TWDG Fanfic - Growing Pains

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Title: Growing Pains

Characters: Clementine, Luke

Genres: Friendship/Hurt/Comfort

Rating: Mature

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"I'm sorry..."

[Part 1/3]


She and Luke were all that was left, their every day a struggle to survive and reach a place of safety in the north that was too many miles to count. So often Clementine had seen it happen, death claiming the lives of friends or complete and utter strangers, the lives she failed to save. And now, it was her turn...

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"Come on, you gotta eat something..."

[Part 2/3]


The worst always seemed to have a way of creeping up on them when they least expected it. How often had that happened, getting so close death and escaping by the skin of their teeth? Luck had everything to do with it, yet Clementine never felt lucky about surviving. Because often than not, it was somebody else who got killed instead, and she was the one left behind grieving them...

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"You and me, we're a team now right...?"

[Part 3/3]


All they had was each other, and all they had to rely on was each other. Too many lives were snuffed out, friendships and love buried in the ground, that there was only one thing left important to Clementine in this world, other than just breathing and keeping the memories of everyone else alive. It was to know that when they reached Wellington, there would be a hand at her side to hold, and that whatever was to happen, no matter what, it would never let go...


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    Best fanfic ever written in my opinion a must read 10/10 I strongly recommend everyone reads this it's an absolutely masterpiece :D

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