The Walking Dead: Out For Blood Part 2

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  • Christa: Guys, wake up. We're here.

Feeling the car stop puts Clementine out of her slumber. As she yawns and rubs her eyes, she looks out her window and sees a large border made out of sharpened logs. It's stopped snowing and the sun's nearly out of the blue/pink sky. She hears a voice amplified by a megaphone.

  • Marcus: Alright guys, just do as they say.

Clementine and Eliza slowly get out of the right side of the Hummer with their hands in the air. The flashlights from above the gates shine upon them join them as Marcus, Rachel and Christa move towards the gate.

  • Christa: We're friendly!!
  • Guard: WHY ARE YOU HERE?!
  • Marcus: We came from the Lakeside! I'm a friend of a guy who lived here. The name's--
  • ???: Marcus! Son of a bitch, it is you! All of you hold your fire!!

The guards hold their guns back and turns off the lights.

  • ???: the gates!!

Clementine watches the border open up to reveal a road covered in a thin blanket of snow. On both sides are small, abandoned shops and cafes. Some have windows that have been broken into. A man walks in through the border. He's wearing a red and green plaid jacket, black snow pants, and a black wool hat. He carries large revolver in hand one as he goes to greet the group.

  • Marcus: Mel.

The two share a hug.

  • Mel: You old bastard! How the hell've you been man?

He notices Christa.

  • Mel: This your wife?
  • Marcus: This is...Her name is Christa.
  • Mel: Well, lovely to meet you.
  • Christa: Pleasure's all yours.

Mel notices Rachel.

  • Mel: My God. Rachel? Little Rachel? Jesus, I haven't seen you since you were about (gestures) yea tall. Glad to see you still goin' strong.
  • Rachel: (chuckles) Thanks.
  • Mel: Wait. Where are you boys?
  • Marcus: ...We need to talk.
  • Mel: Yeah yeah! Of course, of course! Just...come on in and we'll get you guys patched up or whatever the fuck you nee--

He notices Clementine and Eliza.

  • Mel: Whoops. Sorry, kiddies. Don't say "fuck."
  • Marcus: Mel, seriously. We need to talk.
  • Mel: Right. Everyone, follow me! Guys, close the gates!

Eliza moves in close to Clementine's proximity as they follow Mel down the road. She looks behind her and sees the gates closing. She turns her head forward and sees some people walking around, and some hammering wood on rooftops. The population of the town seems very small and weak.

  • Eliza: Clem, look over there!

Eliza points at a music store. It has three acoustic guitars in display behind the window.

  • Eliza: My mom used to teach me how to play one of those...before everything was crummy. Never got to even touch one since.
  • Clementine: I met someone who had a guitar.
  • Eliza: Really? What happened to him?
  • Clementine: He...Christa told me he didn't make it.
    Eliza: Oh...was he nice?
    Clementine: ...Kinda.

Clementine looks ahead and sees a large church up ahead. To the left of the church is a large recreational centre.

  • Mel: That up there? Call it our sanctuary. We bring newcomers there to rest up and after they've relaxed, we assign them a special job for them to help contribute to the community. Unfortunately up until now, we haven't had any fresh blood here in about five months. And aside from that...
  • Marcus: Do you think there's a place for Rachel and the kids to stay while we catch up?
  • Mel: Yeah, the church. They can rest up near the altar while we head to my office upstairs. Oh, give me a second.

Mel takes out a walkie-talkie.

  • Mel: I've got five new faces with me. One man, close friend of mine. The rest are women and children. We'll be at the church in 2. In the mean time, get the soup ready. Mel out.
  • Eliza: (gasps) Did he just say "soup?"
  • Rachel: (smiles to Eliza) That's what I heard.
  • Mel: Yep, canned chicken noodle soup.

Just the thought of having a hot bowl chicken noodle soup is making Clementine stomach rumble.

  • Rachel: Just curious, but why wouldn't you use the rec centre instead? It's gotta have a gym, big enough for new people
  • Mel: Well, the whole vibe the church gives off just makes people feel safe. Having Jesus looking down on you, I guess.

The group makes it into the church. Most of the benches have been removed to make room for the newcomers while the rest are used for beds. Mel leads them to the altar.

  • Mel: Alright, Marcus. You and Christa follow me. The rest of you, gone on and rest up. Hope you’re hungry. The soup should be ready real soon.
  • Christa: I want Clementine to come with me.
  • Mel: Oh. Well, okay then. Rachel. And...uh.
  • Eliza: Eliza.
  • Mel: Eliza. You two ease up now. We'll be back shortly.

Eliza waves Clementine good-bye before she gets out of sight. Clementine follows the adults upstairs and into a small office. She sits on a chair next to Christa while Marcus leans on a bookshelf. Mel closes the door behind them. He walks up to his desk and sits down.

  • Mel: Sorry we don't have proper heating. This place would be perfect if we had electricity.
  • Christa: Don't worry about it. This is a...nice setup.
  • Mel: Thanks. So, Marcus tell me again, where’re your boys?
  • Marcus: ...Drew and I had a disagreement. He’s still back at the cottage.
  • Mel: And you just left him? What, you’d actually just leave your kid alone? All by himself? And what your little one? Benny? Or did you just leave him?
  • Marcus: ...Benny's missing. Drew stayed behind to go out and look for him while we drove here.
  • Mel: (shocked) Oh. Shit, man. I...I’m sorry to here that. Well, I just hope they’re okay.
  • Marcus: (sighs) Drew I’m not worried about. He can take of himself. That’s why I'm hoping he finds Benny...or Benny found him.
  • Mel (puts his hand to his chest) Hope to Christ. But, here’s the million-dollar question: What could possibly be more important than finding your boy, that you felt the need to come the way over here?

Marcus walks up to Mel's desk and places Scarlett's used cigar in front of him. He backs away and leans back on the bookshelf. Mel's smile slowly fades into a frown as he picks it up and inspects it.

  • Marcus: That's yours, isn't it?
  • Mel: ...Where did you find this?
  • Marcus: Clementine actually found it. At my cottage. When it got robbed...and this poor woman's baby was taken.
  • Mel: What?
  • Christa: Is he with you?!
  • Mel: With me, no. But...this lipstick. can't be.
  • Marcus: Scarlett. Right?

Mel looks up at Marcus in shock.

  • Mel: You know her?
  • Marcus: Her and her group ambushed us. She specifically told us to tell you that she's coming to "get what she's owed."

Christa turns around to face Marcus.

  • Christa: Wait, how do you know her name? She never mentioned it when she was threatening us.
  • Marcus: Clementine and I had a bit of a chat with her in the woods. She was smoking the same cigar that I found at the cottage.
  • Christa: What?! So does that mean she has my baby?! (to Clementine) Clementine, why the HELL didn't you tell me?!
  • Clementine: (frightened)...I...I...because--
  • Marcus: Because I didn't want her to. If you knew, you would've done whatever it took to turn the car around and get all of us killed.
  • Christa: And she told you she's coming to raid this place?!
  • Marcus: Mel, do you have...history with her and her gang?

Mel slowly stands up from his seat, turns his back and the group and walks towards the window and looks outside. He takes a deep breath. He turns back around.

  • Mel: I wouldn't exactly call it history. One night, about a week ago, I’m supervising the gate and the guards tell me there’s this broad who looked like she had an injured arm. She starts screaming for help, yelling to let her in. So I open the gate, and she walks in... When I finally got a closer look at her arm, it seemed a The blood and bits of flesh were there but there was no open wound. She put up quite an act. Unfortunately, by the time I realized it was all bullshit, it was too late.

Marcus stands up straight listening to Mel’s story.

  • Marcus: What happened?
  • Mel: She was just a Goddamned distraction. Her gang attacked the town from behind. I looked back and watched as they slaughtered some of our people. I hear gunshots behind me and see two more goons that shot down the guards. She held me at gun point and told her gang to raid the whole town. They raided my fuckin' cigar shop as well. For some reason, they didn't take all of our resources. We still have some food left, we have like (exaggerated) 5 rifles, and our only source of water is the river half a mile from here. Haven't seen 'em since.

Christa gets up from her chair, walks towards the door, crosses her arms, and just stays still.

  • Clementine: ...Christa?
  • Christa: ...I'm sorry...I...I need (sighs) I'm so stupid.
  • Marcus: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You know damn well this isn't your fault.
  • Christa: What the fuck were we thinking? Raising a baby in a world like this...Everywhere we go...there's never a safe place for him.
  • Mel: (sighs) I' sorry. About this.
  • Marcus: Look Mel, if that Scarlett bitch's coming back you need to get the town ready. Get the guns ready.
  • Mel: Did you not listen to me? 5 rifles, Marc. 5 fucking rifles against what could possibly be a whole army. Not to mention only a handful of people know how to shoot.
  • Marcus: Well teach them!
  • Mel: We have no time for that now!
  • Marcus: You had one week to do something about it, and take no advantage of that?! After they raided your town and killed people?!

Clementine backs away and stands next to Christa as Mel gets up to get face to face with Marcus.

  • Mel: You wanna go and teach a whole town full of pessimists how to shoot in one night, you be my guest.
  • Marcus: (scoffs) Geez, you haven't. (To clementine and Christa) Guys, can you step out for a second?
  • Clementine: ...Sssure.

Clementine and Christa step out of the office while Marcus closes the door. Clementine looks up at Christa.

  • Clementine: ...Christa?
  • Christa: Just...go find Eliza and get something to eat...I need to be alone...for a moment.

Clementine holds her arm as she watches Christa walk along the hallway and into a room. She turns around and proceeds downstairs to join Eliza and Rachel.


  • Eliza: Come on! Let's go!
  • Clementine: I'm coming!

Clementine follows Eliza to go and check out the music store. Outside, the humidity is starting to kick in. They look in through the window. Just as they thought, completely dark and empty, but filled with musical instruments and books. They walk in and take a look around the guitar section. They see some large acoustics with natural colours, black, dark blue, and red sunburst.

  • Eliza: (smiles) This is so wicked!
  • Clementine: Do you still know how to play?
  • Eliza: Of course. Hmm....let's see....Ooh I like this!

Eliza pick out the red sunburst. Her and Clementine each sit on a stool.

  • Eliza: ...It's a lot bigger than I thought. Okay. To play an A Chord, you do...

She strums the guitar but it seems to sound a bit off.

  • Clementine: That...didn't sound right.
  • Eliza: I can do it! It's just I don't understand! I pressing the right strings. It should---(GASP)

Clementine looks behind her. She sees an elderly man of African-American descent. He seems a bit overweight. He wears a blue sweater and a black fedora. He seems to be the store owner and he doesn't look too happy.

  • Clementine: Uh...hi. Sorry for...coming in without asking.
  • Eliza: I'll just...put this back.

Eliza starts to get off of the stool but stops when the store owner walks out from behind the counter and towards them. They start to get nervous. Once he's in front of them, he gestures to Eliza and hand over the guitar.

  • Eliza: (while handing it over) S-sorry...

The owner holds the guitar and starts adjusting the tuning knobs while plucking the strings.

  • Owner: Give it a go.

Eliza takes the guitar back and plays her A Chord. This time, it sounds much brighter and cleaner.

  • Eliza: I got it!
  • Clementine: Nice!
  • Owner: Hmmph. You got some groove there, lil' girl. Go on and keep it.
  • Eliza: Wow, thank you, mister!
  • Owner: No worries. Just refer to me as Steven. You can go on and stay here as long as you want. I guess...My dried up ol' store could use some friendly faces anyways. Been a loooong time, that's fer sure.

Steven goes back to the counter and sits down. Eliza continues playing her guitar by trying out different chords. Clementine looks back at Steven and walks towards him. He seems to be reading a book. He notices her.

  • Steven: Somethin' wrong?
  • Clementine: No. Just a...This is a nice store.
  • Steven: (chuckles) Yeah well, my woman and I both ran this place together.
  • Clementine: Oh. Where is she?
  • Steven: She...My darlin' Suzy'd be restin' up in the clouds with God.
  • Clementine: ...I'm sorry.
  • Steven: Don't be. Poor girl's been getting too old anyways...Before them monsters came.

Steven looks at Clementine and laughs.

  • Steven: We was about your height when I first laid eyes on her. My God, you like just how she did.
  • Clementine: (blushing) Thank you.
  • Steven: (looks to Eliza) That your friend there?
  • Clementine: Yep.
  • Steven: You two keep watch each others backs, you hear? You're both way too young to die now. Me? (chuckles) If Death's gon' come for me, it'll be in here.
  • Clementine: ...Has anyone else ever come here?
  • Steven: Naw, man. No one in this damn place likes music no more. 'Sides, I like my privacy.
  • Clementine: Don't you get lonely?

Steven shows a framed picture of his wife off the counter and shows it to Clementine.

  • Steven: As long as I can see her pretty smile whenever I wake up, life ain't so bad. That, and if it means I won't have to put up with Mel anytime soon, then it's all good.
  • Clementine: You don't like him?
  • Steven: Hell no. He acts like he ain't got any idea what the fuck he's doin'. After our last attack I expected things to change. But no...nothin'.

Eliza joins the two at the counter.

  • Eliza: Um, can I comeback for the guitar later? We need to go and check something real quick.
  • Clementine: (to Eliza) Huh?
  • Steven: No worries. You two take it easy now.
  • Eliza: We will. Thank you!

Eliza grabs Clementine's had and heads out the door and onto the road.

  • Clementine: Wait, where are we going?

They stop in front of the store.

  • Eliza: It's just...Can you believe this place? The food, the stores? It's like...a place where we can stay for good.
  • Clementine: ...I don't know.
  • Eliza: What? You still want to get to Wellington? You don't even know if it's anything like this.
  • Clementine: This place just doesn't feel safe.
  • Eliza: Just because of what that man told you? They can learn from their mistakes. If we can shoot guns, then so can everyone else.
  • Clementine: (shakes head in disagreement) I can't...

Eliza face shows some frustration with Clementine.

  • Eliza: ...Fine. I guess...after we find Christa's baby, you can go with them to Wellington. I'm tired, okay? I'm tired of constantly travelling to some far away place that might not even by safe at all. I'm sick of getting hurt by so many horrible people. I'M SICK OF HEARING HOW WE HAVE TO GET WELLINGTON!

Eliza runs away and heads into the church. Clementine sighs to herslef in disappointment. Steven walks out of the store.

  • Steven: What was with the yellin'?
  • Clementine: Oh uh...nothing.
  • Steven: Hmm. You ought'a go and get and some sleep now. Suns going down.

Clementine heads back to the church. She sees Eliza and Rachel sleeping at the altar. She walks to them, lies down, closes her eyes and starts thinking. As safe as Oaktown appears, the biggest disadvantage is its lack of defenses and safety priority. Does Eliza really want to stay or can Clementine convince her to keep going on with her and Christa to Wellington?


Nah, not by a fucking longshot.


Clementine wakes up from a bad dream. She looks to where Rachel and Eliza were sleeping, but only sees Rachel (as well as Marcus and Christa). She looks at the front door and sees it has been opened.

  • Clementine: Oh no.

She quickly gets up and goes to her backpack to get her gun, but it's missing. She assumes Eliza must have taken it. She looks around the altar for some kind of weapon. She looks under the grand piano and finds a rusted but sturdy hammer. She grabs it and heads to the front door.

Outside, it's dark and raining with a bit of thunder. Some of the snow, while wet, is still there. Clementine slowly close the front door and looks around for any particular clues as to where Eliza went. Luckily, she sees footprints in the wet snow that lead to the left. She follows the prints and sees that they lead to a hole at the bottom of the fence.

*Clementine: (sighs) Why are you doing this?

She crawls into the hole underneath the fence. In front of her is a dark forest. With out a flashlight and the bright moonlight to guide her, it will be a difficult walk. Hearing the sound of the river mentioned by Mel, she follows it. She holds up her hammer ready to fend off any possible oncoming threat.

Down the path are several puddles and tree roots, but she manages to walk past or over them with ease. She finally manages to get out of the forest and onto a large white, wet plain. On the other side is the aforementioned river. Clementine looks around and sees a figure far away to her right. She walks towards. Getting closer and closer, she distinguishes the figure to be Eliza aiming a gun at something. Just as she's about to confront Eliza for taking off, Clementine's startled by a man's voice coming from afar. She crouches down to try to stay out of sight, but she can still hear them.

  • Thug: Take it easy, kid. Ain't gonna hurt ya. I just want your gun. So do us both a solid, and give it to me like a good little girl, okay?
  • Eliza: (shaking head) N-no. Just...j-just get away from me!
  • Thug: Hahaha...I don't know why you're out here on your own in the first place, but come on. You seem smart. You should know by now that you shouldn't be by yourself. You need protection from me. I'm not a nice person. And once I get that piece out of your scrawny little hands, (chuckles) I'll put one through your stupid little skull.

The thug proceeds to move closer to Eliza while she responds by quickly stepping back.

  • Eliza: (screaming) GET AWAY FROM ME!!

Clementine gets up and charges in to protect Eliza, but is suddenly grabbed at the last minute by an unknown thug. He pins her down to the ground and covers her mouth to muffle her screaming.

  • Thug 2: Don't you even fucking think about it.
  • Eliza: NO!!


Eliza fires the gun. The thug pinning down Clementine looks up.

  • Thug 2: (gasps) Josh?!

Clementine takes this opportunity to viciously bite the thugs hand and frees herself from his grasp.


With the thug incapacitated and blood covering her mouth, Clementine hurries towards Eliza. Her attacker, Josh, is in pain suffering from a gunshot to the stomach.

  • Eliza: ...Clem?! Oh man I...I just...!
  • Clementine: (panting) We...we have to get back...

Eliza looks at Josh holding his stomach in pain. She looks back at Clementine's gun and quickly drops it.

  • Josh: (shouting) HELP!! SOMEONE!! I'VE BEEN SHOT!!!
  • Clementine: Let's go!!

Clementine grabs Eliza's hand and head back towards Oaktown, but are stopped by Scarlett aiming a gun at them.

  • Scarlett: (smirking) Hey, girls.

Clementine looks at Eliza disappointed, even angry with her. Seeing the second thug crying and holding his hand, Scarlett walks up to him.

  • Scarlett: Get up, Tre.
  • Tre: Agh!! That stupid little bitch!! Where is she?!
  • Scarlett: Her and her friend are with me.

Tre gets up. He glare fiercely at Clementine.

  • Scarlett: Don't touch them.
  • Tre: What?! But she--
  • Scarlett: DO NOT...TOUCH...THEM.
  • Josh: TRE!! GO GET HELP!!

Scarlett and Tre walk up to Josh. He's hands and shirt are caked in blood.

  • Josh: Thank God!! Scarlett, I'm fuckin' dying, man!! Go get he--


Scarlett shoots Josh point blank in the head. Tre looks at her in confusion.

  • Scarlett: He was dead anyways...
  • Tre: ...Right...of course...

Scarlett turns around to the girls.

  • Scarlett: If you wanna walk unscathed, you follow us. (points down the river) That way. Move it.

The girls follow Scarlett and Tre down the riverside, terrified of what's to come. Eliza can tell that Clementine's upset with her.


They make it to a camp with no tents filled with about 10-15 other people. They've planted lamps around the area to help illuminate the area.

Scarlett and Tre walk up to a man wearing a black hood with their back turned on them sitting on a log. Tre walks up to him first. Clementine can hear him talking to himself. He sounds like he has a very harsh and raspy voice.

  • ???: Psalm 37, 7; Be still...before the Lord (coughs) shit...and wait for him patiently. Do not fret...when people succeed in their paths--
  • Tre: Look at this shit! Look at my fuckin' hand man!
  • ???: (coughs) So what? You want a band-aid and have Scar kiss it better or are you gonna grow up and stop being such spineless pussy?
  • Scarlett: How're you feeling?
  • ???: Ugh...As good as you can expect. (coughs) What happened? I heard some shooting going on.
  • Scarlett: About that...turn around. We got company. These two are from that group of people I told you about. The one's we scared into going to Oaktown?

The hooded man stands up and turns around to face the girls. His face is dirty and he has some burn scars around his mouth and down to his neck. He looks at Clementine questionably. After a couple of seconds, he widens his eyes looking surprised.

  • ???: fucking way...HAHAHA (laughing quickly changes to coughing). I don't believe it.

Clementine is both terrified and confused as to why the man is looking at her like this.

  • ???: Don't tell me you don't remember. It's only been a couple months now.
  • Eliza: Clem...? What's he talking about...?
  • ???: Well, maybe this (reaches behind him) will jog your memory.

The man pulls out a large sickle from behind. To Clementine's horror, she finally recognizes who he really is. Damien.

  • Clementine: No...
  • Damien: Aw come on. You gotta be at least a little bit excited.
  • Tre: Wait, you know her?

Damien looks at Tre's still bleeding hand and looks back at Clementine's bloodied mouth.

  • Damien: Don't tell me she did that to you...
  • Tre: Fuckin' hell yeah she did, man.
  • Damien: (to Scarlett) Go find some some disinfectant for him. And maybe give him back his testicles too while your at it.
  • Scarlett: (to Tre) Come on.

Scarlett and Tre walk away. Damien just stares Clementine down.

  • Eliza: (to Clementine) he the one...? Who--
  • Damien: Killed your friend? The old man?
  • Eliza: (gasps)
  • Damien: Yeah. (coughs) He put up one hell of fight for an old guy. My God. Love the new clothes on you, Clem. (chuckles) If only your friend can see you now.

Damien looks down and crosses his arms.

  • Damien: Oh wait! (laughs) Actually, he can...

Damien walks to behind the log and picks up a bloodied pillow case. He walks up to Clementine and Eliza while putting his hand into it.

  • Damien: You know...before (gestures to his neck) this happened, I had known that the bite from the walkers can kill you within hours or even minutes. What I didn't know, was that the bite isn't what turns you. See, after I (clears throat) cut off his head, I went after you and Francis, got away. So I go back inside and...(laughs) well...wanna say hi?

Damien takes out a rotted head out of the pillowcase. Eliza is terrified to look at it. Clementine looks at the head and, despite the decompositon, she can recognize that it is Donald's reanimated, yellow head. The lower jaw has been removed and the upper teeth have been filed to look sharp. There's a little bit of neck left for the head to croak. Donald looks at Clementine and starts groaning.

  • Damien: Huh. Looks like he recognizes you.
  • Eliza: PLEASE STOP!!
  • Clementine: What...what do you want...From us.
  • Damien: In time you'll see. Right now, with you two here, it's time for an even bigger prize.

Damien walks past the girls and calls out to his men.

  • Damien: Fellas?! Tonight's the night! Get yourselves ready for a new home!

The men start cheering and head to their tents to pack up. Scarlett walks up to Damien and gives him his mask.

  • Scarlett: You're good to go? Your neck...
  • Damien: It's now (puts on mask) or NEVER. This time, we attack from behind and take over the church.
  • Scarlett: (looks at the girls) What about them?
  • Damien: They can be of use to us. Until then, NO ONE...touches them. Understood?
  • Scarlett: Understood.
  • Damien: (coughs) Good. And you're SURE the guards at the front are holding the only weapons they have?
  • Scarlett: Positive.
  • Damien: Then you know what to do.

Scarlett nods and goes to lead the group. The majority of them are holding pistols and rifles. Damien walks up to the girls and blindfolds both of them.

  • Damien: Move it.

Unable to see, Clementine and Eliza stumble along the path Damien is forcing them to go. After a good couple of minutes of walking, they finally hear the familiar footsteps of solid concrete. They've made it back to Oaktown.

  • Damien: (to his men) Wait for it...

Suddenly, far out gunshots are heard followed by the sounds of people panicking in fear. Clementine can hear people running around in the church.

  • Damien: GO NOW!!

The men run into the backdoor of the church and start shooting and forcing the people inside to step outside. Damien orders one of his men guide the girls through the church.

  • Rachel: What the hell?!
  • Christa: Oh God!! Clementine!!

Unable to see them, Clementine panics.

  • Clementine: Christa, where are you?!
  • Damien: (to thug) Get those two outside. (to Clementine) You keep moving.

Clementine keeps on moving until she feels a cool breeze upon her face, thinking she's outside in front of the church. She can here the distraught screams of the civilians panicking and she can gunshots firing as well. It sounds like absolute chaos.

Damien pushes both her and Eliza on their knees and removes their blindfolds. It's still raining and Clementine is blinded by spotlights on top of trucks and fires burning up some of the stores. She looks down the street and sees some of Damien's thugs raiding Steven's music store. Her, Eliza and Damien are on the top of the stairs that lead to the church. From the looks of it she's standing in the centre. Down at the bottom of the stairs are the civilians.

She looks to her left and sees Christa and Rachel in with the crowd being held at gunpoint, but she can't seem to find Marcus or Mel as well. She notices Scarlett walking towards Damien with a megaphone.

  • Damien: Thank you. (turns on megaphone) HOLD YOUR FIRE!!

Damien's men stop shooting up the town and everything is followed by dead silence. Everyone is just looking up at Damien terrified of what's going to happen. Clementine and Eliza remain focusing their attention to the crowd.

  • Damien: (clears throat) Ahem, now then. As most of you know, about a week ago I ordered my men to attack you town. They didn't take too much. Only what they thought was necessary. I'm sure (coughs) I'm sure a lot of you were wondering just why...why the fuck would people like...well like (gestures to himself) us...only take some and not all? Well, THIS is why. Everything in this godforsaken excuse for a town belong to me. Your food? Mine. Your weapons? Mine.

Damien starts pacing.

  • Damien: However, I can assure you that even though we do seem to come off as a bit...(clears throat) aggressive, we can be fair. We can give people a new chance to start fresh and new, but only under a new leadership. My men told me you barely even had enough fire power to defend us off, and that many of you didn't even know how to use guns at all. a sign...of poor, POOR leadership. I will see to it that this will not go unpunished. Now then...where is your leader?

Clementine looks to right and sees Mel and Marcus standing up but held at gunpoint.

  • Mel: (gestures head to Marcus) Him!! It's him!! He's the one you want!!
  • Marcus: (to Mel) You asshole!
  • Rachel: NO!! YOU LIAR!!
  • Thug: (to Rachel) You shut up.

Damien sighs and rubs the back of his head. He looks at Scarlett.

  • Damien: Which one of 'em's the leader?

Scarlett walks up to the the two men.

  • Scarlett: Today's just not your lucky day.

Scarlett grabs Mel by the arm and throws him to Damien's direction. He holds his hands up in the air.

  • Mel: I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry, okay?! Just please don't kill me!!
  • Damien: (to the girls) You two turn around and watch.

Damien takes out the pillowcase. He reaches in and pulls out Donald's head. The people are scared and disgusted.

  • Mel: ...You sick fuck...!

Damien slams the head across Mel's face. Clementine looks and sees a wound on his cheek in the shape of an arc. Suddenly, Damien hits him again, making Mel fell on the floor. Damien grabs Mel's shirt and proceeds to continuously hit him. Each hit leaves a bloody impact on Mel's face.

  • Eliza: Oh God...
  • Civillian: NO!! STOP!!
  • Civillian 2: THAT'S ENOUGH!!
  • Christa: Rachel, don't look!!

After one final hit, Mel's on the ground, face covered in blood and cuts. He's still conscious, gasping for air.


Damien men proceed to force the town to move towards the rec centre. Christa shouts out to Scarlett.


Scarlett picks up the megaphone and speaks into it.

  • Scarlett: ...You will never see him again.
  • Christa: (shocked) NO!! YOU GIVE HIM BACK TO ME RIGHT NOW!!
  • Thug: Fucking move it lady!!
  • Christa: I'LL KILL YOU FOR THIS!!

Clementine helplessly watches as Christa, Rachel and Marcus are moved to the rec centre. Damien picks up a pistol and hits Eliza in the head with it, knocking her out.

  • Clementine: NO!!
  • Damien: Oh don't worry. I didn't forget you, too.

Damien hits Clementine in the head, knocking her out too.


The story continues in After The Rain.


  • Damn, great writing, And can't wait to see what happens next... :)

  • NOOOO Stupid Damien! I knew he was gonna come back at some point.

    Awesome as always, Tyler. I don't know how you do it but it just keeps getting better.

  • Ohhh things hit the fan...anyways nice story :p
  • This was was absolutely amazing writing. I was on the edge of my seat, anticipating what was going to happen next. Probably my favourite piece of writing you've created.
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