Interative FanFic: Loyalty tested...Charrie submitions acceptable!


Jade Emberly, and girl with long, midnight black hair and piercing green eyes, was at lunch with her two best friends, A very short blonde named Lucy, with soft brown eyes and freckles, and a tall, black haired boy named Ash, with icy blue eyes. They weren't suspecting anything. "Guys, look, this is a total wacko!" Giggled Lucy, showing Ash and I her cell phone. On it was a video of a girl running from a guy who probably hadn't taken a bath in a few weeks, and she kept screaming and trying to film him while running. "God, that's horrible, Lucy." Ash muttered. An uneasy feeling crept over Jade, so she hugged her backpack to her, picking at her food.
Suddenly, a teacher burst through the cafeteria, closing the doors behind her, clutching her shoulder. Ash stood up, racing to the teacher, Mrs.Waters. "God, what happened to you?" Blood smeared her hands, and all that came out was a choked, "B-bit me."
Lucy shrieked, and the whole lunch room muttered in fright. Jade put her arm around Lucy. "Ash, what the fuck?" Jade shouted, and then thats the walkers poured into the lunch room, followed by rapid gunfire, coming from somewhere but seemingly everywhere.
Lucy screamed, and Ash ran towards Jade. "We have to get somewhere safe!" "No! Let's hide in a classroom, it'll be safer!" Lucy shouted, tears rolling down her face as she tugged away from Jade. "I'm sorry, Jade, you have to come with me, but we can't be in the school!" Ash shouted.

Who should Jade go with? [Get out of the school with Ash] or [Hide in the school with Lucy]


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  • (Get out of the school with ash)

  • The mass of walkers broke completely through the door. Jade shook her head before running towards Ash. Lucy whimpered, but it was too late. One caught at her shoulder, and tore at her neck. Jade screamed, but continued to run. As she and Ash ran and ran, tears streamed down her face until she was blinded by them, and she tripped and fell, into the mud. Ash put his had on Jade's shoulder. " I... know that was traumatic, but-" "But look at those things. We have to keep going. Blah, blah, blah! Tomorrow was Lucy's 17th birthday! And now, now she's dead." Jade stood up, shrugging away Ash. "You survivalist ass," She muttered, and an uninvited giggle escaped her lips. Ash started jogging forward. Jade pointed and whispered," Wait! One of them... is following us?" Indeed, many yards back, one of the rotten corpses was stumbling towards the teenagers. "We've gotta move on, Jay," Ash murmured. Jade nodded and followed him, but still had to whisper,"Ass," to him. Jade couldn't believe that this year she wouldn't be graduating from school, or going off to college. In fact, she was probably going to die.
    The path split in two. The left side was lush, green and muddy. The right side had bike tracks and was dry and dead.
    Jade looked at Ash, who shrugged.
    [go left!] [go right!]

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