Fanfiction: The Walking Dead: Unreasonable Silence (please read!)

Hey everyone! I know I'm not the first one to post their fanfiction on the Telltale forums, but I figured I would try to get as much exposure as possible! My fanfiction story is called Unreasonable Silence, a play off of Albert Camus' quote. The story revolves around an OC named Anthony Burns, a workaholic attorney as he comes to take care of Clementine as they embark on a journey that is heavily existential in nature.
Here is the synopsis on Anthony Burns, a workaholic attorney with a lonely past finds himself braving the apocalypse with a special little girl, Clementine, at his side. The two seemingly different people forge in the fire of the apocalypse an unlikely friendship as Anthony takes time to teach Clementine philosophy and help her fight the "absurd," finding a reason to live, rather than simply survive.
It would mean the world if you guys could check it out! Thanks! Here is the link:


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