Is there going to be a SBCG4AP Season 2?



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    I would like to see more web toons before another full season. Or at least a little love for the characters. The lack of toons and the pushing of the store, which is in a constant 50% off sale, leaves me sad. I think Poker Night was a good move but TBC need to do more. Also, there's nothing on the site that mentions SBCG4AP being released for PS3.

    Heck, I would just like a Twitter or blog about them to see what they're up to. (I don't think anyone has heard anything about Monster Safari since it was announced almost two years ago.)
  • It's been a couple of years, but I have the utmost confidence in this thread.
    I also have confidence in Homestar. Is anyone still hoping for SBCG4AP season 2, perhaps after TTG have released the next Monkey Island? Even if i have to wait until after the predicted end of the world as we know it 2012, I'm still willing if it means that Wii, PC, Mac, Xbox, and PS3 will see more Strong Bad. By then I hope to see that famous homestar dinosaur land dweeoooowwwww.
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    Not sure, but seeing this Stong Bad thread being moved to the "classics" I'm beginning to doubt there will be a new game )-;
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    Not sure, but seeing this Stong Bad thread being moved to the "classics" I'm beginning to doubt there will be a new game )-;

    That's the pessimist talking. The way I see it, they have two huge projects at the moment (now that BttF, S&M3 and TMI are finished), followed by a small-ish one then another big one (King's Quest). It makes sense, in a time of high productivity of new projects, to focus on those (and have sales of all their stock/port to other platforms while they aren't releasing material from said projects). I'm sure TT still have a good relationship with the Chapman Brothers. What they interpret the sales/hype of Poker at the Inventory to be will determine, IMO, whether we'll see At the Inventory in a year/2 years or a new Strong Bad. Personally, I think they'll do another Strong Bad anyway but it's on the backburner.

    I doubt, however, they'll do Bone, Wallace & Gromit or CSI again. Compared with the rest of their titles, I say good riddance to bad rubbish.
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    I'm just starting to lose hope...

    The Brothers Chap haven't even done anything in months.

    Seems like poor Strong Bad's dead.
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    i hopes so i have the first and its amazing lol:D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Unfortunately, one of the creators of Homestar Runner has gone on to work for Yo Gabba Gabba. So, there probably won't be any more cartoons for a while. But, on Matt's twitter he posted this ominous twitpic of a Homestar script with the tweet next to it saying 'Someday, when you least expect it.' I hope that's someday soon. Maybe, if they really get back into the site, again there will be another game. But, really we can only hope.
  • its now 2014, we should just be grateful if we even hear strong bads voice again. its to late to ask for a sequel, and thats the fact i hate.

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