The Walking Dead: Out For Blood Part 1

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The story of Clementine and Christa's journey begins here:

If you're still anxious for the music I promised awhile back, I'm sorry but I don't think it's gonna happen. I really hate making promises that I can't keep. MAYBE I could occasionally release something but for now, releasing a new piece for every chapter is just too much for me. Again, sorry if you were anticipating it.

But on the bright side, NO MORE MONTHLY WAITS.

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Daylight's burning, the snows falling, and as expected the walkers are moving slower than usual. Some move so slow that they'd eventually tumble and fall trying to move through the snow.

Everyone is in Rachel's room speechless. With Junior nowhere to be seen, Christa is kneeling on the floor with her head down. Clementine walks to her and puts her hand on her shoulder.

  • Christa: (while tearing) Clem, I...I think I'm gonna be sick.
  • Marcus: Rachel, go take her outside and let her get some air.
  • Rachel: Ok, Dad.

Rachel walks up to Christa and gently helps her onto her feet. She walks her out of her room and outside of the cabin. Marcus examines the room while pacing back and forth.

  • Eliza: Poor Junior...
  • Drew: Oh God. This is so fucked. Dad, wh-what d'you think happened to him?
  • Marcus: (rubs his face with both hands while sighing) He'd still be here.
  • Clementine: You don't think he was eaten?
  • Marcus: Worse. I think he was taken.
  • Eliza: Taken?! But who would want to take a baby?
  • Marcus: From the looks of it, whoever took him, killed these lurkers with something sharp.

He kneels down and examines the clean cuts from some of the bodies. He touches the open neck. Then looks at the heads. Some look like they've been stabbed through the sides and some look like they stomped on.

  • Marcus: They're all dead. Drew help me look around and see if we could find something. It could probably help us track down whoever has the baby.
  • Drew: Like what?
  • Marcus: I don't know. Anything out of the ordinary.
  • Drew: Okay.
  • Clementine: Anything I can do?
  • Marcus: We got it. You and Eliza just keep an eye on my daughter and your friend.
  • Eliza: Are you sure?
  • Marcus: Don't worry. We'll let you know if we find anything.

Clementine and Eliza walk out of Rachel's room and down the hallway. They look over to kitchen and see that most of the cupboards have been picked clean. Rice and pasta have been spilled all over the floor.

  • Eliza: ...I'm so hungry.

Clementine puts her hand to her stomach as it starts growling

  • Clementine: Me too.
  • Eliza: The man who took us didn't bother taking any of the food.
  • Clementine: Really? Then I guess this means--
  • Eliza: Wait, what's that?

Clementine looks at the sink and sees some light smoke rising from it. She walks up, looks in and sees a small, used cigar. She picks it up and inspects it. It has a few lit embers at the end and some lipstick at the other. It also his a distinct white stripe design on the band.

  • Clementine: I thought only men used these...
  • Eliza: What is it?
  • Clementine: A...cigar, I think. It smells.

Clementine can hear footsteps approaching. She turns around and sees Drew walking to the kitchen.

  • Drew: (sighs) Nothing. I suppose you two haven't found anything?
  • Clementine: Actually...

Clementine hands the cigar to Drew. He inspects it a bit.

  • Drew: I thought I smelled something weird when we got here.

Marcus walks into the kitchen.

  • Marcus: Whatcha got there?
  • Drew: The girls found this in the sink.

Marcus takes the cigar and inspects it. He turns it around and smells it.

  • Marcus: Hmm. White stripes. Dark leaf. Sweet tobacco. (deep sniff) Vegetable jelly.
  • Drew: Uh...Dad? You okay?
  • Marcus: There's only one person I know who makes his cigars like this. Mel.
  • Clementine: Who's that?
  • Marcus: An old friend. He used to own a cigar shop before everything went to hell. Haven't gotten the chance to see him since.
  • Eliza: How come?
  • Marcus: Well, let's just say our last encounter didn't exactly end...well.
  • Drew: Do you think he's still alive?
  • Marcus: He could be. Won't be surprised if he isn't. Maybe whoever took that baby is living somewhere around there
  • Drew: You mean, all the way down in Oaktown?
  • Marcus: Yeah...Maybe.
  • Clementine: Is it far?
  • Drew: Uh, yeah. About two hours down (gesture behind him) that way.
  • Marcus: I know! I know it seems ridiculous, but it's the only lead we got.
  • Drew: Wait Dad, you didn't forget about Benny did you?

Marcus looks away from Drew and takes a a deep breath.

  • Marcus: Drew, I...I sorry. We've been looking for him for days and--
  • Drew: And what?! Are you actually fucking telling me that you'd rather look for some woman's kid than your own?! My brother? Rachel's brother?!
  • Marcus: I didn't forget about him.
  • Drew: Really?! I figured finding your own son would be your first priority.

Marcus walks up to Drew and puts his hands on his shoulders.

  • Marcus: Drew, I love Benny. No more than I love you or Rachel. You all mean the world to me. And I really, REALLY hope he's okay. But we're put in a situation where have have a lead that can help us track down that baby.
  • Drew: Dad, it's a fucking two hour ride, man. He could still be out there in the woods.
  • Marcus: I think...we just need to except the fact that...we might never find him.

Drew steps back away from Marcus.

  • Drew: (scoffs) Unbelievable. I guess...if that baby's more can go on help the girls find him. I can stay here with Rachel and wait for him to come home.
  • Marcus: Drew, no. Not gonna happen. We stick together.
  • Drew: ...whatever.

Drew walks towards the front door to join Rachel and a still-heartbroken Christa. Clementine walks to Marcus

  • Clementine: I...wouldn't want us to come between you and you son. I can take the cigar and we can go to Oaktown ourselves. You need to find your son.
  • Marcus: Clem--
  • Clementine: No, really. You need to find him.
  • Marcus: I...(sighs) Come on. I need some fresh air.

Clementine and Eliza follow Marcus outside of the cottage. They see Drew standing in front of Rachel and Christa, who are sitting on a bench. Clementine can overhear him telling them what Marcus plans to do.

  • Drew: really Rachel, you need to make a decision: either stay here, and wait for Benny to come home or leave this area and possibly abandon him when he does.
  • Rachel: ...Dad?
  • Marcus: Rachel, I'm sorry to put you all through this, but--
  • Rachel: No, no. I'm going with you.
  • Drew: (walks towards her) What?! Are you insane?! Do any of you fucking care about him as much as I do?!
  • Rachel: DO NOT TOUCH ME!

Drew, shocked by Rachel's outburst, carefully backs away from her.

  • Rachel: Look at this place, Drew! It's been ransacked clean. Our food; gone. Our rooms; covered in walker blood. You won't survive if you wait God-knows-how-long for Benny to come back, IF he even does come back. I'm not neglecting him, I'm being realistic!
  • Drew: My God...even after everything I did to protect you.
  • Rachel: ...I saw the way you were beating on him. You could've just shot him with Dad's gun. But you just kept hitting him, and hitting him, and hitting him until his face was nothing but blood and teeth.
  • Drew: I only did what I thought was necessary!

Marcus steps in.

  • Marcus: The both of you, knock it off!

Rachel's glaring at Drew, while he just looks away from her in shame. Marcus turns his attention to Drew.

  • Marcus: Your sister does have a good point, Drew. You're just gonna starve yourself out without food and a proper shelter. We need you with us. I need you with us. If something happens to me, you need to be the bigger man and protect your sister. Can you do that? Can I count on you to do that for me?

Drew rubs his head in frustration and backs away from the group.

  • Drew: You know what? Fuck this shit. I'm staying. If I'm gonna die, I'll at least die waiting for him. You go on ahead with your suicide mission.

Drew proceeds into the cottage and closes the front door. Clementine sits next Christa - who's staring blankly into the ground - and tries to comfort her.

  • Clementine: Are...are you gonna be--
  • Christa: No, Clementine. I'm won't. Not...not until I get my baby back.
  • Marcus: We will get him back. I assure you. The girls found something that can help lead us to whoever to him. And it just so happens I know who made it.
  • Rachel: Come on, Christa. We need to get going.

Eliza and Rachel help Christa to the truck.

  • Marcus: No. Not that. Rachel, go grab the keys and throw 'em to me. We're takin' the Hummer.
  • Rachel: Oh, okay Dad.

Marcus turns to Clementine and smiles

  • Marcus: Figured we ought to get to Oaktown in something a bit more comfortable, don't you think?
  • Clementine: That'd be great.
  • Marcus: And...I'm leaving the truck...just in case he might change his mind.
  • Clementine: ...I doubt it.
  • Marcus: Hmmph. It's gonna be a long ride. Mind going inside and get the keys?
  • Clementine: (nods) Okay.
  • Rachel: Dad! (tosses keys to Marcus)
  • Marcus: Thank you. (gives keys to Clementine) Leave this on the side table for him while your at it. I gotta go open the garage door.
  • Clementine: You got it.

Clementine proceeds into the house. She walks up to the side table near the front door and exchanges the keys to the truck for the keys to the Hummer. She's about to leave, but stops and looks towards the living room after hearing the sound of a beer bottle opening. It sounds like it's coming from the living room. She goes in and sees Drew downing a bottle while looking at a picture of Benny. A creek from one of her footsteps gets his attention.

  • Drew: Oh...hey.
  • Clementine: ...Hey. Um...your dad left the keys to truck for you. In case you change you mi--
  • Drew: I won't.
  • Clementine: Oh. Ok. I guess I'll see you later. Just...take care of yourself.
  • Drew: ...

Clementine heads for the front door.

  • Drew: Wait.
  • Clementine: (turns around) Yeah?
  • Drew: You're not...scared of me. Are you? I mean, after what I did to Chester...
  • Clementine: I've seen it before. And I know why you did it.
  • Drew: To protect my sister and your friend?

Clementine nods in agreement.

  • Drew: Thank you for understanding. I just...I need to stay here. For Benny. You go ahead and find that poor woman's baby.
  • Clementine: Well...I just hope Benny's gonna be fine.
  • Drew: (chuckles while wiping a tear) Yeah. Me too kiddo.

Drew gets up and walks to Clementine with an unopened beer bottle.

  • Drew: There were only two left. Figured...I don't know...Dad might want the last one. Can you...?
  • Clementine: Yeah.
  • Drew: (smiles) Thanks, kid. And don't you be drinking this. It may be the apocalypse, but don't use that as an excuse to get wasted.

Drew goes to sit back on the couch. Clementine takes a deep breath and heads to the front door, preparing herself for the journey to Oaktown.


The sun's setting and snow covers the ground, but the Hummer's able to drive through it. The trees on both sides of the road are covered in snow and some walkers are slowly moving through the plains.

Inside the Hummer, Marcus is driving, Christa is sitting in the passengers seat, and Eliza is sitting in between Rachel and Clementine. Eliza's sleeping and Clementine's feeling drowsy.

  • Christa: Hey uh, Marcus, Right?
  • Marcus: You got it. What's on your mind?
  • Christa: I just wanted to say...thank you for taking the girls in. We were...caught in a really bad situation. Eliza got shot, those monsters attacked us, and--
  • Marcus: Don't mention it. Wouldn't have it in me to let two little girls and a baby die in cold.
  • Christa: ...
  • Marcus: Um. No, that came out wrong. I--
  • Christa: It's okay. I'm...I'm gonna feel a lot better once he's back in my arms. And when we find the fucker who took him, I'll put a bullet through his brain.
  • Marcus: Well, I won't get in your way when it happens.

Christa remains silent and stares out through the windshield. Clementine can hear Eliza waking up.

  • Eliza: (yawning) Hey. Are we there yet?
  • Clementine: Not yet.
  • Eliza: Hmm. Do we have anything to eat.
  • Rachel: Just chips, cookies, and other junk food.
  • Christa: (to Marcus) Think we should stop and go hunting?
  • Marcus: Sounds like a good idea.

Marcus pulls the car over to the right side.

  • Marcus: Rachel, wanna go with me and look for some found.
  • Rachel: You mean, shooting with guns? I don't know, Dad.
  • Marcus: Rach, you're gonna have to learn some day.
  • Rachel: Dad, just...please?
  • Marcus: (sighs in disappointment) Clem, you mind?
  • Christa: Wait, what about me?
  • Marcus: I need you to stay here and look after Rachel and Eliza.
  • Christa: ...fine.
  • Clementine: It's okay. I can do it.
  • Marcus: Atta girl, Clementine.

The group steps out of the vehicle. Clementine follows Marcus as he goes to the back and takes out his magnum pistol and his hunting rifle.
Clementine takes her gun out of her backpack.

  • Marcus: Ready?
  • Clementine: Ready.
  • Eliza: Can I go with you guys? I can help. I know how to shoot.
  • Marcus: I admire your optimism Eliza, but you're still in no condition to be doing too much physical activity.
  • Rachel: Yeah, just stay here and let me take another look at your stitches. Okay.
  • Eliza: ...I hate not being able to do anything...
  • Marcus: Alright, let's go. If anything happens, all of you get ready to haul ass.
  • Christa: You got it. Be careful out there.

Marcus and Clementine make there way into the cold white forest. With no proper shoes on, Clementine's feet are quickly starting to get could. The two make their way over twigs and logs.

  • Marcus: Can I ask you something?
  • Clementine: ...Sure.
  • Marcus: You carry that gun around with you like you do with your hat. I haven't really seen you use it though. Do you know how to shoot?
  • Clementine: Yeah.
  • Marcus: Your dad taught you?
  • Clementine: ...uh. No. Someone else did.
  • Marcus: Oh yeah? Who?
  • Clementine: ...
  • Marcus: Uh never mind. Not important. You know how to use gun, that's all that matters. How old are you?
  • Clementine: Ten.
  • Marcus: Ten. My daughter is nearly a decade older than you, and you know to use a weedy little pistol. Ain't that something.

Marcus shakes his a bit in frustration. Clementine notices.

  • Clementine: Are you mad at her?
  • Marcus: (sighs) Mad, no. Mildly disappointed though. I just...I need her to be strong. Ever since the outbreak, Drew and I have been doing all the shooting and she's too scared to even look at a gun. I get that she's scared of them, but...I don't know.
  • Clementine: Have you ever tried teaching her?
  • Marcus: Are you kidding? Every time I even bring up the words "time" "learn" and "shoot," she quickly changes the subject. I'm just trying to prepare her for what's out there, you know? Drew can handle himself but...still. Oh, watch you're head.

Clementine and Marcus crouch down and avoid a tree branch.

  • Marcus: Have you...killed before? And I mean a live human being.
  • Clementine: ...
  • Marcus: Okay how about this; when was the last time you had to kill someone?
  • Clementine: Well, this man who was about to kill Christa. I shot the head.
  • Marcus: And how did you feel?
  • Clementine: Not good. But she was about to have her baby at the time, so I didn't really have time to...well, get sick.
  • Marcus: Hmm.

Marcus suddenly stops, making Clementine stops. He kneels down in front of her.

  • Marcus: Mind if I give you some advice?
  • Clementine: Sure.
  • Marcus: This world has been nothing but cruel. It doesn't matter who you were before everything went to shit. It's what you do now that defines who you truly are. Anyone can end up dead. Whether you're a little girl, a grown man, or...or even a baby. If you're weak, you will get taken.

Clementine is shocked yet respectful of Marcus' honesty.

  • Marcus: I look at you, and I don't see a weak, fragile, lost, naive little girl. I see a survivor, and a damned good one at that. I don't who raised you to be so strong, but I just wished that I could've been as strong and wise with my daughter.
  • Clementine: ...What did you want to tell me?
  • Marcus: ...If people treat you like a little girl, you have the choice of whether or not to believe them. Don't let them give you half of their respect just because you're half their size. You're frickin' ten and you can use a loaded gun to kill a man. That kind of courage and independence sticks with you. Never let it go.

Clementine shoots Marcus a smile while he stands back up.

  • Clementine: Thank you.
  • Marcus: (chuckles) Don't mention it.

Suddenly, they hear someone slowly clapping. Marcus turns around and aims his rifle. Clementine looks and sees someone sitting on a large tree branch with her legs crossed next to a large boulder. It looks like a woman aged between 20 and 30 years old. She sports blonde curly hair, a black leather jacket, and blue jeans. She's wearing black boots with a large knife sheathed into the left one. She appears to be smoking something, although she's too far for Clementine to actually distinguish it.

  • Marcus: Who are you?!
  • ???: Relax, old man. Go ahead and put it down. I'm not gonna bite. Wouldn't wanna kill a woman in front of your girl there, would you?
  • Marcus: I'll ask you again. Who are you?
  • ???: Jesus, you're no fun. Scarlett. Happy? I was just chillin' on a tree thinking about 20 ways to kill a man when I saw you two having a little heart to heart. That's sweet. Really.
  • Marcus: Okay, well sorry we...disturbed you. Wait, are you alone?
  • Scarlett: (smirking) Why? You thinking of something...inappropriate? I should tell you, I'm not a very fast runner, but if you are then--
  • Marcus: Just cut the shit and answer my question.
  • Scarlett: (scoffs) Well right now, no. But I am the only girl in my group of like 7 big, strong men. And believe or not, it's not that exciting. Maybe your girl can hang with me and have some quality girl to girl chitter chatter?
  • Clementine: ....Uh. No thank you.
  • Marcus: Damn right, she won't. Crazy bitch.
  • Scarlett: Wow. I'm hurt.

Clementine hears the sound of a walkie-talkie coming from Scarlett's direction.

  • Scarlett: Oh, hang on one second. (to radio) What?
  • Radio: ????????
  • Scarlett: Really? I'll be there.

Scarlett puts her radio back into her jacket.

  • Scarlett: Well, this was fun, but I gotta bounce. Hope you don't get lost. If you do...well, then I guess you're both screwed.

Clementine sees Scarlett dropping something on the ground before she takes off and walks onto the boulder and out of sight.

  • Marcus: God, how obnoxious.

Clementine walks towards the tree.

  • Marcus: What are you doing?
  • Clementine: Just...checking something.

Clementine sees the hole in the snow. She reaches into it and pulls out a small, used cigar. Just like the cigar at the cottage, it has lipstick and a white stripe band design.

  • Clementine: Marcus!
  • Marcus: What is it?
  • Clementine: It's the same!

Marcus runs up to Clementine and takes the cigar. He looks at and turns his back on Clementine.

  • Marcus: Son of a bitch. (to Clementine) I don't think she got far. Let's--

Suddenly, Eliza's scream echos through out the forest.

  • Clementine: Oh no.
  • Marcus: COME ON!

Clementine and Marcus quickly make their way back to the car. They see the group backed up against the side of the car surrounded by a group of men circling around them. Eliza's hiding behind Rachel and Christa's holding out a knife.

  • Marcus: Get away from them!

Marcus loads his rifle but stops cold at the sound of here a gun cocking behind his head.

  • Scarlett: Drop it. Slowly.

Marcus slowly lowers the gun to the ground. Clementine starts doing the same.

  • Scarlett: Not you, small fry.

Clementine stands back up, gun still in hand.

  • Scarlett: Both of you walk towards the car. Do anything stupid, and I'll put one in your shoulder.

Scarlett's gang opens up and and allows Marcus and Clementine to join the rest of the group. Christa holds Clementine close to her.

  • Marcus: Where is--??!!
  • Scarlett: DAH!! Un-uh. Not a word. Not one fucking word. One sound and we will kill all of you. No talking, no moaning, no breathing. Nod if you understand.

Clementine nods as demanded.

  • Scarlett: Now here's what's gonna happen. We won't kill you. At least not today; however, you are all going to get into your van and drive to Oaktown. Tell everyone there what happened. Tell them how she's sorry she can't come to receive her payment, and that she has some errands to run. But she'll be there as soon as possible. Now go.

The group quickly gets into the Hummer and Marcus drives off into the road as quickly as possible. Rachel comforts Eliza.

  • Rachel: It's okay, Eliza. It's okay. We're safe.
  • Eliza: That was so scary...
  • Christa: They just...came out of nowhere. I thought we were finished.
  • Clementine: Christa, you won't believe what we found!
  • Christa: What?

Marcus turns his head to face Clementine and mouths the word "no" to her.

  • Clementine: Um...nothing. Never mind.
  • Christa: What? What happened?
  • Marcus: We just ran into that woman while we were hunting.
  • Christa: ...I have a feeling Oaktown's not gonna look so good.
  • Marcus: Yeah. I just hope Mel's gonna be okay.

Clementine looks out the window. She notices that the snow is quickly turning into a blizzard. The trees are starting to become less visible.

  • Rachel: Hey Dad?
  • Marcus: Yeah, Rach?
  • Rachel: Do you think Drew's doing alright?

Marcus grabs the unopened beer bottle from the cup holder and looks at it. He takes a deep breath.

  • Marcus: I hope so.


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  • Another Masterpiece, your story actually have the feel of Walking dead, cant wait for the next :)

  • I gotta say Scarlett reminds me of Bloody Mary from TWAU

  • edited August 2014

    Inspired by Bloody Mary, yes. But I'm not gonna have her be the exact same character.

    I just figured that The Walking Dead deserved a female antagonist. After playing The Wolf Among Us and Batman: Arkham City and seeing just how scared strong, grown men are of Mary and Harley Quinn, I thought to myself, "A female antagonist would be perfect for this kind of universe."

    USMC1786 posted: »

    I gotta say Scarlett reminds me of Bloody Mary from TWAU

  • Wow great story, magnificent work keep it up :)

  • -Applauds- love them like always.

  • i'm hooked

    cant wait for the next one

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