The Walking Dead Chapter 1: All Fall Down

This story will make references to the The Walking Dead comic, TV show, and Telltale's game series!

In this story we follow a young man, John, who's trying to do what everyone does in his world. Survive. In a world where the dead walk. A world where nature has reclaimed it's territory. A world of people who have political than ever were before. The world where this is called.......
The Walking Dead.

John: Aw, hell no.

Will: What is it?

John approaches to Will. And shows him 4 cans of gravy beans.

Will: Damn. Good find. That should keep our hunger at bay for a couple of days.

John: Yeah, hopefully.

John puts it into his backpack, and then proceeds to check around the store. Nothing else useful. Except if you want a few glass shards. John begins to ponder about the store until he sees a car.

John: Wow.

Will: What is- Holy shit.

John: The car is on. And it looks like it crashed.

Will: That doesn't make sense.

John: What?

Will: If the car is on and it's crashed. We should had heard it from, like, a mile away.

John ponders about this.

John: Ok, look Willy, We'll look around fast, and then get the heck outta here.

Will: Ok.




Will: You called me Willy.

John and Will inspects the vehicle and looks at the whole store. They proceed to walk around the store. Looking around for supplies But when they are just about done.....


John: What was that?

Will: Crap.Pulls out revolver

John eyes widen.

John: Got your six.

Will: Ok.

Will points the gun and walks to where he heard the sound.

Will:(Talks quietly) Anybody over here?


Will and John, to their surprise, finds a tabby cat with black and white stripes.

John: That scared the shit outta me!

Will: Me too. Let's just go.

John: I wonder what it was doing here?

Will: I don't know either but-

?: Hey please!!!(Cough) Please, help me!

John and Will look outside to see a wounded man, and as of instinct. Will points his gun.

John: What the hell are you doin'? This man is hurt!

Will: He might be faking it!

John: Does that look like he is faking to you?

Will looks at the stranger.

?:Please, I'm fucking bleeding like hell!!

Will looks at John and then at the stranger.

Will: Fuck it.

John: Good.

John: Hey what's your name? We can help you!

?: My name's David! Please help me!

John: Ok, we're comin' out!

John and Will comes out of the store, takes David inside and starts bandaging him.

Will: How this happen to you?

David: Some assholes started robbing our group. But some girl with a hat started to say that they didn't need to rob us, we could trade.
The thing is, no one gave a shit about what she said. So that gave me the impression of what kind of people they are. So I did what I had to do.

John: What was that?

David: I told my people to shoot and that's what we did.

Will: What about the girl in the hat?

David: The poor thing had to shoot us too.

John: Wow.....A kid who shoots? Damn, I have to meet her.

Will: She dead?

David: No, no. I actually don't know. I just took our group's car crashed in the same-OW!

John: Sorry. I'll stitch your arm later. Please continue.

David: As I was saying, the car crashed into that store you were in because someone popped the tires.

John: You were alone?

David: No I had a woman with me. I think she died in the car accident.

John: A woman? There was no woman in the car!

David: Crap. She was alive.

John: What was her name?

David: Maria.

John: Don't worry we'll find her,right Will?

John: Will?

?: Hey if you fuckin shoot yer fuckin dead asshole!

Will: I don't wan't any fucking trouble!

?:Nate, do something about this asshole!

Nate: Don't worry Max! We got him!

David:(Whisper) What? Shit!

John: Keep it down.

David:What do we do?

John: Fuck...

Will: If you shoot and kill me, my finger might pull the trigger!

Nate: So fucking what?

Will: I might be aiming right at you.

Will: (Dark voice) You wouldn't want that would you?

Max: Fuckin asshole.

Nate: Shut up, Max.

Will versus four guys. All pointing their guns at their foe. Sweat forming on their face. All snarling at each other.

David: What do we do?


David: Well?


John: He doesn't have any bullets

David's eyes show signs of giving up. But John tries to think of what he can do. He can't let Will die! He might be an old man, but he saved his ass a bunch of times! John tries to think of something. He could either distract those assholes but then he sees David's wounds. They need to be stitched or his wounds could get infected! What could he do!

If people vote in the comments sections of what John should do, I'll post the next chapter concerning with that choice!


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