Will Bone be available in different labguages??

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Hi everybody!!

Does anybody of you know, if Bone will be available in different languages. So, I'm from Germany an so I'm very interested in a German Version of this game, that I am waiting most for!!! ;)

Maybe one of the telltale-team could put news or s.th. like that on the page or simply answer this question. :p



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    I think I remember that it was something they had in mind. Maybe let it stay open for anyone to do a translation. BUT as far as I know, there won't be a talkie version for those languages. That's because it will cost alot of money to hire new voiceactors and so on.

    Those who has the whole Bone collection translated in their language, then it's a lot easier to do the translation.
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    GameStar wrote something about the bone game, an' i think they they wouldn't have done this if there weren't any plans about a german version.

    so, und da du deutscher bist und mein englisch zum scheissen, hier nochmal in kurzform aud deutsch: :D
    GameStar hat was in den News über das Game berichtete, und ich glaube über Spiele die nur in englisch erscheinen berichten die nicht. aber vielleicht täusche ich mich.
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    Yes, will there be an Ebonics version?
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    Hehe, prob'ly not :)
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    Yes subtitles would be a possibility if there will be no local versions!!

    But especially Germany is a huge Adventure-Market, and there are a lot of publishers which invest a lot especially in adventures, I think it would be easy for telltale to get a contract...

    This one could be VERY interesting:

    http://www.anaconda-games.com (former dtp)

    they are very famouse for using very good dubbing voices and garantee a very good quality!
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    Tom23 is right, Europe still has a huge demand for quality adventure games, and there are still publishers that care. Ok, most of the big international publishers don't really care (look at the money Ubi invests in promoting adventures and adventure-like games (Myst IV and V, Uru, Beyond good and evil)), but in France e.g., you have Focus Home Interactive, who had a huge success in bringing Runaway, Tony Tough and other adventures to the french-speaking market! Their next products include Frogware's Around the World in 80 days and, of course, Runaway 2.

    They choose the best dubbing studios for voice-overing and/or translating the game (Tony Tough was not dubbed, only subtitled), and they really care about the developers...

    On the other hand, if the dialogue lines are in clear text files, I could still go through the French comics, and translate all the lines ;)
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    One good question for TTG if European customers who will buy English version (with English subtitles) must pay another sum to get the European one (with subtitles in italian, german, french, spanish and so on...).
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