Favorite quotes of The Wolf Among Us



  • The Kazoo part made me spit my drink everywhere when I first heard it.

    pudding_pie posted: »

    Georgie: 'Oh no! This is a dance club! What the hell am I going to do tonight while the girls are on stage-Harmonica? Kazoo? Whistle a happy tune? Fuckin' unbelievable! Bloody c'mon then!' (?) Gren won't remember this. Haha...classic Gren! XD

  • "[GLASS HIM]", ah, gets me every time. So inspirational.

  • This game has so many fuckin good lines, both in dialogue and in the background.

    Here's a few to get started:
    "Go fuck on up a beanstalk, Jackie boy."

    "What's 207?" "Idk, millimeters maybe?"

    "He's not just a freak--he's a vile freak."

    "Im too out of it to get into it."

    And of course, "I never turn to drink, it seemed to turn to me" ~Benjamin Franklin

  • Here's a few more.

    "Snow, mind if I open her coat “~he says while reaching for it.

    "Go fuck on up a beanstalk, Jackie boy."

    "What's 207?" "Idk, millimeters maybe?"

    "Sub-or-din-ate! I don't give a damn if you know what it means or not.”

    "Are the legs a glamour?" Such a funny line played seriously.

  • Another batch that was already on the backlog.

    Cola –“it'll kill ya” (* takes puff from cigarette*)

    "...Johnsons--I think the last ones are jokes."

    "Who elected her to spend my money?!"

    "Im too out of it to get into it."

    "That makes him some crazy, insecure deviant!"

  • literally anytime someone would say “but ms.white said-“ and bigyby goes “well your dealing with me now..”

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    “HELLO Bigby!” -Dee (Dee’s Interrogation)
    Just the way he said it made him sound drunk. And it just made me laugh so much 🤣

    Also, it’s funny every time Georgie says “FOCK” (fuck)

  • hi i have question if i buy season pass on mobile will i have unlocked every episode cause a lot of people said that they have on 4 last episodes coming soon

    Lahkesis posted: »

    Ah, so many good ones. Off the top of my head, I really love this exchange between Bigby and Grendel in episode 1: "Anyone ever tell you you got a big fuckin' mouth?" "Oh, it gets bigger." Pretty much everything Gren says is gold.

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