Amid The Ruins & Baby

Hey pals! I'm a new member and didn't even took the time to introduce
myself, sorry! I've got stuff on my mind right now and I'd like to share
it with you guys before I forget about it.

The fourth episode of TWD S2 is coming soon and while I was looking
at related stuff, I thought about this : The episode's name & Rebecca's
imminent pregnancy.

Assuming you've given the choice of the baby's name, maybe you'd
have to pick a deceased character's name (Exemple : Lee or Carley).
The ''Ruins'' could refer to fallen characters Clementine used to know?

What do you think about this? Do you understand what I mean? Could
the ''Ruins'' be deceased characters? If so, is it one of their names you'll
have to pick if it comes to naming Rebecca's baby?

Share your thoughts :D

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