I need Thorn

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I have all three Bone cousins and am willing to trade.
Thanks guys!



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    Me too! Me too!
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    Yeah Same here.
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    Wow, whoever got the Thorn cards is gonna be busy. :) If you don't mind, I've got all 3 Bone cousins as well... want to trade?

    psyham [at] ucla [dot] edu

    I suppose the Thorn holders might want to wait until the rest of us have other cards to barter with. We'll see how generous everyone is feeling. ;)
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    It would be nice if someone could send her to me too..... :-/
    jannar85@0rogerfoodbelly.com (remove the zero)
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    Got Thorn, willing to trade.

    SO, I just chuck all your emails in the trading centre, right?

    Here we go!

    Now, give me all your other cards! MWAHAHA! etc., etc.,
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    Yo Tim;

    Did you still need the other 3 cards? Or do you have them all now?
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    Got all four now, but thanks for the offer.
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    If anyone is still passing out Thorn, I need her thrown my way as well.

    Thanks in advance (as most everyone else, I have the other 3).
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    ditto. i got all three cousins, need thorn.

    jan.tore AT netcom DOT no
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    i have thorn but still need smiley bone and fone bone- not really sure how the trading works but let me know if someone wants to
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    Dtt, just go to the sharing page thingie, and send me Thorn, I'll send you the ones you are missing.
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