eddard. They gave each of us a plate and there was cooked beans in it. I put my plate on the ground, mostly because it was hot, but also because I wanted to chat with these guys, we obviously can't fight them, so we might as well befriend them.

    "So, Alessandro, you seem like a wealthy man, what are you doing here in the woods." I asked

    "The same reason you people are here, three days ago I was shocked by the news of corpses walking around, I had to see it to believe it, and well.... I saw it. I lived in a wealthy neighbourhood with a lot of people in it, so needless to say the place got overrun by the walkers, my guards did the best they could to protect me, but they soon got bitten and died, so I was left there alone on the streets, I was running from the walkers when I I saw my friend Lars's car, he picked me up, but we soon ran out of gas and we had no choice but to go into the woods, we never would have made it without Troy over there." He told me their story

    "Oh, man, I thought this mess began just today, you're telling me it's been going on for three days already." I was really shocked

    "Actually, from what my friends at the CDC told me, the first time they spotted the virus causing the transformation was about a month ago on a woman who was just going on an examination because of brain cancer, they spotted anomalies in her nervous system, and they started examining it, but they didn't get anywhere obviously." Jacob said

    "How do you know all this?" I asked him, but everyone was wondering the same

    "Well, my life dream is to make a documentary about a sciency phenomenom, and I have lots of friends who are scientists, so this guy at the CDC called me right away and told me to bring my camera, he snuck me in and showed me some photos of those anomalies, and then he started explaining stuff, I have it all ony my video camera, but it's out of batteries, I've been begging these guys to take me somewhere I can get them." Jacob explained

    "So, they knew what was going on, but they didn't warn anyone, what the hell is that all about?!" I was shocked

    "Well, I wouldn't say they knew what was going on because the guy told me they have no idea what this virus causes or does, and if they did find out I'm pretty sure he would have let me know."

    "So, lets say the virus causes people to turn in the things..."

    "The things?" Alessandro was asking

    "Well, yeah, the monsters, you know, zombies." I said

    "Oh, okay, we just call them walker." He said

    "Okay, so lets say the virus turns people in the walkers, and we know viruses spread really fast, does that mean we're infected too?!" I was freaked out by the fact that I might become one of them

    "We don't really know how the virus spreads, maybe through the blood of the infected, their saliva, or whatever..."

    "You all s-saw how many there were in the first d-days, the only way it could have spr-spread so fast is through the air." Lars said, only then did i notice his stuttering

    "So, you're trying to say that we're all going to turn into one of those.... walkers?!" John was freaking out too

    "Well, we don't know for sure, but Lars did make some good points and we can assume that yes, we are indeed all infected.... man this is an amazing discovery, I wish I had my camera." Jacob was really happy about this

    "What the hell is w-wrong with you, we're all going to turn and you're happy!" Lars got really aggresive

    "Take it easy friends, there's no need for fighting right now, someone will get hurt, and we don't need any more bad news right now, do we Lars?" Alessandro tried to calm him down

    "No, n-no we don't, but this kid is a freaking dumbass!" Lars yelled

    "Oh, dear God, I'm gonna go see how Eddard is doing, you guys stay here and chat." I said

    I got up and I was gonna go to their ten, but I didn't know which one it was.

    "They're in that l-last one." Lars pointed at the tent

    I walked toward it. I can't stop thinking about the fact that we're all gonna turn into a walker when we die, it's just so horrible. I wonder if Eddard is okay, they've been in there for almost an hour, what's taking them so long. I got into the tent. It seemed like they're finished, Eddard was asleep, I guess Troy gave him the painkillers, or what not, and Troy was putting all the meds and bandages in a bag. I saw the arrow he was shot with on the table.

    "He'll be okay, once he wakes up, he'll feel some pain, put it will go away I guess, you guys will have to spend the night here though, he'll be asleep for quite some time." Troy said

    "Thank you so much for fixing him, not many people would to that for a bunch of strangers." I thanked Troy

    "No problem, it was my fault anyway." He smiled at me

    I was so relieved that Eddard is okay... Huh, it's like a giant rock just fell of my heart. It climbed back on it when i realised that Anna isn't in the tent. Where the hell is she?! I panicked

    "You dumbass b-bitch, I'm gonna kill you right now." I heard someone yelling, it must be Lars

    I ran outside the tent and saw Lars holding Annas hair and pointing a gun at her. The guy was really pissed off, I have a feeling he's gonna pull that trigger right now.

    "Don't worry, he won't shoot her, he's a religious man, he would never go against the rules, he just has a short temper." Alessandro said

    Aw, shit, what should I do. I don't know if I can trust Alessandro, but what other option do I have. This is so fucked up!!

    [Listen to Sandro and do nothing] [Try to talk to Lars] [Threaten to kill Sandro if Lars does something]

  • [Try to talk to Lars]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 6] You chose to : Take Eddard to the guys group I can't risk his life just because he thinks those

  • [Try to talk to Lars]

    Whee, Jacob's there. :-)

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 6] You chose to : Take Eddard to the guys group I can't risk his life just because he thinks those

  • Oh potato.

    [Try to talk to Lars]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 6] You chose to : Take Eddard to the guys group I can't risk his life just because he thinks those

  • [Try to talk to Lars]

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 6] You chose to : Take Eddard to the guys group I can't risk his life just because he thinks those

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    Episode 1: Everything we know [part 7]

    You chose to: Try to talk to Lars

    "I can't do nothing, this guy is totally insane, he's gonna pull that trigger any moment now I can't risk my girlfriends life." I told Sandro

    "I'm just trying to be helpful, I know this man for a long, long time, he did things like this before, but he never really ends it, if you know what I mean." Sandro said

    He did things like this before ?! What the hell does that mean? Anyway, I need to come up with the right words to say. It's not really easy, I've never been in a situation like this, but these guys obviously have, maybe I should ask Sandro for advice.

    "What should I say to him, I've never been in this kind of a position, and you obviously have?" I asked him for advice

    "I told you, just let him cool down, he's too much of a coward to shoot, he'll calm down eventually." Sandro said

    "Ah, you're fucking useless man!" I yelled

    "Okay, I'm sorry, if you really want to talk him out of this, just tell him the consequences of murder and stuff, how he will be doomed forever, and that kind of stuff." He said

    "Lars, listen to me, please, you don't want to murder this girl do you? Because if you do, you will be damned forever and lose your humanitiy." I told him

    "Listen, to the man, Lars." Alessandro, smiled, he was really amused by this

    "Fuck that, Sandro, this bitch was digging through our stuff!" Lars yelled

    "Aw, shit, that ain't good." Sandro said

    "Why would it not be good, unless you have something to hide?" Anna said

    "You better shut up you stupid bitch, before I pull this trigger!" Lars continued yelling

    "Okay, okay, we can settle this in a nice fashion, there's no need for someone to get killed or such, let's just all take it easy." Sandro tried to calm things down

    "So, you are hiding something? Is it that bad that none must see it?" Troy was wondering

    "Not such a big deal?! Then why does it smell like those monsters?!" Anna was disgusted

    "Okay, okay, everyone.... calm down! We can explain everything!" Sandro said

    "We weren't really honest about why we came into the woods... you see, that day I had to deal with some problems with a traitor in my business, so my people kind of tortured him and cut him into pieces, but then the cops showed up and we thought if we hid the pieces in a bag, they wouldn't suspect anything. But, they did, so they started shooting and we started running, luckily Lars came on time and we drove to our house, but they were there too, so we had no choice but to get into the woods." Sandro explained

    "So, in that bag, there's a human being?!" Anna almost screamed

    "Well, not entire human being, more like pieces, but pretty much, yeah." Sandro said

    "What the hell, I can't believe I saved you monsters from the walkers, I should have let you to get eaten alive and turn into your own kind!" Troy was really mad

    "You mentioned a business, so, you guys are like mafia or something?" Jacob wondered

    "Well, I kind of am, but Lars isn't, he was more into human trafficking." Sandro was really calm

    "You people are psychopaths, how can you even do those things?!" John was disgusted too

    "Well, time to get to the m-matter at hand, dealing with this b-bitch!" Lars said

    Aw, shit, my knife is useless in this situation, and the only person with a gun is Anna. What do I do now, my girlfriend is about to be executed by the mafia. I felt so scared and I was freaking out. I started to imagine the possible scenarios, and just like the last time I did, we all die, again. I just hope Sandro is right and he won't shoot her. But, what if all of this changes the situation. What if these guys really don't want us to know they're the mob. What if they're ready to kill us for that. Sandro doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would kill someone, but looks can deceive. On the other hand, Lars, at this moment, looks like a total psychopath, ready to murder us all. This situation is hopeless, there's no way any of us can help her. I feel so useless and I feel like such a disappointment.

    And then, like a bolt from the blue, Lars screamed and fell down on the floor, holding his leg. I don't know what the hell just happened, but I just ran toward Anna. I didn't get far, because Sandro pointed a gun at me and said: "Not another step, friend." I stopped right away, didn't even look behind. Lars pointed the gun at Anna again, but someone stabbed him in the arm and took his gun. It was Jacob, oh thank God for this kid. I noticed him shaking like crazy with that gun in his hand, I guess he never really used one.

    "I trusted you jerks, I thought you were nice people, and I thought you were my friends, and then you stabbed me and Troy in the back. Well, now, it's payback time! I don't know how could I be so naive, Troy told me there's something off about you, but I wouldn't listen." Jacob said

    "Kid, step away from that old bastard, or Matt gets it!" Sandro yelled

    "You pull that trigger, you little dick, and I'm gonna torture you ten times longer than your people torture whoever is in there." Troy said, pointing the gun at Sandro

    "Okay, okay, as I said, there's no need for someone to get killed, I'll just lower my gun, okay?" I noticed Sandro was really nervous, like he ceased to function

    Then he lowered his gun and got up. We finally defeated them. Anna took the gun from Jacobs hand, just in case. I noticed an arrow in Lars's leg. I don't remember Jacob having a bow, or a crossbow, only Troy had one and that one is in the.... tent? Oh, shit, it must have been.... My thought were interrupted by a loud scream, just near me. It was Troy, out of nowhere a knife appeared in his arm, and Sandros gun was no longer on the floor. I looked around.... where is that fucker?! I saw him running toward that minivan, Troy aimed and shot, but missed, I guess his not as precise with his left hand. I took my knife and threw it, but I missed too. Sandro got into the minivan, and started the engine. Troy and Anna started shooting, but no bullet broke the glass. Aw, shit, he's gonna hit me! I jumped out of the way, the van was heading toward Anna and Lars. Anna just stood there, she though he would stop because his friend Lars is in front of her, but he wasn't slowing down. She jumped out of the way, and Sandro stopped right in front of Lars. Troy tried to shoot Lars, but he failed, he got in the van. There's a forest trail leading out of the woods, the one we've been following since we got in the forest, they're probably gonna get out of there.

    "Aw, fuck, Troy, are you okay?" I was worried

    "I've been better, but I'll be okay, it's not such a deep wound." He said

    "Is everyone else okay?" I asked

    They all nodded. I guess everything is okay for now. Well, except for one thing, that arrow in Lars's leg. Where did it come from. I went into the tent. Eddard was lying on the floor, but he was awake, he wasn't supposed to get up, he fucked himself even more now.

    "So, did I save anyone?" He asked

    "You old asshole, you shouldn't have done that, but if you hadn't, Anna wouldn't be with us right now." I smiled at him

    "Where's my daughter?" He asked

    "She's here, I looked after her the whole time." John said and smiled

    "Rose, honey, are you okay?" He asked his daughter

    "I'm okay dad, totally unharmed." She smiled

    "Those assholes got away, huh?" Eddard asked

    "Yeah, but Lars is really fucked up now, and Sandro can't do shit on his own, I don't think they'll survive for a long time." Troy said

    "As long as nobody is hurt, well except for Troy, we'll be fine, we got a freaking camp right now, we got real tents, we can go hunting and mushroom picking and stuff, we'll survive here just fine." Eddard seemed happy

    I think everyone agreed with him. We have a big group now, there's seven of us, and there is strength in numbers. We all just need to get along, and everything will be fine, and we're safe here from those walkers, I haven't seen any in the woods.

    "Do you guys hear that?" John said

    "Hear what, I don't hear...." I was stopped by the sound. I heard it, it sounds like...

    "Walkers?! Ah, come on, give me a fucking break!" Troy was frustrated

    "No, no, no, it can't be, NO, how can it be!?" I screamed in terror

    We all went outside. That's when we saw it. There must be a hundred of them, and they're all coming this way. Aw, shit, this can't be, I thought to myself. This fucking world, it's never calm, it's never peaceful, it's never fucking SAFE !


  • Episode 2: The grand change [part 1]

    "What the hell do we do now ?!" John panicked

    "We get the fuck out of here, that's what, we get out of here before more show up." Troy said

    "How, and why did the get here in the first place ?" Jacob wondered

    It must be that they heard the gun shots. the noise probably attracted them. But the noise wasn't that loud to reach to the city. They must have already been in the woods, but why is that, I wondered. What brought them here, there's not a lot of human beings in the forest, unless they...

    "Come on Matt, we gotta run!" Anna grabbed my hand and said

    "Alright, everybody take your weapons out and kill every one of those bastards, and remember, aim for the head!" Eddard advised us

    "Oh, yeah, I forgot about you, can you even walk ?" Troy asked Eddard

    "Don't worry man, I'll be fine !" Eddard said

    "Wait, I'm out of bullets, do you have any ?" Anna asked Troy

    "I'm not so good on them either, just take this knife and have fun!" Troy had to yell so we could hear them from all the sounds walkers made

    He gave Anna his knife. It wasn't as big as mine, but it still did the job when a walker attacked her. We were surrounded by those things, I mean, they were evrywhere. You couldn't see the trees from how many there were, and it was also around midnight or something, so it was almost impossible to see, we just ran like headless chickens. We knew where the walkers were because we could hear them, so it wasn't as hopeless as it seemed. Suddenly, a barricade of walkers appeared in front of us, so we had to go left.

    "There's more of them, they're coming out of nowhere!" Jacob was frightened

    "Just keep moving and don't lose concentration !" Eddard said

    I bumped into one of the walkers. It almost took a bite out of me, but I managed to dodge it. I didn't kill it, figured it would take too much of my precious time and get me in danger again. I was right because more of them started following us. It was like a river of walkers, and it wanted to drown us. Troy was ahead of everyone, he cleared the path by shooting the most threatening walkers. Everyone else took care of themselves and each other. Rose was constantly next to Eddard, he gave her a small knife, it looked just like the one Troy gave Anna. Those nature lovers are all the same. Even though we were running really fast, it's like we got nowhere. Walkers were constantly around us.

    "Is it just me, or are these things all over the woods ?!" John asked

    "Don't worry, we'll get away from them eventually.... eventually" Jacob sounded like he doubted that himself

    "Aaaaaaawwwwww! " I heard someone scream

    That someone was lying on the ground surounded by walkers. It's now or never Matt. I grabbed the hand and helped them get up. I noticed it was Eddard. Ow, shit, first he got shot on that leg and now he fell on it, he won't be able to move !

    "Daddy, what happened ?!" Rose was worried

    "Don't worry honey, I'm fine, stay next to John, I'll catch up with you, just... don't worry." Eddard calmed her down

    "Can you walk by yourself ?" I quickly asked

    "Ah, I don't think I can, you have to help me." Eddard said

    Of course I have to you old asshole. I put his hand over my shoulder and we started moving. The guy was walking almost by himself, I guess I just served as a crutch. I was really impressed by his strength and stamina, I don't think I could walk as easily as he did if I took so much damage. I tried to walk as fast as I can, but Eddard was so enormous it just made things so hard.

    "Go a little faster, would you, we're surrounded by monsters trying to eat us." Eddard said

    "I would if I could, you're a walking pile driver, it's not that easy for me." I said

    "Maybe I should be the one carrying you, nancy." He said smiling at me

    This isn't really the time to be making jokes, I thought to myself. For some reason, walkers were more interested in me and Eddard than the rest of them. Even those that were near the rest of the group started coming toward us. It made me freak out, all those walkers approaching me. Why the hell do they want us so bad? Then I noticed Eddards leg was bleading, they must be attracted by the scent of blood. Luckily, the others noticed that and came to help us. Walkers were falling down, but for each one they killed, two others replaced him. It was too much. For a moment there I thought about leaving Eddard, but I just couldn't. Rosemarie would be heartbroken, and this guy saved our lives in the forest. He really has a great will to live too. I thought people like him, from what I saw in the movies, usually say : "Leave me behind and save yourselves, just take care of my family." But, not this guy, not Eddard. I admire that, even in a situation like this, he still wants to go on. I don't think I can do that, I don't think I'm built like that. I wanted to take my life many times before this whole mess started, I guess I'm just weak. In the meantime, Troy ran out of bullets, so he was helpless too. Things looked really bad for our little group. We're surrounded by walkers, have no firepower, and we have a man with a wounded leg. We still kept going though, each and every one of us fought with everything they had in them, I guess everyone was up for surviving this shit, nobody was giving up. I saw Troy actually kill the walkers with a pocket knife, and that was some killing, they guy was brutal, he just stabbed them in the head over and over again, I almost puked. We killed a lot of walkers, like, a lot of them, and finally, a path opened up. I told the team to just run for it and that they risked too much already. They listened to me and went for it, and suddenly they were out of sight. It was just me and Eddard. The walkers started approaching again, and for a moment there the situation was the same, but then Eddard pulled his hand of my shoulder and walked alone, it was just amazing. We walked fast together, a few times he almost tripped and fell into a walkers lap, but I managed to catch him, and so, we got out of that mess.

    After a short walk, we finally found the rest of the group. Everyone looked alright, but I still had to check.

    "Is everyone okay." They all nodded, but John looked a little weird, he wasn't his old smiling and happy John, he looked really worried, but he didn't say anything

    "Okay, people, we need to get the hell out of this forest as fast as possible, you saw how many walkers there are in it right now, it's no longer safe." Troy said

    "I agree, but for now, let's just rest, none of us slept the entire day, if we start walking now, we won't get far." Eddard said

    We all agreed with him. Everyone was really tired and kind of shocked, none of us saw something like this in our lives. There were just too many for it to be real, and now they're somewhere out there, looking to eat. So, we agreed that someone should stay awake for a while longer to look out for the walkers, and when they're to tired, someone else replaces them. I decided to be the first, then Troy, and then Eddard, I guess because we were the most capable people in the group.

    Everything was finally quiet and peaceful, I didn't see or hear any walkers. Well, even if there were any I wouldn't see them, but I think I'd hear them. I was really sleepy, but I started thinking about things. About what Anna said, how fast this shit is happening, I mean, twelve hours ago, we were in our apartment doing nothing, and now we're trying to survive an apocalypse. Well, I don't really know if this is an apocalypse, if all of this will last forever and the human kind will be exterminated in it, but after all of this, it sure as hell seems like it. I am glad we got to meet these guys, especially Eddard and John, I really like them, probably because I spent more time with them, Troy seems okay too, I hope I'll get to spend more time with him in the future. Thinking of John, I wonder what happened to him, why was he so nervous. Nah, it's probably just these recent events with the walker attack and everything, I mean, there were some dangerous situations previously, but nothing can be compared to this, this was just insane. That must be the reason why he's so scared and nervous, who wouldn't be. Well, I guess Eddard wouldn't, that guy is one tough bastard.

    "Hey, Matt, I need to tell you something." I heard John whisper to me

    "Sure, man, what is it?" I asked

    "I... I... I didn't hear him, Matt." John said in a calm voice

    "Who didn't you hear?" I wondered

    "The walker." John said

    He showed me his bite. He got bit a little above the wrist, not really too high up. You could clearly see the bite on his hand, and it definitely looked like human teeth. I've never seen or dealt with a bite victim before.... what the hell should I do, I thought to myself.

    "Please don't tell anyone else, I trust you and Anna, but those other guys would kill me." John said

    "No, John, I'm sorry, but I have to tell the rest of the group, and if anyone tries to harm you I'll take care of them myself." I assured him, he just nodded

    "Everyone, wake up!" I said loudly, most of them were in deep sleap

    They all woke up and immideatly took their weapons. It was kind of funny how they reacted, they must have thought it's a walker attack.

    "Don't worry, we're not being attacked right now, but we have a really big problem we need to talk about." I said, and everyone looked at me

    "Look, I'm not really sure if being direct is the best thing to do, but the thing is... John got bit." When I said that, everyone got really shocked

    "So, what does that mean, I mean, I know he's bitten, but what will happend to him?" Troy asked

    "It means his blood is infected and he will die and then turn because of the virus." Jacob explained

    "So, does anyone have an idea how to stop him from dying?" I asked

    "Well, because it's a virus, I guess if we just cut it off we can get him out of his system, unless it already spread too much, then there is no help, John, when did you get bitten ?" Jacob asked

    "I don't know, when Matt told us to run one of them just grabbed me and bit me, so, maybe about ten minutes ago." John said

    "So, we cut it of then ?" I asked everyone

    "No, he'll bleed out and die!" Anna said

    "He'll die anyway, we might as well take a shot at it!" Jacob argues

    "John, this is your arm after all, what do you say, should we cut it ?" I asked him

    "I don't know man, this is so fucked up, you do what you think is the right thing to do, whatever you decide, I'm up for it, I believe in your judgement." He said

    Thanks a lot John, you made my life a lot easier by saying that, I thought to myself.

    [Cut off his arm] [Leave the bite]

  • [Cut off his arm]

    it's risky but we have to try.

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    Episode 2: The grand change [part 1] "What the hell do we do now ?!" John panicked "We get the fuck out of here, that's what, we get o

  • Ah deym'!

    [Cut off his arm]

    reedemer posted: »

    Episode 2: The grand change [part 1] "What the hell do we do now ?!" John panicked "We get the fuck out of here, that's what, we get o

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