TWDG fan fiction The Savior

Btw this is the first time I've posted any of my fan fiction so I'm little nervous

Clem is walking through the snowy forest after getting separated from the group when suddenly an arrow hits her in the abdomen. She falls to the ground in pain when a man appears with a crossbow walking toward her. He pulls out a knife and is about to stab her when a man comes out of nowhere tackling the bandit to the ground.The stranger begins fighting the bandit as Clem notices the bandits knife on the ground and begins crawling toward it. The stranger seems more skilled in fighting but the bandit won't give up. So Clem grabs the knife and slides the knife towards the stranger who uses it to slit the bandits throat. He walks over to Clem who now notices that he is wearing a ski mask with a skull painted on it. He picks Clem up from the snow saying "I got you kid, your in good hands now" as she passes out.
Clem wakes up in a tent and notices she has bandages where the arrow was at before. She sees her purple shirt and rainbow jacket next her and puts them on and walks out of the tent. She notices the masked stranger cooking some meat over a fire when he notices her "Good, your awake" he says "I removed the arrow after I carried you back here and it was surprisingly easy since it only went through flesh thank God" there's a long silence before the stranger says "names William but you can call me Will, how bout you" Clem responds "I'm....I'm Clementine" "Nice to meet you Clementine, mind if I call you Clem?" Will responds "No I don't mind" Clem said "Why did you save me from that bandit?"asked Clem. Will respond "I saw you walking by yourself when that bandit attacked and that was when my protective instincts kicked in and you saw the results". "Thanks for your help" Clem said. "Don't mention it" Will said "you know you remind me of my little sister back in Texas. She was so independent like you..... I wish I knew where she was" "Haven't seen my family since all this began" there a moment of silence before Will says "want some deer meat?" "Sure" Clem responded
"Why do you wear that mask" Clem asked. "I wore it when I was in the marines to scare enemies and it still works now" Will responded "Do you want me to take it off?" "Yes please" Clem responded smiling."Ok then" Will takes off his mask revealing a Caucasian man with blue eyes and brown hair. "You look nice" Clem said. "Well thank you Clem, that's the nicest thing any girl has ever said to me." Will responded. Clem blushes
After sleeping for the night Clem and Will are awoken in the early mourning by what sounds like a group of people."Stay here, I'll go deal with it" Will says. "Ok" a Clem responds. Will grabs his rifle and leaves the tent while Clem stays and listens."What are you doing here?" Will demands "We're just lookin for a little girl who got separated from our group." replies Luke. Clem immidiatly recognizing Luke's voice runs out of the tent "LUKE!" Clem yells as she hugs him."Why the fuck is Clementine with you" Kenny demands "whoever the fuck you are""Kenny calm down" Clem intervenes "his names Will and he saved me from a bandit who attacked me"." You'll have excuse Kenny, he has a hard time trusting people" Luke says. "For good reason" Kenny replies. "Maybe I could join you guys" Will suggest "I've got plenty of weapons and military training to go with it". "I see nothing wrong with it" Luke responds "our camps this way you can follow us when you pack your things". "Sounds great" says Will
As the group walks through the snowy woods Will puts his mask back on and Kenny notices "Why the hell are you wearing that creepy thing" "Kenny!" Clem yells. "It's ok Clem" Will responds "I wear it to scare bandits". "Well I'm sure it works wonders" Kenny replies
The group arrives at the camp and Nick notices Will "Uh Luke who's this?". "Oh Nick this is Will,he rescued Clem from a bandit" Luke replied. "I'm surprised he didn't scare her away with that creepy mask he's wearing" Rebecca joins the conversation."Damn that's some sweet hardware" Mike says as he notices as he notices the rifles sticking out of Will's backpack. "Thanks, I've gathered it over the months from bandits I've killed" Will replies. "How can we trust you" Nick ask "Cause for all we know you could be a scout for a group of marauders". "We can trust him Nick" Clem intervenes "Not only did he save me from the bandit but he also removed a bolt the bandit put in me" Clem says as she lifts up her shirt showing the bandages Will put on her. "Damn where did you learn to do that?" Luke asked. "I learned how to do that when I was in the Marines" Will replied. "Damn we got us a grunt" Bonnie said
After Will is introduced and accepted into the group he volunteers to go hunting and Clem volunteers too which causes Kenny to volunteer as well since he doesn't trust Will yet. As the three walk through the snowy forest Kenny starts up a conversation "So how did you rescue Clem" "oh I saw Clem getting shot with a crossbow and before the bandit could finish her off I attacked and killed him" Will replied. "Don't forget I slid that knife to you to finish him off" Clem intervened. "Oh yeah I forgot to mention that" Will said "despite her injuries Clem was able to crawl toward a knife and slide it toward me so I was able to slit that bandits throat". There is a long silence before Will ask "Hey Clem I see you handling that crossbow I gave ya pretty well" "Yeah it's much better than that rifle I fired once that knocked me to the ground" Clem replied. "Good thing you have it since Will and I only have our rifles which will draw ever walker for miles" Kenny responds."Walkers? Is that what you guys call them?" Will says. "Yeah, what the hell do you call them" Kenny responds. Will responds with "Zombies, and I feel like the only guy in the world who calls them by that". "Well this isn't a movie so we-OH SHIT WALKER. Clem take him out quickly" Kenny says. Clem responds with "On it" and takes him out then takes the bolt out of its skull. They move on until they find a elk which Will shoots in the neck. "Well we have dinner for tonight" Will says. "Good" Kenny sys "Hey Clem how does elk sound to you?". "Anything is better than deer" Clem replies smiling
After hunting the elk; Clem, Kenny, and Will carry the elk back to camp and the group eats it then go to sleep for the night. That night Clem is awoken by yelling and when she investigates she sees Luke, Nick, Rebecca, and Kenny being held by a group of men. "Where is he" one of them yells. "Who" Luke ask. "Will, that's who. Where's that traitor who stole our guns" replies the man. After Clem hears this she sees Will enter her tent which also wakes Sarah. "What's going on?" Sarah ask. "Yeah Will, what's going on?" Clem demands. "Before I met you Clem I ran with those guys for a while till a few days ago when we came across a family being attacked by walkers which we killed but right after that my group robbed and killed then too. The night after I took some of their weapons and ran off figured I could find a new group that didn't kill innocent people" Will said "look I'm sorry to involve you and your friends but I need your help to take them out. Here hide this pistol till I can get into a good position to take them out but until then you need to distract them and make sure they don't shoot any of your friends Got it?"."Yeah" Clem replies. "okay good just distract them till I start shooting and Sarah you stay here and keep quiet" Wills says. "Ok" Sarah says nervously. Will leaves with his rifle as Clem hides the pistol in the back of her pants then step out of the tent and walks toward the man till he sees her and points a gun at her yelling "Freeze, put your hands up"
"Where is Will you little bitch"the man yells."Who Wills" Clem lies. "You know who I'm talking about you little nigger, I saw you hunting with him today" the man says. "The man with the ski mask?" Clem says sarcastically. "Don't you dare sarcastic with me!" The man says as he retaliates by shooting Nick in the head killing him. "NO, you son of a bitch!" Luke yells at the leader. "Shut up before I shoot you too." The leader replies.The leader looks at Clem "Now tell me where Will is before I blow this assholes brains out t"-BANG the leaders is shot in abdomen and falls down. Before the other men can react Clem pulls out her pistol and shoots one of the men in the head. Then Kenny takes another mans gun and shoots them with it. As the leader lies on the ground bleeding from his bullet wound Kenny is about to shoot him when Will yells "NO, he's mine". Kenny backs up as Will pulls out a metal bat and says "So Earl, looks like the tables have turned. If you had just left me alone this alone this wouldn't have happened to ya". Before Earl can respond Will beats his legs till the bones break through the skin. As Earl screams in pain Wills says "That was for my friend Nick and that family you son of a bitch". Then Will breaks Earls arms "That's for calling Clementine a nigger you racist asshole." Kenny walks over to Clem and holds her against him as Will proceeds to beat Earl's face in.
As Will continued to beat Earl's lifeless body Clem yells "Will stop he's dead". Will stops and drops the bat. Clem notices that Will is covered in blood before asking "Are you okey?" "Yeah I'm fine just pissed." Will responded "Yeah we can tell" Jane intervened. "Will was that really necessary?" Bonnie asked "Yeah it was" Luke says while getting up "that asshole killed Nick and you heard Will he killed a family too"." I'm not saying anything cause I did the same thing to a guy who kidnapped us" Kenny implies. "Okay guys there's no time to discuss this cause this was just a scouting team. The main group has around 50 guys and they are gonna want revenge for this so we gotta move now before they attack us in full force" Will says. The group packs up and leaves.
2 days later the group is walking through the snowy forest when they are suddenly ambushed by the enemy group causing Will and Clem to get separated from the group. They keep running avoiding gunfire till they come across a cabin which they seek cover in. "What do we do now?" Clem ask."We wait and hope they don't find us he-" BANG someone kicks the front door in causing Clem and Will to sneak into the main bedroom. One of them yells "find them they should be here". Clem and Will are hiding in the bedroom when Will notices the window and says "I'm gonna buy you some time as you escape through that window and find the group." "No I'm not gonna leave you to die" Clem responds "Don't worry Clem I'll be fine" Will says. "I know your lying and I won't leave you here to d-"THIS NOT DISCUSSION CLEM" Will interrupts."I brought this on you Clem and I won't let you be the one to pay for it." There is long pause before Will says "you know this is the only way" Will cocks his M4 before opening the window and lowering Clem to the ground before telling to start running which she does. As she's running she hears gunfire and Will yelling "I'll kill all you assho-" BANG which tells her Will is dead and she starts to cry as she runs through the forest. She eventually finds the group held up in a hotel. "Oh thank God your ok" Bonnie says as she sees Clem. "Was there any doubt" Luke says "uh Clem where's Will cause I last saw him with you". Clem looks at him sadly which tells him what happened. "Dammit, Wills dead, Kenny and Sarah are missing, and that group is going to attack us soon. Looks like we're gonna have to prepare for war...........
To be continued in Full Scale War 


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